Chi An (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 622Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP410 Reload53
Firepower14 Torpedo43
Evasion24 Anti-air23
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW17 Luck20
HP1718 Reload102
Firepower38 Torpedo120
Evasion80 Anti-air85
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW44 Luck21
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Chi An-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
For All Things, Benefits BestowedIncreases this ship's EVA by 1.0% (10.0%) . When the battle starts, if there are other Dragon Empery ships in your fleet: increases all your ships' DMG dealt by 1.0% (5.0%) and increases your Dragon Empery ships' DMG dealt by a further 1.0% (5.0%) .???
For Safe Returns, Schemes ShapedEvery 8s: 50.0% chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage; if this barrage does not activate, instead increases this ship's FP and TRP by 1.0% (10.0%) (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level; buff can stack up to 3 times). Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 30.0% as a result of DMG taken: restores 1.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP and deploys a barrier (lasts 15s) equal to 1.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Chi An once every 12 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship DescriptionCNT船厂1800吨级小型穹甲巡洋舰—济安CNT造船所1800トン級小型防護巡洋艦--済安CNT Shipyard 1,800-ton small protected cruiser – Chi An.
Biography我是东煌所属的济安,不知您是否听说过CNT65这个代号呢?哎呀,这个问题难不倒您呢……原本还想给您详细解释看看呢,现在看来是没这个必要啦~不愧是见多识广的指挥官呢☆東煌所属の済安です。そういえば、指揮官はCNT65というコードネームはご存知かしら?…あら、詳しく説明しようと思ったのに、その必要はなさそうですね。さすが洽覧深識なる私たちの指揮官です♪I am Chi An of the Dragon Empery. I am a light cruiser created through an improvement upon the design of the Novara-class cruisers. As for how I came to be... Have you ever heard of the designation, CNT-65? Hehe, I'm actually a lot more knowledgeable than you would expect~♪
Acquisition东煌所属的轻巡洋舰,济安,向您问好。……好啦,偏正式的自我介绍到此结束——指挥官,今后无论你有什么烦恼,都可以向我倾诉哦。東煌所属、軽巡済安からご挨拶申し上げます。…よし、そこそこ真面目な自己紹介はこの辺で――指揮官、これからはどんな悩みごとも済安にぶちまけてちょうだい♪Greetings. I am Chi An, light cruiser of the Dragon Empery. Now that we've gotten these stiff introductions out of the way... Commander, should you ever have any worries on your mind from now on, you can always turn to me~♪
Login贵安,您看起来充满活力呢~看来今天的工作会很顺利哦。ご機嫌麗しゅう。ふふふ、精が出ていますね。今日の業務はきっと順調に進むでしょうGood day. You seem to be in high spirits today, heehee. I'm sure today's work will go smoothly.
Details在想什么呢?如果有没解决的问题,都可以告诉我哦。何を悩んでいるのです?未解決・迷走・先行き不安…どんなことでも済安にご相談くださいWhat's on your mind? If you're ever feeling indecisive, lost, or anxious about the future... you can always come talk to me~
Main虽说兵者诡道,可是用于规划的资源是有限的呢……寻求变化和稳定全局,这就是战术家和战略家的区别吧。兵は詭道なりと言うけれど、使えるリソースには限りがある…機微を見て戦況の変化を狙うか、大局を見据えて盤面を固めるか――これこそ戦術家と戦略家の違いと言えるでしょうIt is said that war is the art of deception, but in reality, the resources at your disposal are limited. Do you seek to make micro-level changes, or do you seek macro-level stability? This.... is the difference between a tactician and a strategist.
Main 2下围棋是一件很有趣的事呢……嗯,并不是说紧张的对弈很有趣,我只是单纯喜欢和对手闲聊而已呢。囲碁を打つのは楽しいことですよ。…うーん、緊張する対局が楽しいという意味ではなく、単に囲碁を打ちながら相手とおしゃべりするほうが好きなだけですよI do enjoy a good game of Go. ...No, I don't particularly care for the tense clash of wits. It's just nice to have a pleasant conversation with my opponent.
Main 3……真伤脑筋呢,就连抚顺都不让我进厨房。指挥官,帮我想想提高厨艺的办法吧~…困りましたね。撫順にまで台所に立つなと言われました…指揮官、料理の腕を上げるためにお手伝いしてもらえませんか~?...Now, this is quite unfortunate. Even Fu Shun doesn't want me going into the kitchen. Do you think you could help me improve my cooking skills, Commander?
Touch嗯?要尝尝我的手艺么?不要……?欸——あら、済安の手料理でもいかが?遠慮しますって…えぇーOh my, are you interested in trying some of my home cooking? "Anything but that"? Aww...
Touch (Special)哎呀…哎呀呀……真大胆呢♪あら…あらあら…ふふ、なかなか大胆♪Oh... My, oh my... Heehee. How wonderfully daring of you~♪
Touch (Headpat)作为交换,我也要摸摸指挥官的头哦~代わりに指揮官の頭もなでなでさせてちょうだいWhy don't you let me pat your head instead, Commander~
Mission记得要完成任务哦,指挥官~毕竟优势是在每日的积累中产生的呢。指揮官、任務をこなすのを覚えておいてくださいね~。毎日の積み重ねがあってこその優位性ですものCommander, please remember to complete your missions. The greatest advantages begin with small steps taken daily.
Mission Complete任务完成了,优势就是这样积累的呢。任務が完了しました。日進月歩、優位性はこうして確立されていくのですからMission complete. Slowly but steadily, this is how great advantages are accrued.
Mail有你的邮件!和我的厨艺书一并送来了呢~お手紙ですよ。あら、私の料理本も一緒に届いたみたいですね~There's new mail for you. Oh, looks like my cookbook has arrived as well~
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官。您的领口乱了呢……嗯,帮您整理好了哦。おかえりなさい、指揮官。あ、襟元が乱れて……ふふ、これで大丈夫よWelcome back, Commander. Oh, your collar's all messed up... Heehee. That should do the trick.
Commission Complete委托队的孩子们回来了……要好好感谢她们哦,毕竟,人和也是重要的一环呢。委託組の子たちが戻ってきましたよ。…はい、彼女たちにきちんと感謝しませんと。人の和は大事ですから、ねThe girls from the commission team have returned. Naturally, you should go express your gratitude to them. Cultivating harmonious relationships is important, you know?
Enhancement嗯,不错的感觉呢。うん。いい感じです♪Mm. That feels pretty nice~♪
Flagship先手得利——!先手の利ね♪Strike while the iron is hot~♪
Victory运筹帷幄,决胜千里~☆策を練るは閨帷の中、勝敗決するは千里の先♪Strategies devised in the command tent can determine the outcome of battles waged thousands of miles away~♪
Defeat哎呀,胜败乃兵家常势,重头来过就好啦。勝ち負けも兵家の常。もう一度やり直せば大丈夫ですよSoldiers know well both the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of defeat. The more important thing is to try again.
Skill此为大势所趋!流れはこちらにあり!The flow of battle is mine to control!
Low HP棘手起来了啊……厄介なことになりましたね…This has gotten rather troublesome...
Affinity (Upset)嗯哼,我明明说过的吧,如果有烦恼可以随时找我……现在看起来……唉,算了~もぉ…悩み事があればいつでも済安に相談してくださいと言いましたけど、この様子じゃあ…はぁ…もう知りませんJeez... I know I said you could always come to me if you had any worries on your mind, but... If this is how you're going to be... *sigh*, oh well...
Affinity (Stranger)遇到困扰时只要来找我就一定可以解决?……哈哈,她们说的太夸张了,在这方面,我只是做了一位合格的听众而已哦。困ったときは済安に相談すれば万事解決、ですか?…ふふふ、みんな大げさですよ。私はただ、程よく聞き役を務めただけですThe girls are saying that I can make any problem melt right away? Heehee... I think they're exaggerating a bit. I'm simply a good listener, nothing more~
Affinity (Friendly)我选择当大家的听众,而不是帮忙提出建议和做判断,当然是有理由的哦。未经了解,不予置评……关于这点,您好像也深有体会呢。みんなの聞き役でも、提案したり代わりに判断したりしないのはちゃんとした理由があるんです。「知らざるを知らずとなす。これ知るなり。」…ふふふ、指揮官もよく存じているようですねEven though I choose to be everyone's listener, there's a reason why I don't make suggestions or decisions for them. "True knowledge lies in knowing that there are things you do not know." Heehee... Commander, this is an adage you understand well, right?
Affinity (Like)哎呀……指挥官想要让我倾听您的烦恼?看来您记得我说过的话呢。很好~那么作为交换,您一定不介意让我对您本人深·入·了·解一下吧?あら…指揮官は悩みをぶちまけたいのですか?済安の言ったことを覚えてくださってるのは嬉しい限りです。ふふふ、では代わりに済安にも指揮官のことをふかくふかーく、探らせて♡Oh my... Did you want to vent your frustrations? I'm glad you remembered what I said. Heehee. In return, you wouldn't mind if I try to get to know you a bit more... intimately, would you?
Affinity (Love)……说起来,指挥官,您现在是不是也能听一听我的烦恼了?不会占用您太多时间的……其实就是……今、今年的七夕,您、您有没有空………ところで、たまには済安の悩みも指揮官にぶちまけてもよろしいでしょうか…ええ、あまり時間は取らせませんから…実は…その、今年の七夕のご予定ですが…...By the way, Commander, do you think you'd be willing to lend me an ear now? I won't take too much of your time. Umm... Actually, this time, um... it's about plans for this year's Qixi festival...
Pledge重要的事……就是指这个吧。我没有提前料到哦~倒不如说,您真是以果断的气势,打了我一个措手不及呢……那么,请您做好准备,我会用更加热烈的感情,回应您的心意哦——!大事なお話…ふふ、こういうことでしたか。ふふ、予想してなかったですし、指揮官の思い切った行動に不意を突かれましたよ。ええ、今度は指揮官が心の準備をしておいてください。だって済安はもっと熱い気持ちでお返し、しますから~♡An important discussion, hmm? Heehee. Is this what you meant? My, I suppose I was caught off guard this time by your bold and decisive move. Though, I do hope you've prepared yourself, because my counterattack is going to be even more passionate~♡
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In battle with Chen Hai和我不一样的风格呢。私とは違うやり方ですね You certainly have a different way of doing things.
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Ship Description济安,祝您新春快乐。……这身打扮?哼哼,值此佳节,能得到您这样的大忙人的邀约,济安当然要全力以赴咯——好啦,我们抛却烦恼,一起享受这繁华夜景吧!済安より新春をお祝い申し上げます。……この格好ですか?ふふ、お忙しい指揮官に祝日にお越しいただけたのですから、済安も全力を尽くして――ほら、悩みも何もかも忘れて、この絢爛な夜を一緒に楽しみましょう♪May blessings reach you this coming spring. Hm? My outfit? Heehee. Since the ever-so-busy Commander came to see me on this special occasion, I naturally had to put in some effort too– Now then, set aside all your worries, and come enjoy this wonderful evening with me~♪
Acquisition济安,祝您新春快乐。……这身打扮?哼哼,值此佳节,能得到您这样的大忙人的邀约,济安当然要全力以赴咯——好啦,我们抛却烦恼,一起享受这繁华夜景吧!済安より新春をお祝い申し上げます。……この格好ですか?ふふ、お忙しい指揮官に祝日にお越しいただけたのですから、済安も全力を尽くして――ほら、悩みも何もかも忘れて、この絢爛な夜を一緒に楽しみましょう♪May blessings reach you this coming spring. Hm? My outfit? Heehee. Since the ever-so-busy Commander came to see me on this special occasion, I naturally had to put in some effort too– Now then, set aside all your worries, and come enjoy this wonderful evening with me~♪
Login很准时哦,指挥官~事不宜迟,让我们快去参加这场热闹的河上夜游吧~指揮官、時間通りに来てくださったのですね。善は急げです、にぎやかな河川での夜游を早く楽しみましょう♪Commander, you're right on time. Hurry, let's enjoy a night cruise along the lively river~♪
Details您觉得游览路线的终点会有什么呢?是繁华的庆典、绚烂的烟花,还是连绵的河上花灯?……不过我也预判不出来会有什么呢,呵呵,就让我们一起期待终点的景象吧!この遊興の終点には何があるのでしょう?にぎやかな祭典、絢爛な花火、川一面に連なる華灯……この済安にも予想できない景色を一緒に楽しみましょ?ふふふHow do you think our lovely little cruise will end? In the festive and bustling streets, in a wondrous display of fireworks, or amidst the endless lanterns illuminating the river? Let's take in all the sights and sounds until the very end, together. How does that sound? Heehee~
Main咦……咦咦?河道居然有岔路么?向左、还是该向右?——战略家也会迷路?唔唔!别取笑我啦,快帮我看看哪条路线更有趣啦!え、ええと?ここにも分かれ道が…左?右?済安も迷子になるかって…うぅ、からわかないで、どっちに進んだらより楽しいか一緒に考えてくださいっUm... Ehh? There's a branch in the river up ahead? Should we go left... or right? I can't believe a strategist such as myself can get lost like this... Ugh, stop making fun of me already and help me figure out which route will be more interesting to traverse~
Main 2说起来,花灯本身也寄托着希望来年一切顺利的祈愿呢。现在有这么多的花灯汇聚在一起,明年我们之间也一定会变得更加顺利呢~そういえば川に流れる華灯には、来る年が万事順調に進むようにって願いが込められているそうです。こうも華灯が流れていれば、きっと私たちの仲も順調に…ふふふ♪Come to think of it, the flower lanterns floating down the river are said to contain everyone's wishes for a smooth year to come. Seeing all the lanterns gathering around us like this makes me think that our relationship will follow suit as well... Heehee~♪
Main 3啊~您看那边,停靠点旁有一条小吃街,看起来有很多有趣的美食呢。等下就去都买回来尝一尝吧,当然,我也会分给您的哦~♪あ。そっちの船着場の隣には屋台街があるようですね!ふふ、これは面白い食べ物がたくさんある予感…あとでなにか買ってきましょうか?もちろん、指揮官の分も♪Oh, look~ There's a row of food stalls next to the pier over there. I have a feeling we'll be able to find lots of novel food! Want to head over there in a bit and buy something? Of course, I'd share with you~♪
Touch嗯?是想和我坐在同一只花灯上么?当然没问题,那……请您到我怀里来吧~あら?済安と同じ華灯に乗りたいのですか?もちろんいいですよ。では……私の胸の中にいらっしゃ~いHmm? You'd like to share a flower lantern with me? Of course that's fine, but... you'll have to come sit in my lap~
Touch (Special)哎呀呀……您的想法,我已经清楚了呢~♪あらら……考えていることははっきりと分かっていますよ~♪Oh my... I know exactly what you're thinking~♪
Return to Port哦~河道在这里又汇聚到一起了呢。怎么样,您在另一条路线上看到的景色如何?快说说嘛~あら、川の流れがまたここで合流したのですね。指揮官が違うルートで見てきた景色はいかがでしたか?ふふ、早く済安に教えてくださいませOh my, the rivers converge here once more. Now then, Commander, what sights did you witness along your particular route? I'm simply dying to know~
Affinity (Love)我现在,非常满足哦?您看,我不仅看到了如此美丽的景色,还与您一同在这河上夜游……哈哈,要是从今以后能一直与您相伴就好了呢。今とても満足していますよ?ほら、美しい景色を眺められただけでなく、あなたと一緒にこの夜游を楽しめて……ふふ、これからもずっとご一緒できれば…いいですねYou've made me a very happy girl, you know? Look, we got to enjoy this wonderful scenery, and also shared this night cruise together... Hah, how nice it would be if we could be together like this... forever.
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Login贵安,准备好一起解决今天的工作了么?我会和您一起努力的。ご機嫌麗しゅう。仕事を始める準備はできましたか?ふふ、済安も一緒に頑張りますからねGood day. Are you ready to take care of today's work? Heehee. I'll lend you my full assistance.
Details要下盘围棋么?……不管有什么烦恼,都可以边下棋边对我说哦。囲碁でも一局、いかがです?…どんな悩みでも、碁を打ちながらぶちまけてくださいませCare for a game of Go? No matter what you might have on your mind, the board is the perfect place to vent.
Main镇海小姐输了您半个子?啊,这可不只是我教的好哦。不过赢了就是赢了。呵呵……接下来的奖励,是不是也该有姐姐我的一份啊♪鎮海に半目勝ちしたんですか?あら、済安の教えが上手いから、だけじゃありませんよ。まあ、勝ちは勝ちですからね。ご褒美は当然、済安の分もあるでしょう?You managed to win by half a point with Chen Hai? Oh, I doubt it's solely because I instructed you well. But, a win is a win... So, can I expect a reward from you?
Main 2多亏了指挥官的厨艺特训,我终于说服大家把我放进厨房了,太好啦~指揮官が特訓をつけてくださったおかげで、やっとみんなを説得して台所に入れてもらえました。ふふん♪Thanks to your special training course, I was finally able to earn permission to enter the kitchen. Mmhmm~♪
Touch要教我下厨么?好欸——料理の手ほどきをしてくださるのですか?嬉しいです~You'll teach me how to cook? I'm so glad to hear that~
Touch (Special)哎呀,可别想就这样结束哦?あら、これで終わりなんて、言わせませんよOh my, surely you don't think I'd just let you end it there~?
Affinity (Love)……说起来,指挥官,你今天有空吗?我们去过七夕怎么样?……还没到七夕?一定是指挥官看的日历出错了,我这里的日历可是写着今天,明天、还有以后……全都是七夕哦!…ところで、指揮官は今日空いてたりします…?その、共に七夕でも…七夕はまだ先って?それはきっと指揮官の暦がズレているんですよ。だって、済安の暦では今日も、明日も、その先も…毎日七夕になっていますもの///Out of curiosity, Commander, are you free today? Would you like to spend the Qixi Festival with me? ...It's too early for that? Hmm, are you sure there isn't something wrong with your calendar? Because according to my calendar, today is Qixi, and so is tomorrow, and the day after... Every day is Qixi, you know...