Archerfish (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 513Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull SubmarineRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP310 Reload35
Firepower12 Torpedo102
Evasion9 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck90
HP1442 Reload67
Firepower33 Torpedo261
Evasion41 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck95
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Improve Hunting range
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Submarine: Balao-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Hottie HuntersIncreases this boat's DMG to Heavy Armor enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . When sortied with at least 1 other Eagle Union submarine: increases Crit DMG by 5.0% (15.0%) and increases TRP and Accuracy by 3.5% (8.0%) for all your Eagle Union submarines.???
Parting GiftIncreases this boat's OXY by 2 (20) . When this boat resurfaces, and again when she leaves the battle: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) torpedo barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
All-Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Archerfish immediately after entering the battle.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description巴劳鱵级潜艇射水鱼,舷号SS-311バラオ級潜水艦「アーチャーフィッシュ」・SS-311Balao-class submarine – Archerfish, Hull Number SS-311.
Biography我是巴劳鱵级的射水鱼号,同时也是最大吨位击沉纪录的保持者!估计也很难再有人破纪录了吧~バラオ級の一隻にして、そして撃沈した軍艦の最大記録を持つ潜水艦!…まあこの記録は中々抜けないだろうね。うんI'm part of the Balao class, plus I hold the record for the biggest ship ever sunk by a submarine! I doubt anyone's ever gonna beat it.
Acquisition哼哼~您就是指挥官?嘻嘻,不错不错,我很看好你哦,要不要一会就去约会呢~?脸红啦?呼呼~果然是个有趣的指挥官~(戳脸)ははーん、あなたが指揮官?くんくん、イケてるね~早速だけどデート、してみない?…なんて、もう顔が赤くなったの?はは、面白そう~!Mm hmm~ So you're the Commander? Teehee. You're a total hottie, so wanna go out with me? Like right now? ...Heh, just kidding~ You should see how red your face is~ Ahaha, you're a funny one~!
Login醒醒,醒醒!指挥官,现在是工作时间了!摸鱼可是要被罚的哦~指揮官、起きなさい!もうお仕事の時間だって!放ったらかしたらお仕置きされるよ!Wake up, Commander! It's time to get to work! If you slack off, that's gonna be a paddling~
Details对于需要经常潜海的潜艇来说,保养皮肤可是很重要的一环哦!不过,晒黑的部分就没办法啦~潜ることが多い潜水艦も肌の保養が重要だよねー。多少の日焼けは致し方なしって感じ?A submarine's gotta take care of her skin if she goes diving a lot. Not much you can do about the tan, though!
Main指挥官,工作的时候请专心哦~还是说,没法专心的原因,是因为我?呼呼~指揮官、仕事中は集中が大事よ!…あたしがいるから集中できないなんてなくない?はははYou've gotta focus when you're working, Commander! ...Let me guess, you can't focus with me around, right? Hahaha~
Main 2指挥官,你不理我,我就要去环游世界咯!……哎呀,说笑的,只是去港区周围游游泳,顺便收集点数据而已~あたしに構ってくれないと世界一周の旅に出るよー。ってしないよそんなの。まあ母港周辺の海域に行ってデータ集めぐらいはするよStart paying attention to me, or I'll leave to take a trip around the world. Okay, I'm exaggerating. I'd just go gather data on the areas around the port.
Main 3如果在巡游四海的时候有可爱的女孩子相伴……呼呼,指挥官会更高兴吧?嘻嘻~ 海に出る時に可愛い女の子がいればさぁ…指揮官、もっと楽しくなると思わない?Y'know, Commander... A voyage is a lot more fun with a hot girl within arm's reach.
Touch怎么了?有什么趣事要和我分享吗?说吧说吧~ん?どうしたの?面白そうなことでもあった?早く教えてーHm? What's up? Did something neat happen? Come on, tell me!
Touch (Special)指挥官可真是性急啊——不过,不许再这样哦~呼呼~もうせっかちなんだから~こういうの、ダメよ♪はははNuh-uh, you have to earn it~ No more groping like this, got it? Hahaha~
Touch (Headpat)欸~只有摸摸头吗?别的奖励呢?嘻嘻~えー頭を触るだけ?別のご褒美は?ふふふAll I get is a headpat? I was expecting something more... Hehehe~
Mission听说,能干而又帅气的指挥官一般都能很快的完成任务呢~有能でイケてる指揮官は任務なんてテキパキこなせるって聞いたよ―Skilled and sexy commanders don't keep girls waiting... for mission results, that is~
Mission Complete任务完成啦!这都是因为有能干的我在你身边哦~任務完了!まあ有能でイケてるあたしのおかげよーMission complete! Aren't you glad I have both brains and good looks~?
Mail新邮件?不介意我凑过来看看吧?可能会靠得有点近哦~新しいメール?あたしも見ていい?ちょっと距離縮められるね♡New mail? Could I have a look at it? I'll have to get real, real close to do it~
Return to Port欢迎回来!亲·爱·的~嘻嘻,又脸红啦?呼呼呼~おかえりなさい~あ・な・た♪はは、また赤くなった!ははははWelcome back home, daaaarlin'~ Ahah! Look at you blushing again! Hahahaha!
Commission Complete委托物资顺利到港!要是我帮你搬运的话,有没有额外的奖励呀?嗯哼~?委託物資無事到着ぅ!あたしが運んであげたら特別なゴホウビとかある?ははは♪Commission goodies, coming in! If I bring them to you, will you gimme YOUR goodies? Ahaha~♪
Enhancement有没有变得更诱人一些呢?嘻嘻~イケイケ度アップ!はははDon't you think I'm even hotter now? Hahaha~
Flagship哼哼,接下来,我会全力全开的!ふふん、次は全力出すわよ!Heh-heh! Prepare to get served!
Victory我的战绩历来都很厉害的!まぁ、あたしの戦果はいつもこんなもんよ♪This is just par for the course when you sortie me~
Defeat也就失败了一次而已,再来!一回負けただけよ…もう一回行ってやらぁ!They beat me once, so what? I'll get 'em next time!
Skill悄悄地,就把你们干掉~こっそりやっつけるぅ!Once you commit, there's no pulling out~ Ahaha~!
Low HP真麻烦啊——面倒だな…What a pain in the ass...
Affinity (Upset)哼哼,指挥官缺乏魅力是有原因的,要不要我来教你几招?乖乖准备好学费哦~(耳语)哈哈~指揮官がイケてないのはちゃんとワケがあるよ?あたしが色々教えてあげるから、勉強代はちゃんと用意してね~はははThere are tons of reasons nobody thinks you're hot. Cough up some dough, and I'll give you a crash course on why~ Ahaha~
Affinity (Stranger)今天又想到哪儿去呢?我就陪陪指挥官吧。今日はどこに出かける予定?あたしも付き合ってあげよっかGot plans to go anywhere today? I might tag along and keep you company.
Affinity (Friendly)真想趁那位爱睡觉的大狐狸睡着的时候,埋进她的尾巴堆里呀。那样一定超级舒服吧~不过,打扰人家睡觉也不太好吧,嘻嘻~あのいつも眠そうにしてるお狐さんが寝ている間にぃ、しっぽに潜り込んでもふもふしたら絶対気持ちいいよね~まあでも寝てるのを邪魔するのはよくないか。はははIt feels soooo good to sneak between that sleeping fox's tails and floof them~ Though I'll admit, it's not cool to disturb someone's sleep like that. Ahaha~
Affinity (Like)呼呼……专门给指挥官做的“爱之汤”已经做好咯~指挥官要不要尝尝呢?先不要用勺子哦,像这样…用手指试试味道怎么样~?指揮官への愛情たっぷりのスープの出来上がり♪へへへ、先に味見してみない?んじゃあスプーンに…じゃなくて…はい、この指先についてるのを味わってみない?Here's some yummy soup for you, made with lots of love! Teehee~ Wanna taste test it? All righty, but what do you say we skip the spoon... and have you lick it from my finger instead~?
Affinity (Love)指挥官也渐渐适应我的节奏了呢……但是,真正的攻势从今天才开始哦!嗯,就这样手挽着手,一起去约会吧~おっ、ようやくこっちのペースに着いてこれるようになった?―――でも本番はこれからよ!まずはこうやって手をつないで…デートしよう!Well, well, finally able to keep up with me, huh? But now's where the real fun begins! Grab my hand and let's go on a date!
Pledge突然把我叫出来,我就知道会这样啦~好啦,别动,接下来会有好事发生哦,闭上你的眼睛,好好期·待·吧~急に呼び出されたときからこうなると思ってたよ~まあまあ焦らずにまずはじっとしてて、はい、目を閉じて――これからいいことが起きるよ♡I knew this was coming when you called for me outta nowhere~ Don't be nervous now, just hold still and close your eyes. We're gonna do some hot stuff, you and I ♡
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In battle with Dace, Albacore, Cavalla, Bluegill, Albacore µ各就各位~位置につけーGet in position, you all!
In battle with Shinano不要睡啦,不要睡啦!おーきーてー!おーきーてー!Come oooon! Wake uuuup!
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Ship Description今天的幸运客人是指挥官~来一杯射水鱼的试验…不对,特调饮料吧!放心喝~不会有事的,大概?嘻嘻~今日のラッキーゲストの指揮官~さぁさぁ、アーチャーフィッシュの特別試作…じゃなくてカクテルでもどうぞ♪大丈夫、なんも起きやしないから~多分?はははYou're our lucky guest today, Commander~ You get a taste of my secret concoction... Excuse me, I meant to say "cocktail!" Relax, it won't do anything weird to you~ Probably. Ahaha~
Acquisition今天的幸运客人是指挥官~来一杯射水鱼的试验…不对,特调饮料吧!放心喝~不会有事的,大概?嘻嘻~今日のラッキーゲストの指揮官~さぁさぁ、アーチャーフィッシュの特別試作…じゃなくてカクテルでもどうぞ♪大丈夫、なんも起きやしないから~多分?はははYou're our lucky guest today, Commander~ You get a taste of my secret concoction... Excuse me, I meant to say "cocktail!" Relax, it won't do anything weird to you~ Probably. Ahaha~
Login欢迎光临~指挥官!这里是治愈与放松的小小天堂,稍微摸点鱼也是可以被原谅的哦?癒やしとリラックスの天国へとおかえり!ちょっとくらい仕事をサボっても許されるわよ♪Welcome to a paradise of relaxation and recreation! Where you can get skip a little work and nobody'll find out~
Details被大青花鱼捉弄啦?跟我说说她又做了什么?我参考…不对,是帮你想想办法!嗯!アルバコアにいじられた?どんな風にいじられたか教えて、私もさんこ…じゃなくて、一緒に対策考えてやるわ!ええ!Albacore's been teasing you? Give me specifics, so I know what to do for future reference... Err, so we can work out a way to deny her, I mean! Yeah, that's it!
Main给喵喵们戴上兔耳的话,是不是就变成“指挥兔”了?嘻嘻~オフニャにウサミミつけたらさぁ…お、オフピョン?はははWhat happens when you give a Meowfficer bunny ears? It gets promoted to a hare admiral! Hahaha~
Main 2唔,信浓小姐不在呀?还想让她试试我特调的提神饮料呢~あっ、信濃さんいないの?せっかくおすすめのカクテル作ってあげたのにねーShinano's not coming? That sucks. I already mixed a special cocktail for her and everything!
Main 3好好工作的话,给指挥官一点特别的奖励也不是不行哦?什么奖励?嘻嘻~那就看指挥官想要什么咯~?頑張った指揮官には特別なゴホウビをしてあげなくちゃね~どんなゴホウビ?ははは、どんなのがほしいの?You deserve a super special reward for all your hard work, Commander~ What kind of reward? Hahaha~ Well, what do you want?
Touch哦?有烦恼想要向人倾诉吗?来嘛来嘛~这次我不会调侃你的~ん?どうしたの?悩みでもある?ほらほらーバカにしないからーHm? Got something on your mind? Just say it, I promise I won't poke fun of you for it~
Touch (Special)饮料里可是不含酒精的,别想蒙混过去哦?指揮官が飲んだの、アルコール入りじゃないからごまかされないよDon't you start making excuses now! The drinks I served you were alcohol-free!
Return to Port这杯叫做…“蓝鳃鱼饮料”?一听名字就知道是蓝鳃鱼做的对吧~其实只是加了冰块的薄荷汽水而已…これ…「ブルードリンク」?あー、名前からしてブルーギルが作ったって分かるわね…ただの氷入りのソーダよWhat's this drink... "Bluest Blue?" Ah. The name alone makes it obvious Bluegill came up with it. It's just carbonated water on the rocks.
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Ship Description嚯?看来我们是邻桌呢。新的学期就请多多关照咯~各·个·方·面哦,呼呼~あら?どうやら指揮官とは隣同士のようね。新学期、お世話になるわよ~。い・ろ・い・ろと~ふふふWould you look at that – we're sat next to each other in class. Looking forward to doing some "extracurricular activities" with you this term. Hehehe~
Acquisition嚯?看来我们是邻桌呢。新的学期就请多多关照咯~各·个·方·面哦,呼呼~あら?どうやら指揮官とは隣同士のようね。新学期、お世話になるわよ~。い・ろ・い・ろと~ふふふWould you look at that – we're sat next to each other in class. Looking forward to doing some "extracurricular activities" with you this term. Hehehe~
Login指挥官,早呀~昨天的作业做了吗?没做的话,要不要我的借给你抄?当然,不能白借你就是了~おはよう指揮官!昨日の宿題はどうだった?まだ出来ていないならあたしのを見せてあげてもいいよ?もちろん、ただじゃないけど?Morning, Commander! Finished with your homework? If not, I'll let you copy mine. Not for free though – you gotta give me something in return~
Details嗯?我的尾巴很显眼吗?平时我会把它藏好的~ふーん、この「シッポ」が目立ってるって?普段はちゃんと隠すからへーきだよ♪What, you think my tail sticks out too much? I can just hide it, like I usually do♪
Main重樱那位经常打瞌睡的狐狸小姐…现在应该在午睡社的休息室里?要不要去看看她呢~いつも居眠りしてる重桜のお狐さん…今はお昼寝部の秘密スポットにいるかも?ちょっと様子見てこようかなI wonder what that sleepy fox is up to. Snoozing in the Napping Club's secret spot, maybe? I think I'll pay her a little visit.
Main 2可不能因为天天被女孩子包围着就飘了哦。要是上课时分了心,最后的考试成绩可就不好看了~毎日かわいい女の子に囲まれてるからって、授業中は集中しないとダメよ?ふふ、成績に響くからねBeing surrounded by cute girls day in and day out is no excuse for not paying attention in class. Your grades are gonna plummet if you don't focus~
Main 3说起来下课时做些什么好呢……要不我们干脆手牵着手,在外面转一圈,然后看看大家的反应?呼呼~放課後の予定、どうしようかな―いっそあたしと手を繋いで、外を一回りして~みんなの反応を楽しんだりするとか?ふふふWhat to do after school's out... How 'bout we go around port holding hands? I bet the other girls would flip their lids if they saw that. Hehehe~
Touch有什么请求就说吧。作为邻桌,自然是要互帮互助的~してほしいことがあれば言って?隣同士だもん、助け合っていこうじゃない♪Anything I can do for or to you? Us adjacent classmates gotta help each other, you know~
Touch (Special)欸~这里可是教室哦?指挥官真是大胆啊~ここ、教室なのに指揮官ってば大胆~This, in the classroom of all places? I dig your boldness~
Touch (Headpat)嗯?我做了什么好事吗?随你喜欢好了~ん?なんかあたしいいことでもしたっけ?好きにしていいよ~Hm? Have I done anything to earn a headpat? Oh well, do it all you want~
Mail抽屉里有给你的信件哦~会不会是哪位孩子的情书?メ―ルが引き出しに入ってるよ―。ラブレタ―だったりして、はははThere's mail for you in your desk drawer. Imagine if it's a love letter! Hahaha!
Return to Port指挥官~刚刚拜托你的果汁买来了吗?哈哈,我说笑的……欸,你真的买了两罐?嘿嘿,那我就不客气了~指揮官、さっきお願いしたジュ―ス、買ってきてくれた?なんて、冗談だよ~って本当に二つ買ってきてくれたの?へへへ、じゃ遠慮なくもらうね―So, did you get the soda I asked for? Nah, I'm just messing~ Wait, you actually bought it? Heheh, then don't mind if I do!