Chen Hai (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 534Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Chen HaiDescription
HP604 Reload68
Firepower28 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air30
Aviation56 Cost0
ASW0 Luck45
HP2714 Reload131
Firepower77 Torpedo0
Evasion50 Anti-air114
Aviation152 Cost0
ASW0 Luck47
Limit Break
Tier 1Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5% | Low-caliber guns equipable in 3rd weapon slot
Tier 3Aircraft efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Aircraft Carrier: Chen Hai-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Star-Studded FormationEvery 8s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). When 4 same-colored shots in a row from this barrage hit the same enemy, one of the following debuffs are inflicted: 1) if the shots were black, the enemy's SPD is decreased by 15.0% (30.0%) for 2s; 2) if the shots were white, the enemy's DMG dealt is decreased by 5.0% (15.0%) for 2s.???
Cunning StratagemWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: launches an additional Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level). If your fleet consists entirely of Dragon Empery ships: improves this special airstrike, and once every 20s, 1 randomly chosen ship in your fleet deals 1.0% (10.0%) increased DMG for 5s.???
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Ship Description水上飞机母舰—镇海水上機母艦・鎮海Seaplane carrier - Chen Hai.
Biography是东煌最早的水上飞机母舰,镇海。虽然有很多个“第一”,不过那些并非都是荣誉就是。相比起那些真正的航空母舰,我欠缺的东西还是有点多呢。東煌最初の水上機空母、鎮海と申します。栄誉だけではなく、幾度も「初」を頂戴しました。本物の空母と比べて欠けているものも多々ありましょうI am the Dragon Empery's first seaplane carrier, Chen Hai. I've received many other "firsts," but those aren't exactly honors. I still have a long way to go before I can match up to real aircraft carriers.
Acquisition你就是指挥官,这个港区的“头脑”吗?…呵呵,不仅能亲眼见到大名鼎鼎的指挥官,还能与其共识,实属我的荣幸。……可不要辜负了我的期待哦?あなたがこの母港を運営している指揮官、ですね。…ふふっ、ご高名はかねがね伺っております。遠目で見るだけでなく、お務めまでともにできるなんて光栄です。どうか落胆はさせないでくださいませSo you're the brains behind the operation here, huh? ...Hehe, I finally get to meet the legendary Commander face-to-face. It's an honor to be able to work with you. I trust you'll live up to your lofty expectations?
Login港区运转时,决策的位置怎么能空着呢?快点回到你的位置上吧。母港の運営に決済者が席を空けたままではいけませんね。はい、早くお座りくださいHow's the port supposed to run when the decisionmaker's seat is vacant? C'mon, sit down already.
Details若你实在是空闲……不妨来下一盘围棋?没有读秒,无关胜负,权当杀杀时间就好。暇でしたら、こちら…ええ、囲碁の相手でもいかがですか?置き碁、秒読み不要の単なる暇つぶしです。勝ち負けなど…お気になさらずとも良いかと。ふふIf you're not busy, then... come here, let's play a match of Go? No need to have a turn timer or keep track of winners and losers. Let's just kill some time, hehe.
Main你是在思考吗?还是说,只是单纯的在发呆?……表情倒是挺可爱的呢,呵呵~…今のは熟考のうちですか?それとも…ボーっとしてるだけ?なるほど、可愛い顔をなさってましたね。ふふAre you deep in thought about something? Or... just spacing out? Oh, I see. You're trying to look cute, hehe.
Main 2我思考时的表情有些阴沉?你怎么能肯定,那不是我的“伪装”之一呢?考え事をしているときの私の顔色(がんしょく)が暗い、ですか?それが見せかけのものだとしたら…はてさて、指揮官には見破れるでしょうか?My eyes look a bit scary when I'm thinking about something? ...How do you know that isn't just one of my many faces?
Main 3勉强也好,虚张声势也好,不到万不得已时,不要让别人看穿了你的底牌。虚勢を張っても無理して啖呵を切っても、相手に足元を見られないことが大切ですFeign strength if you must, feign weakness if you must. Whatever the case, do not ever let your enemy see through your trump card.
Touch有什么事?你该不会……只是想和我闲聊吧。なんでしょう?……ただの雑談をしたいわけではないでしょうね…?What's the matter? ...You're not here just to have a little chat, are you?
Touch (Special)胆子挺大的嘛。やってくれますねYou certainly have guts.
Touch (Headpat)出乎意料的举动呢……これは…思いもよらなかった行動ですねI must say... this behavior is rather unexpected.
Mission不要忘了那些未完成的细碎事务,等跌倒时才想起来的话可就晚了哦。些細な事務仕事でも、忘れてはなりませんよ。つまづいてから後悔しても遅いですからDon't forget to finish up your missions. When it comes back to bite you in the ass, it'll already be too late.
Mission Complete任务完成了。扫清了障碍之后,你的下一步会怎么走?任務完了です。阻む障害を取り除いてからの一手はいかがでしょう?Mission complete. Now that you've removed another obstacle in front of you, what will your next move be?
Mail放任关键的信息不管,可不是优秀指挥官的所为呢。重要な情報を無視するのは、「できる」指揮官の行動ではありませんねA competent commander should never neglect potentially important information.
Return to Port平安回来了呢。刚刚的战斗很精彩,不过尚有一些细枝末节可以改进……来复个盘吧?無事でのご帰還、お祝い申し上げます。さっきの戦いはお見事でしたが、見直すべきところもまた多々……見直ししましょうか?Good job on making it back in one piece. I went over your last battle, and while it was excellent overall, there are many areas that can still be improved... So let's review those right now?
Commission Complete委托队归港了么……积累后备物资,充实仓库,给自己多一张手牌,确实挺好的。委託組が母港に帰還しました。これは備蓄物資の蓄積、兵站の充実、ひいてはこちらの出せる手札が1枚増えたということ。良いと思いますThe commission fleet is back, huh... Increasing our stockpiles, replenishing our forces, adding another card to our hand. A good play indeed.
Enhancement虽然我更喜欢居于帷幕之后就是了。帷幄の中のほうが好みますが、ねI prefer being the one pulling the strings, but fine.
Flagship敌人最松懈的时候,就是我们机会来临的时候——敵が気を緩めたときこそ、こちらの好機――The moment the enemies let their guard down–– is the moment you strike!
Victory敌军战意已衰。看来,它们也就这点能耐了。敵の戦意が衰えています。ふふ、どうやらここまでですねThe enemy has lost their will to fight. Heh, guess that's all they had to show.
Defeat棋差一着…么…多少有些不甘心啊,下次可就不会这样了呢,呵呵呵……一手遅れた、か…悔しいですが、今度はそうはさせませんよ。ふふふ…Ugh, just one move behind... While I hate conceding defeat, there won't be a next time. Hehe...
Skill攻其无备,出其不意!不備を撃ち、不意を突く!Exploit their weaknesses, and catch them by surprise!
Low HP不入虎穴焉得虎子……虎子を得ようとするなら…!Nothing ventured, nothing gained...!
Affinity (Upset)似乎我对你的期待有些过高了。あなたには少々、期待しすぎましたかねSeems like I set the bar too high for you.
Affinity (Stranger)古人有曰:常胜之家,难于虑敌。指挥官,即使是一直打胜仗,也不要忘了时刻反思总结。常勝の将ほど、慎重に作戦を運ぶのが難しくなりましょう。勝ち続けても過去の経験の見直しをお忘れなくThe more you win, the harder it'll be for you to review your own moves objectively. Even if you're winning, never forget to continue studying your past experiences.
Affinity (Friendly)战争并非公平的棋局。倘若能趁着对方不注意,先思考·理解·下个两三手——胜利就是这么来的哦。戦は公平にあらず。敵の不意を突き、二手三手先を考え・読み・打つことができれば――勝利はこの通り。ふふっWar isn't fair. Backstab your enemy. Think two or three steps ahead of them, read their every move. Then... BAM! Victory comes just like that. Hehe.
Affinity (Like)光是普通地下棋,久了也不免乏味。不如来点别的规矩,让对局变得更有趣一些吧。比如说……如果你能从我手中赢下一局,我就答应你一个要求,如何?普通に囲碁を打ち続けるのも味気ないかもしれませんね。変則ルールでも設けて…そうですね。私に黒星を一つでもつけられたら、願い事を一つ聞いてあげる――というのはいかがでしょうI'm starting to get bored of our regular old sessions of Go. Let's spice things up a little bit... I know just the thing. How about, if you can take a game off me, I'll grant you one wish.
Affinity (Love)哎呀,大意了呢,一向精于计策的我竟然会在这种地方失误……嗯,恭喜你赢了哦。那么,愿赌服输,告诉我你的要求是什么吧,什么都可以哦,呵呵~あら、策士と自負する私としたことが、ここに来てこのようなミスを…ふふ、おめでとうございます。約束通り、願い事を聞かせてくださいませ。何でもいいですよ。ふふふふ…Oh my, how could a seasoned strategist like me make such a silly blunder... Hehe, in any case, congratulations on your win. As promised, I'll grant you your one wish. Anything goes. Hehehe...
Pledge这是……呵呵,没想到被指挥官突然袭击了呢…不对,正因为是指挥官才能对我做到这点吧。这么一想,这也是在我的预料之中…对吧?これは…ふふっ、よもや指揮官に不意を突かれるとは…いいえ、指揮官だからこそ私の不意を突くことができたのでしょう。そう考えると、これもまた予想のうち…ですよね?What's this? ...Hehe, I didn't expect this sneak attack from you... Or rather, you're the only person who could pull something like this off. Looking at it that way, maybe I had predicted this all along... right?
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In battle with Ying Swei, Chao Ho, Hai Chi攻其无备,出其不意!旧知の仲ですねMy, some familiar faces.
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Ship Description如约而至了呢,指挥官,欢迎~对这里的装潢还满意否?我们的时间很多,不妨先坐下来,喝口茶,再慢慢聊你想聊的话题吧。約束通りいらっしゃいましたね、指揮官。ここの内装、お気に召しましたか?ふふ、お話は座ってからゆっくりとお茶を飲みながらいたしましょう。なにせ時間はたっぷりあるので――You're here, Commander, just as promised. How do you like the atmosphere in here? Hehe, take a seat and enjoy the tea slowly. After all, we have plenty of time~
Acquisition如约而至了呢,指挥官,欢迎~对这里的装潢还满意否?我们的时间很多,不妨先坐下来,喝口茶,再慢慢聊你想聊的话题吧。約束通りいらっしゃいましたね、指揮官。ここの内装、お気に召しましたか?ふふ、お話は座ってからゆっくりとお茶を飲みながらいたしましょう。なにせ時間はたっぷりあるので――You're here, Commander, just as promised. How do you like the atmosphere in here? Hehe, take a seat and enjoy the tea slowly. After all, we have plenty of time~
Login既来之,则安之。指挥官,放心吧,我不会亏待你的。来ていただいたからにはゆっくり腰を落ち着けて――指揮官、私のおもてなしを心置きなく堪能してくださいNow that you're here, please make yourself at home. Don't worry, Commander, this one's on me.
Details对我的收藏感兴趣吗?呵呵,里屋还有不少,不如随我一起去欣赏一下如何?私のコレクションにご興味があるようですね。ふふ、奥の部屋にも沢山ありますので、よかったら案内して差し上げましょうか?Did my collection catch your eye? Hehe, very well, there's a lot more of that in the back room. I wouldn't mind showing you around if you'd like~
Main能与我对弈的对手已经有了,要是再有棋盘与棋子就再好不过了…啊,不着急,一会我再去取。対局の相手がいらっしゃったときのために、碁盤と碁石を…今はゆっくりお寛ぎなさっていてください。取ってくるのはこのあとなのでI already have a worthy opponent in front of me, but too bad we don't have a Go board and some pieces to play with... Ah, but worry not, I'll fetch them later.
Main 2指挥官,你喜欢哪些藏品?瓷器、玉器?还是字画?亦或是……整个屋子本身?呵呵~指揮官はここのコレクションで何がお気に入りですか?陶磁器、玉器…書画?それとも、この部屋そのものですか?ふふCommander, what's your favorite collection here? Porcelain? Jade? Calligraphy? Or perhaps... this entire estate? Hehe~
Main 3海圻的花枪,肇和的独舞……今晚的节目甚是丰盛。如果能有人陪我一同欣赏,那自然是再好不过——你明白我的意思吧?海圻の花槍、肇和の舞、今夜は余興に困らないようで。共に鑑賞する相手がいれば尚更です。…指揮官にはこの意味を分かっていただけますよね?Hai Chi's flower spear and Chao Ho's solo dance... Tonight's performance will be spectacular indeed. It would be nice to have someone accompanying me who has a fine eye for the arts... Do you understand what I'm getting at, Commander?
Touch要试试这个电话么?拨号盘不是很好用,小心别打错了。この黒電話、試してみますか?うまくダイヤルできない時がありますので、かけ間違いにはお気をつけくださいWould you like to try this rotary dial phone? You might not be used to operating something like it, so try to be careful not to make mistakes.
Touch (Special)看来该让你知道,谁才是这里的主人了呢。どうやら、この部屋の主が誰か、思い知らせなくてはならないようですねIt would appear that you need a reminder as to who the host is here.
Touch (Headpat)“反客为主”可不行哦。「主客転倒」はいけませんよDo be mindful of who the host is, and who the guest is~
Mission你现在是我的客人,分心考虑任务的事情可不好哦。指揮官は私のお客様なのに、任務のことで気が散るのは感心しませんねCommander, you're currently my guest. The fact that you're still preoccupied with work does not impress me.
Mission Complete嗯?在我不知道的时候,任务已经完成了?挺能干的嘛,指挥官。おや、いつの間に任務を完了してきたんですか。やりますね、指揮官Oh my, when did you complete your missions? Not too shabby, Commander.
Mail这种时候还有新的邮件送来么……有些不解风情呢。こんな時でも、新しい手紙は来るのですか。風情を損なうようなことは…A letter arriving at a time like this? Talk about spoiling the mood...
Return to Port“嗯,好的,我知道了,就这么安排吧。”哎呀,欢迎回来。刚刚的通话内容……是秘密哦~「はい、わかりました。ではそのように手配を」あら、お帰りなさいませ。今の電話は…秘密、ですよ(にっこり)"Yes, excellent. Just stick to the plan, just as I told you." Oh, welcome back. That phone call...? It's a secret~
Affinity (Love)你知道这厅堂里,对我最重要的是什么吗?不是这华丽的装饰,也不是这看起来价值连城的收藏品。没错,正是你哦,指挥官。この部屋で私が一番大事にしているものをご存知ですか?華麗な内装でも、貴重なコレクションでもなく――そう、あなたですよ、指揮官。ふふふDo you know what I value most of everything inside this room? It's not the luxurious interior or my opulent collections – Indeed, it is none other than you, Commander~♪
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Ship Description哦?是指挥官啊,你也是来此处避暑么?真是奇妙的巧合啊,还是说…其实是你另有所图呢?呵呵呵~あら、これは指揮官…もしやあなたも避暑の為にこちらへ?偶然とは奇妙なものです。それとも…ほかにも目的がお有りで?ふふふ…Oh my, if it isn't the Commander... Have you also come to escape the heat? What a serendipitous meeting... Or, did you perhaps have some other goal in mind? Heehee...
Acquisition哦?是指挥官啊,你也是来此处避暑么?真是奇妙的巧合啊,还是说…其实是你另有所图呢?呵呵呵~あら、これは指揮官…もしやあなたも避暑の為にこちらへ?偶然とは奇妙なものです。それとも…ほかにも目的がお有りで?ふふふ…Oh my, if it isn't the Commander... Have you also come to escape the heat? What a serendipitous meeting... Or, did you perhaps have some other goal in mind? Heehee...
Login既然是休假,就暂时把各种决策和思索放下吧。休息够了,之后才能更好地施展谋略呢。休暇でいらっしゃったのなら、しばしの間思慮も決断も忘れましょう?十分な休息を取っておいたほうが、後の策も冴えますよDuring this moment of respite, set aside all your plans and calculations. Once you've rested sufficiently, you can always pick up where you left off.
Details炎夏之时浸在清凉的水中,确实是至高无上的享受呢。你若是不介意打湿衣服,也可以来试试哦。炎天下で冷たい水に浸かる、確かに至福です。もちろん服が濡れてしまいますが、それでも構わないなら……お試しになりますか?Few things are more blissful than a refreshing soak on a sweltering day. Your clothes might get wet, but... don't you think it's well worth it?
Main乘兴而来,兴尽而归。平日里繁杂的事务考虑多了,这种时候就该放空思绪单纯享受~直情径行、奔放自在…せっかく普段の雑務から解放されたのです、頭の中をからっぽにしてゆっくり楽しみましょう?Come with an open heart, and leave fulfilled. Now that you've freed yourself from the shackles of the daily grind, clear your mind and enjoy this occasion to the fullest~
Main 2海圻?兴许她此时正在某个地方和刚结识的小伙伴打水仗吧。你要去找她们么?海圻ですか?さっき知り合ったばかりの仲間と水遊びでもしていることでしょう。探しに行かれますか?Hai Chi? I'm sure she's playing in the water with some friends she just met. Did you want to go look for her?
Main 3水波、艳阳、还有若隐若现的彩虹……如果海天在这里的话,大概又能听她吟诗一首了。さざなみに朝日、見え隠れする虹…もし海天がここにいたなら、きっと詩を詠んでいたことでしょうRipples in the water, the glow of the autumnal sun, and the flickering of rainbows... If Hai Tien were here, I'm sure I would be hearing one of her poems.
Touch有什么事么?先说好,不是要紧事的话,休假期间不谈工作哦。なんでしょう?急用でもないなら、休暇中にお仕事の話はなし、にしましょうWhat's the matter? If it's about work, let's save it for later, alright?
Touch (Special)哎呀,指挥官,定力不足呢。あら指揮官、余裕がないようですねOh my, Commander. You're a bit lacking in self-control~
Return to Port看你大汗淋漓的样子,想必是被酷暑折磨得不轻了吧?快来好好乘个凉吧。その汗だくの姿は…なるほど、暑さにだいぶ苦しまれているようですね?ここはまず涼んでから、ゆっくりなさってくださいYou're completely soaked with sweat... I see, the sweltering heat outside must've taken its toll on you. Come in, and cool off.
Affinity (Love)所以,今日有何打算呢?没有棋局,也没有博弈,只有你我二人共处的休假时间……主动权在指挥官你的手上,你不会让它白白流走的吧?…して、今日はどうなさいます?対局も駆け引きもなく、二人っきりの非番日…せっかく握っている主導権を使わずにみすみす逃す手はないでしょう?ふふふ…...So, do you have any plans today? No games, no bartering. Just the two of us - alone on a day off. You have all the initiative in your hands, Commander. You're not going to let it go to waste, are you? Hehe...
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Login嗯,精神看起来不错。本想着还能欣赏一下你瞌睡的样子,可惜了呢。あら、これはどうもお元気でなによりです。起き抜けでボーっとしている顔でも拝めたらと思っていましたが残念でしたね。ふふOh my, you seem to be quite energetic today. I was hoping to be able to bemuse myself with your sleepy expression, but alas, it was not to be. Hehe~
Main东煌以外亦有不少下棋的能手。只可惜不同棋规则大相径庭,无法酣畅淋漓地对弈呢。東煌以外にも囲碁に通じた子なら何人もいるでしょうが、ルールに違いがあれば思うがままに対局するというのも中々叶わないものでして…The game of Go has already spread far beyond the Dragon Empery. It is a pity, however, that regional variations in rules make it difficult to thoroughly enjoy a session.
Main 2所谓奇袭,并非一定是从背后偷袭,比如说,像这样突然靠近你的脸——是不是被吓了一跳?呵呵~奇をてらうというのは、必ずしも見えないところから攻めることだとは限りません。現に急にあなたの顔に近づけるだけで――意表を突くこともできましょう?ふふNot all surprise attacks must be executed from behind. For example, if I suddenly get right up to your face like this –– doesn't that get your heart racing? Hehe~
Touch就算只是闲聊,只要是与你一起,这枯燥的时间便被点缀上了几分色彩。ただの雑談でも、あなたが相手なら、淡白な彩りにも多少の足しとなりましょうEven if we're just making small talk, the most mundane of moments can become splashed with brilliant colors.
Touch (Special)看来有必要给你一点“特别关照”了呢。「特別な手ほどき」をする必要があるようですねIt appears you are in need of some "special discipline."
Mission即使是圣人,也难以算无遗策,比如说……喏,你似乎有任务忘记完成了。聖人とて遺策はあります。例えば……ほら、忘れている任務ですよEven divine beings are not omnipotent... For example, look, you've forgotten to finish a mission.
Affinity (Love)今天也要来下棋么?那,这次也定个额外的规则好了。输的一方就负责考虑,棋局结束之后的二人时光怎么度过吧。我偶尔也想偷偷懒,请允许我全力以赴哦~今日も一局いかが?…そう、では変則ルールとして、負けた方はこの後、二人でいかに過ごすかを考えて――ええ、私とてたまには頭を動かしたくないときもありますから、ここは全力で行かせていただきます。ふふふYou'd like to challenge me to another match today? Very well, but let's up the ante this time. The loser is responsible for deciding how the two of us will spend our time together after the match. I also would like to take my hands off the reins every now and then, so I'll try my best to win. Hehe~