Drake (JP 🇯🇵: ドレイク, CN 🇹🇼: 德雷克)
Ship IDNo. P014Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityDecisive
NavyRoyal NavyBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJuly 9, 2020
KRJuly 9, 2020
CNJuly 9, 2020
JPJuly 9, 2020
Voice actressAsami Imai
Heavy cruiser – Drake.
The Golden Hind's RespiteDescription
Phew... Swimming like this doesn't feel all that refreshing... Hey, how about you stop staring and come join me?
HP970 Reload51
Firepower54 Torpedo46
Evasion6 Anti-air54
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP4162 Reload98
Firepower204 Torpedo173
Evasion59 Anti-air204
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +237 | AA +13 | EVA +5 | Main Gun base +1 | Unlock playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault/Main gun efficiency +5% | Limit Break to 4 Stars | Unlock playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearn Siren Killer Ⅰ | Learn All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main Gun efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +473 | AA +27 | Torpedo base +1 | Main Gun efficiency +10% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Torpedo efficiency +10% | Limit Break to 5 Stars | Unlock playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeLearn Siren Killer Ⅱ | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +710 | AA +40 | EVA +10 | Unlock playback for: Special touch, Low HP
Level 30Improve All Out Assault/Main gun efficiency +15% | Limit Break to 6 StarsLearn Siren Killer Ⅲ | Learn All Out Assault Ⅱ | Main Gun efficiency +15%
Level 33Upgrades Flintlock Burst into Flintlock Burst+
Level 35Upgrades The Fearless Privateer into The Fearless Privateer+
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser100%/100%/105%/115%/115%/115%/130%1/2/2/2/2/2/20/0/0/0/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun125%/125%/125%/125%/125%/125%/125%1/1/1/1/1/1/10/0/0/0/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T9 Heavy Cruiser: Drake-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock24 +1
Max LimitBreak48
Lv.12036 +1
The Fearless PrivateerIncreases this ship's built-in Secondary Gun Crit Rate by 20.0% (50.0%) and improves its ammo. When this ship uses a Main Gun that fires Normal or HE ammo: this ship's Main Gun ammo type changes to Lv.1 (Lv.10) special HE with a chance to cause a special Burn to enemies (special HE DMG increase is based on the skill's level.)Default Unlocked
Flintlock BurstEvery 30 (20) s: fires a special barrage that ignores enemy shields and heals this ship for 15.0% of the DMG dealt (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.) When this ship sinks an enemy: increases this ship's FP and EVA by 1.0% (5.0%) and RLD by 1.5% (7.0%) until the end of the battle. Can be stacked up to 3 times; if this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard at the start of the battle: immediately gives all 3 stacks of this buff.Default Unlocked
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Drake once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
Flintlock Burst+Every 30 (20) s: fires a special barrage that penetrates enemy shields and heals this ship for 20.0% of the DMG dealt (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.) Increases this ship's FP and EVA by 3.0% (15.0%) and RLD by 4.5% (21.0%) .???
The Fearless Privateer+Increases this ship's built-in Secondary Gun's Crit Rate by 20.0% (50.0%) and improves its ammo type. When this ship uses a Main Gun that fires Normal or HE ammo: this ship's Main Gun ammo type changes to Lv.1 (Lv.10) special HE+ that has a chance to inflict a special Burn to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level). Decreases the shot requirement of this ship's All Out Assault skill to 6.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description重巡洋舰-—德雷克重巡洋艦・ドレイクHeavy cruiser – Drake.
Biography我是皇家海军的重巡洋舰·德雷克。也许你对我的存在还感到比较陌生,不过没关系,在以后的战斗里,我的9.2寸炮会给你留下足够充分的深刻印象的!ロイヤルネイビー所属の重巡ドレイクよ。あたしのことが分からないというのなら、あたしの9.2インチ砲がこれからの戦いで分からせてあげる!I'm the Royal Navy heavy cruiser, Drake. If you weren't aware of my existence before, I'll make sure you know now by showing you the power of my 9.2 inch guns!
Acquisition你就是指挥官吧?看起来不错~皇家海军重巡德雷克,现在加入你的麾下!姑且问一句,出击的许可,应该已经准备好了吧?あんたが指揮官か?中々骨のある奴ね。ロイヤルネイビー所属・重巡ドレイク、今日からあんたの艦隊に加わってあげる。念の為に聞いておくけど、出撃はもちろんさせてくれるわよね?So you're the Commander? Seems you've got some backbone. I'm the Royal Navy heavy cruiser, Drake, and I'll be joining your fleet. Just making sure, you will deploy me, right?
Login来了啊。今天先做点什么?先研究下作战也好,要直接先出击也是没问题的哦?さあ来たわね。今日は何から始める?作戦を考えるのもいいけど、先に出撃してもいいわよ?You've finally come. What should we start with today? It's great to think about battle plans and all, but how about sending me on a sortie first?
Details任何伟大的事迹都必定有它的起点,但惟有坚持到最后才能获得真正的荣耀——所以继续努力吧!すべての偉業には始まりがある。しかし最後までやり続けなければ真の栄光はない。――というわけで、引き続き頑張りなさいAll great odysseys must begin somewhere, but true glory only awaits those who reach their destination... That's why you ought to stay your course until the very end!
Main武装舰船的是装甲、火炮和鱼雷,而武装人的,则是胆识、见识与学识。艦船は装甲と兵装――つまり火砲と魚雷で武装する、人は胆力と知力――つまり見識と知識で武装するってわけねBasically, ships arm themselves with armor and equipment—in other words, with artillery and torpedoes. Meanwhile, humans arm themselves with courage and intelligence—in other words, with perception and wisdom.
Main 2我不讨厌礼节,也不反对适当的仪式感,不过,繁文缛节的东西,能少点还是尽量少点好。マナーとかセレモニーとか、嫌いではないけど、シンプルに越したことはないわよWhile I don't hate customs and ceremony, I do prefer the simpler things.
Main 3比起榨好的苹果汁,还是沾着露水的新鲜苹果更诱人,你也是这么觉得的吧!ジュースより…こう朝露の滴る生の果物がいいわね。あんたもそう思わない?The dew-kissed fruit of the morning makes for the best juice. Don't you agree?
Touch我喜欢直白的人,所以有什么事尽管直接说出来就好。はっきりしてる人とは気が合うわよ、あたし。あんたも言いたいことがあればはっきり言いなさいなI tend to get along better with people who are straightforward. If there's something you want to say to me, say it clearly.
Touch (Special)嚯~?你胆子还不小嘛~!はーん?あんた、いい度胸じゃないHuuh? You sure have some guts.
Mission按部就班地做任务可不是我的风格,嗯…先看看有多少报酬吧!地味な任務をやるなんてあたしらしくもないね。うっ……これ、どんな報酬が貰えるか確認してみない?Doing mundane tasks is totally not my style. Um... Why don't we check the rewards first?
Mission Complete虽然任务报酬还不少,不过像这样由上面施予的奖励总感觉少了点什么呢…任務報酬はまあまあいいけど、こう「報酬を貰う」だけじゃなーんか物足りないわねCan't complain about the bounty, but I just feel like there's "something" missing.
Mail信件,会不会发现了哪里有宝藏的消息呢,哈哈。手紙よ。お宝の情報が舞い込んだりするとかない?Here, a letter for you. Anybody find information on some treasure?
Return to Port作战辛苦了,正好我准备了些新鲜的葡萄,要来一颗吗?…那好,接好了!嘿!作戦お疲れ様。新鮮な果物……ぶどうでもどう?ふふ、ちゃんとキャッチしてみせろよ~?それ!Nice job, Commander. How would you like some fresh... grapes? Hehe, come on~ don't drop 'em!
Commission Complete果然老老实实地做委托没有直接从敌人手里掠夺来得过瘾啊…啊,没什么。軍事委託とかで地道に配給物を調達するより、敵から物資を奪ったほうが…なんでもないわっInstead of collecting supplies like this, wouldn't it be better to just raid the enemy for... Actually, never mind.
Enhancement感觉炮管能发出更让人愉快的声音了,哈哈!主砲がもっといい感じに響くようになったじゃない!はははは!Now that's the kind of sound I want to hear from my main guns! Ahahaha!
Flagship哼哼哼,放开了大干一场吧!よぉし、派手にぶちかますわよ!Alright, let's do this with fanfare!
Victory胜利,无论何时都让人倍感愉快啊,哈哈!勝利、全くいつだって愉快な気分にさせてくれるわ!Victory always leaves you feeling nice and refreshed!
Defeat今天的所有屈辱,我都会铭记在心的…走着瞧吧!今日の屈辱…絶対に忘れないからね!そっちも覚えていなさい!How humiliating... I'll get you back for this! Just you wait!
Skill可别怪我无情了!手は抜かないわ!You won't find any mercy here!
Low HP嘁,对面的有两下子嘛!ちっ、やってくれる…!Ugh, they got me!
Affinity (Upset)若只是几次无心之过,我是不会放在心上的,但如果你还是这样一意孤行,那就别怪我不留情面了。わざとじゃなければ数回ぐらいは見逃してやるけど、あんたがこのままヘマし続けるならぶっ飛ばしてやるわよI am willing to turn a blind eye to a few accidents, but if you keep doing this intentionally, don't expect any mercy from me.
Affinity (Stranger)战场上无需拘泥于手段,无论是靠小伎俩,还是正面进攻,站到最后的胜者才有资格谈论正义,如此而已。戦いはなんでもありよ。正々堂々でも搦め手でも、勝ったほうが正義を語れるわEverything goes on the battlefield. Whether you fight fair-and-square or use backhanded methods, it matters not. History is written by the victors.
Affinity (Friendly)你对冒险也有兴趣吗?太好了,我正愁缺个伴呢,说吧,你想要的是寻找大海中的黄金秘宝,还是探寻远方的神秘国度?そういえば指揮官って遠洋航海…もとい、冒険に興味ある?ちょうど仲間を募集しているところなの。興味があるならお宝でも未開の大地でもなんでも狙ってみるつもりよOh right, Commander. Did you have any interest in navigation... or rather, adventure? I've been recruiting mates. If you're interested, let's go look for treasure or uninhabited islands or something!
Affinity (Like)唔…一起探险是挺好的,不过,最近出去的地方是不是都太近了点?不是港区内就是近海……老实说,有点无趣啊。下次,我带你去大海更深的地方吧?二人っきりで出かけるのはいいけど、ご近所ってのが多すぎない?母港や周りの海域ばかりで……ふぅ、正直こうしていてもドキドキしないし、次からはあたしがもっと遠い場所に連れてってあげるSure, it's great to travel together and all, but aren't all these places too close by? Port, the surrounding areas, and the nearby ocean... Sigh. Honestly, going to these places doesn't make me excited at all. Next time, I'm taking you somewhere farther away.
Affinity (Love)原来如此,你并不在乎旅行的终点,而更加在意同行的伙伴吗。也就是说,只要和我一起,无论去哪都没问题!是这样吧,哈哈哈…唔?等等,这意思不就是…なるほど、あんたにとっちゃ場所なんてどうでもよくて、あたしと一緒に出かけられさえすればどこでもいいと……ちょ、ちょっと待って…ははは…あんた、もしかして……I see. So what you're telling me is that it's not the place that matters, but that if I'm with you, anywhere is fine? ... Haha... W-Wait... are you saying...
Pledge你不觉得奇妙吗?这种既不是“被征服”也不是“不甘心”,单纯感到“羞耻”的感觉……都是因为你,我都变得不像我了。虽然我也不讨厌这样的状态…就是了。你能理解吗?あんたも変だと思わない?こう「心奪われた」でもなく「悔しい」でもなく、ただただ「恥ずかしい」って気持ち……もうあんたのせいであたしらしくなくなったじゃない!…別にこんな気持ち、嫌いじゃないけどさ…ね?分かってくれる?Don't you think it's strange too? This feeling that's not quite 'having my heart stolen' or 'feeling vexed,' but more just... 'feeling embarrassed'? ...Gosh, it's all your fault that I'm not acting like myself! ... But I don't quite hate this feeling either... Well? Do you get what I mean?
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Main Title
In battle with Jean Bart比比看谁能夺得更多的战果吧!どっちの戦果が上か競争よ!Let's see who's more useful!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description呼…这么游着感觉还是不太过瘾啊。你也别在那傻看着,来陪我游会泳吧?ふぅ…こうして泳いでもあまりスッキリしないわね。あんたもそこで見てないで、あたしと一緒に泳いで頂戴?Phew... Swimming like this doesn't feel all that refreshing... Hey, how about you stop staring and come join me?
Acquisition呼…这么游着感觉还是不太过瘾啊。你也别在那傻看着,来陪我游会泳吧?ふぅ…こうして泳いでもあまりスッキリしないわね。あんたもそこで見てないで、あたしと一緒に泳いで頂戴?Phew... Swimming like this doesn't feel all that refreshing... Hey, how about you stop staring and come join me?
Login本以为所谓“很适合游泳的地方”应该是哪个更宽广的海边,没想到只是这么个小小的露天泳池…不过算了,作为打发时间的地方来说倒也足够了。泳ぐのにいい場所と聞いたのに、まさか海辺ではなくただの露天プールだなんて…まあ、時間をつぶすだけならここでもいいか…I heard this is a nice place to swim. Imagine my surprise to learn it wasn't a beach, but an outdoor pool... Still, I guess if we're just killing time, this is as good a place as any...
Details这个泳池貌似还有人工造浪的功能?呵呵,比想象中的有趣些嘛!我看看最大能到达什么程度…人工ウェーブって?ふーん、思ったより楽しそうじゃない。どれほどのものか見せてもらうわ…!Artificial waves? Hmm, this might be more fun than I thought. Time to show off my swimming skills!
Main唔,都说了别一直在那傻看着呀,我都要感觉不自在起来了…も、もうそんなにじっと見ないでもらえる?こっちまで変な気分になりそうじゃない…C-could you stop staring at me like that? You're starting to weird me out...
Main 2哈哈哈,这点小小的颠簸就受不了了,看来这小家伙还需要锻炼啊!はは、この程度の波であたふたするなんて、この饅頭まだまだ修行不足ね!Hahah, seems like this manjuu needs some more practice if it's struggling with these meager waves!
Main 3呼…还是不太过瘾啊,我再游几个来回好了。ふぅ…まだちょっと足りない感じかな…もうちょっと泳いでくるか…*sigh*... I'm not feeling satisfied yet. Guess I'll go for another swim...
Touch嚯嚯~确实感觉肩膀有些酸了呢,你还挺上道的嘛,指挥官。ちょうど肩が凝ってたの。あんた上手いじゃない♪Ooh, my shoulders were starting to get a little stiff. You're not half-bad, eh~
Return to Port运动过后的冰镇西瓜,呼呼…还有比这更棒的享受吗?指挥官,你要是不吃的话,我可就不客气了。汗をかいたから、この冷えたスイカも、ふふふ……美味しいに決まっているわ!あんたが食べないなら一人で全部いただくわよ?Good exercise followed by some exquisitely cool watermelon, man, it's just the best! Hey, you'd better get over here and have a bite, or I'll finish this whole thing by myself!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Main大家都想装上更强的鱼雷和火炮,都想加上更厚的装甲和更强力的引擎——虽然是没办法的事情,不过造价太高果然还是不行的吧火砲と魚雷をできるだけ強く、装甲を厚く、機関を強力に――したかったのかもしれないけど、流石にコストが仇になったわねI mean, yes, of course I wanted to improve my artillery and torpedoes, get thicker plating, and improve my engines—but it's too expensive to do so.
Main 3来点青柠果汁如何?虽然有新鲜的水果是最好的,不过想要远洋航行的话,有些事还是得习惯习惯呢。ライムジュースでもどう?ま、新鮮な果物はいいけど、遠洋航海に備えて慣れておくのも必要よ。ふふHow'd you like some lime juice? Yes, I do think fresh juice is the best, and you're gonna need to get used to it when you're sailing the high seas. Hehe~
Touch (Special)大白天做些什么啊,你这是…日が昇っているうちに何してるの、あんた…Hey... What do you think you're doing while the sun's still up...
Affinity (Love)原来如此,这就是爱与被爱的感觉吗?不是试图掠夺对方,或是占有对方,而是有些紧张,又有些安心的矛盾情绪…真是奇妙。なるほどね。愛している相手に愛されているのはこういう感じね。相手を奪いたいとか、独占したいとかじゃなくて、ドキドキして、安心して…ちょっと、変な気分…Hm, I see. This is what it feels like to be loved by someone you love. Not wanting to snatch someone away or wanting to monopolize them, but feeling excited and safe... It feels a bit strange...