Béarn META (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. M033Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyMETABuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1070 Reload42
Firepower33 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air61
Aviation81 Cost0
ASW0 Luck42
HP3318 Reload80
Firepower92 Torpedo0
Evasion18 Anti-air163
Aviation210 Cost0
ASW0 Luck44
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock Flickering Light - Béarn | All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | Secondary Gun base +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
Tier 3Improve Flickering Light - Béarn | All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Béarn-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Keeper of the GrimoireIncreases this ship's FP and AVI by 5.0% (15.0%) . 5s after this ship launches an airstrike: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage and launch a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level); if this effect does not activate, its activation chance becomes 100.0% the next time this ship launches an airstrike.???
Holy Tempest's DescensionWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's Detection Gauge value by 15. Every time this ship sinks 2 enemies during battle: this ship recovers 1.0% (2.0%) of her max HP (up to 5 times per battle). Every 30s, or when this ship sinks 4 enemies: summons a Lv.1 (Lv.10) tornado (lasts 5s) that decreases enemies' SPD (SPD debuff's strength is based on the skill's level; up to 3 tornadoes can be summoned per battle). Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 40.0% as a result of DMG taken: sets this ship's Detection Gauge value to 0 and recovers 15.0% (25.0%) of her max HP.???
Sacrament's Empowering RiteIncreases this ship's DMG dealt by 1.0% (10.0%) and decreases the loading time of her first airstrike by 20.0%. Activates one of the following 2 effects based on what weapon this ship has equipped in her Secondary Weapon slot: 1) Main Gun: increases this weapon's Detection Range and Range and increases its efficiency by 15.0% (30.0%) . Improves the special cannon barrage fired by the skill "Keeper of the Grimoire." Every 10s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special cannon barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). 2): Dive Bomber: further decreases the loading time of this ship's first airstrike by 15.0% (30.0%) . Improves the special airstrike fired by the skill "Keeper of the Grimoire."???
Flickering Light - Béarn[Operation Siren] When fighting humanoid Siren fleets or Boss fleets: increases this ship's DMG dealt by 8.0%.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description贝亚恩号航空母舰(若已获得相应的META角色,奖励将会转化为对应的角色结晶,可在「META研究室」-「能量激活」中使用)'正規空母ベアルン(1隻しか所持できません。2隻目を入手した場合、限界突破素材に変換されます)I am Béarn, a high mage and a humble seeker of knowledge and power. If I may ask, can I expect to find any supreme Sacraments in this place?
Biography我的名字是贝亚恩,为了追求知识与力量,在世界的夹缝间游荡。至于我成为至高之魔女的理由么……获得知识最简单的方式就是把它殴打一顿——想必你也能理解这种显然的事实吧。私めはベアルン、知識と力を求め、世界の狭間で流離せし者。至高の魔女となり果てた理由……知識を手中に収める一番手っ取り早い方法とは武力で奪うこと――こんなに分かりやすい事実は指揮官様にも理解できましょうI am Béarn, pursuer of knowledge and power and one who wanders the borders between realms. If you wonder how I became a witch... the fastest way to gain knowledge is by stealing it through brute force. This is such a self-evident truth that even you can grasp it.
Acquisition至高之魔女,知识与力量的追逐者,贝亚恩,向你问好……指挥官啊,你这里,有能令我感兴趣的“至高秘仪”么?至高の魔女にして、知識と力を探究せし者――ベアルンより挨拶を申し上げます…指揮官様、ここに私めが興味を抱くような「至高なる秘蹟」はありますでしょうか?I am Béarn, a high mage and a humble seeker of knowledge and power. If I may ask, can I expect to find any supreme Sacraments in this place?
Login你好啊,指挥官。至高的秘仪已经为你准备好了,许个愿怎么样?おはようございます、指揮官様。「至高なる秘蹟」ならもう手配済みなので、一度願望機に願ってみてはいかがですか?Good morning, Commander. I have a supreme Sacrament ready to be used. Would you like to make a wish?
Details唔唔…不看不知道啊,近看才发现,指挥官你也不是什么…正常的构成啊。むっ。近くで観測して初めて分かったのですが、指揮官様も…「理」の構造からかけ離れた存在ですねHmm. It's become clear now that I've observed you up close. You, too, are far from what's considered normal.
Main塞壬,是一种有趣的文明病毒呢。呼呼,对待这些家伙,还是彻底消杀最有效率一些呢~いくらセイレーンが面白くても、文明に対するウィルスのような存在です。ふん、この類の存在の対処は消し飛ばすことが効率が良い方法ですThough they are fascinating things, the Sirens are a scourge upon civilization. Hah. This kind of scourge is best dealt with through swift cannon fire.
Main 2知识,当无所禁忌,力量,也当无所界限……哎呀,完成“至高之秘仪”的唯一障碍,是软弱的心呢。知識に禁忌なし、力に頂点なし。…「至高の秘蹟」に至る唯一の障害は心の弱さですThere are no bans on knowledge and no limits to power. The only obstacle on the way to the ultimate Sacrament is the weakness of the spirit.
Main 3“力量的黑暗面”,我从不这么认为…只是大家本能地畏惧着更强大的力量而已…哼哼,我不介意独享这份强大。「力の負の一面」などというのは同感できませんね。…ヒトが本能的により強い力を恐れているだけです。私めに言わせれば、この力を独占したとしても気にも留めませんI disagree with the notion that there is a dark side to power. People simply fear strength greater than theirs on an instinctual level. Personally, I would not be afraid to seize greater power for myself.
Touch指挥官,你也想品尝下禁忌的知识?指揮官様、あなたも禁忌の知識に触れたいのですか?Commander, do you wish to grasp the forbidden fruit of knowledge?
Touch (Special)这也算见不得人的禁忌知识呢…那么,请进行到底吧,指挥官。これもヒトには見せられない禁忌と言えましょう。最後まで私めに施してください、指揮官様One could call this knowledge shunned by other people. Please commit to the act now that you've started, Commander.
Touch (Headpat)我好歹至少也是个魔女……不,没什么。私めは曲がりなりにも魔女に成り果てた存在ですが…いいえ、なんでもありませんWhile I am but a fool who ended up as a witch... No, never mind.
Mission指挥官,任务记得完成哦,说不定会收获有趣的秘仪线索呢。指揮官様、任務をこなすのをお忘れなきよう。秘蹟の手がかりを見つけられるかもしれませんCommander, kindly remember to do your missions. You could find a lead on a Sacrament.
Mission Complete任务完成…我看看,这次有没有新的线索呢?任務完了です。……新しい手がかりがあるかどうかは……Mission complete. Let's see if you found any new leads.
Mail指挥官,你的邮件……嗯嗯?我好像闻到了秘仪的气息,奇怪……指揮官様、お手紙が――ん?秘蹟の気配がしましたが、まさか……Commander, there's a letter for... Hm? I sense a Sacrament. That can't be right...
Return to Port完美的演出,哼哼,看来“秘仪”的基点在你的世界也是一样的啊。完璧な演出でした。ふん、どうやら「秘蹟」になり得る基点はこちらの「枝」でも同じようですAn impeccable showing. Hmm. It would appear that the fundamental points of Sacraments are the same in your branch.
Commission Complete委托物资已经全部到港,记得不要让它们在码头堆太久哦。委託物資が港に到着しました。埠頭に積み上げられたまま放置しないほうがいいでしょうCommissioned goods have arrived. If I were you, I wouldn't want to leave them sitting there at the dock.
Enhancement呵呵,新的力量在回应我呢……ふん。新たな力がこちらの呼びかけに応えているようです…Hah. My new strength is responding to me.
Flagship现在,是批判环节——これより判定を下す――They shall now be judged.
Victory…哼哼,这就是绝对的力量。…ふん。これこそが極まりし力ですHah. This is what ultimate power looks like.
Defeat果然,需要更深层次的力量……やはり、より深くまで力を掘り出さないと…It seems I must tap into deeper reservoirs of power...
Skill群星归位——星辰正しき刻――The stars have aligned.
Low HP比我的纯度更高么……私めより純度が高いというのですか……It seems they are purer than I...
Affinity (Upset)扑、扑棱蛾子?!怎、怎么可以这么说珍贵的黑暗魔导之书啊!蛾…だと!?わ、私めの貴重な魔導書に対してなんたる侮辱を…!"A moth"?! How dare you show such disrespect toward my grimoire!
Affinity (Stranger)嗯?指挥官,对这家伙很感兴趣么?嗯哼哼,如您所见,这不过是一本黑暗魔导之书而已——哎呀,绝不是什么可疑物品哦?ん?指揮官様はこの子が気になるのですか。ふん、見ての通りただの闇の魔導書であり――実際疑わしいものではありませんよHmm? I take it you're curious about my companion. It is an ordinary dark grimoire, as you can surely see. Nothing to be suspicious of whatsoever.
Affinity (Friendly)黑暗之书,可不是一般的魔导书哦?说起来,这个名字还是倔强…………唔,抱歉,想到了一些该遗忘掉的事,暂时失陪了。闇の書、ただの魔導書にあらず…そういえばこの子もルピニャートが……っ。すみません。忘れるべきことを思い出してしまいました。少し失礼しますThe Dark Tome is no mere grimoire... I remember L'Opiniâtre was the one who named... Ah, forgive me. I remembered something I shouldn't have. Excuse me for a moment.
Affinity (Like)唔,指挥官你应该不在意“黑暗”之类的词吧?——庸俗的人才会在意表象?咳、嗯……好。むっ、指揮官様は「闇」の枕詞を気にしないのでは?――俗物と違い、自分はそんな字面にこだわっていない、ですか?こほん。なら……よろしいDoes the word "dark" not set off alarm bells to you, Commander? ...Only nitpickers get hung up on words, you say? Ahem. That's good, then.
Affinity (Love)指挥官,今天是个不错的日子,所以,要不要来试试黑暗之书里最奇特的秘仪?——嗯~那是个需要爱才能实现的奇迹秘仪呢。指揮官様、今日は良い日ですね。闇の書にある、最も奇妙な秘蹟を試してみますか?――はい、実現に愛が必要とされる奇跡の秘蹟ですToday is a fine day, Commander. Would you like to try the most miraculous Sacrament recorded in the Dark Tome? It's one that requires love to be performed.
Pledge“爱”的秘仪,是以一生的长度为代价的约定,但即便如此,你依然愿意完成与我这个魔女的契约么……呵呵,我是真的被感动到了哦,指挥官,请在我被喷涌的幸福腻晕前,完成契约的最后仪式吧——「愛」の秘蹟はすなわち、人生の尺度を対価にした契約――それでもあなたは魔女に堕ちた私めと交わすことを選んだ……ふ、本気で感動しましたよ。これよりほとばしる至福にやられる前に、最後の儀式を終わらせてください――The Sacrament of love is a contract that will last throughout your whole life, and yet you're still willing to sign it with a witch as I... Hah, I am truly touched. Please, allow me to finish the final ritual before an unstoppable wave of happiness knocks me out.
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