Aquila (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 502Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavySardegna EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1093 Reload47
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion12 Anti-air69
Aviation76 Cost0
ASW0 Luck40
HP4520 Reload90
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion44 Anti-air255
Aviation200 Cost0
ASW0 Luck42
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All Torpedo Bombers +2 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +15% | Dive Bombers can be equipped in the second gear slot
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Aquila-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Freccia dell'AquilaWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to launch an additional airstrike (DMG and Airstrike pattern are based on this skill's level).???
Rain of StarlightWhen this ship launches an Airstrike while having a Fighter equipped in her second gear slot: restores 3.5% (8.0%) HP for the lowest HP percentage ship in your Vanguard and Main Fleet, and generates a shield around those 2 ships that negates DMG equal to 1.5% (6.0%) of their max HP, lasting up to 5s; When this ship instead has a Dive Bomber equipped in her second gear slot: gains 1 preloaded Airstrike, decreases her Airstrike loading time by 10.0%, and increases her DMG dealt by 3.5% (8.0%) .???
Disarming but DeadlyReduces the DMG this ship takes by 4.5% (12.0%) ; For every 3 enemy aircraft shot down by this ship's aircraft, increases your fleet's AA by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times).???
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Ship Description航空母舰—天鹰航空母艦・アクィラAircraft carrier – Aquila.
Biography“舰历”么…?嗯…确实还是有点在意呢。如果在那场大战中天鹰能早点帮上大家的话,大家一定也会羡慕天鹰的舰历的吧♪「カンレキ」ですか…?んーなんだか夢がありましたね。もしかの大戦でアクィラがもう少し早くみんなの役に立てることができてたら、指揮官さま、アクィラのカンレキもみんなに羨ましがられていたでしょうか?My "history"...? Hmm... I do feel a longing for something like that. If only I had been finished a little sooner during that war... My Commander, don't you think I would've had an enviable service history?
Acquisition贵安,指挥官大人。我是撒丁帝国所属的航空母舰,天鹰号。能在此相遇多亏了幸运女神的指引呢,嗯,一定是这样的~ごきげんよう指揮官さま、サディア帝国所属、空母のアクィラです。運命の女神の導きのままに貴方とお会いすることができました~うん、きっとそうに違いありませんわGood day to you, my Commander. I'm Aquila, aircraft carrier from the Sardegna Empire. Our meeting today is no mere coincidence. No, it must be a gift from Fortuna herself, I'm sure of it.
Login今天也要辛苦你了哦,指挥官大人。今日もお世話になります。指揮官さまWe're going to have a busy day. Thanks in advance, my Commander.
Details舰载机的起飞训练…嗯,就按照这样的感觉…嘿!…嘿!…哎呀…果然和水上飞机还是有区别的啊…艦載機の発艦練習…うん、きっとこんな感じで…ええい!…あらら…水上機とはやっぱりちょっと違いますね…So this is how you're supposed to launch carrier-based planes... I think I've got the hang of it... Hyah! ...Oh no, I guess it really is nothing like launching seaplanes...
Main优秀的指挥官可不会在工作时打瞌睡哦。我戳我戳~指挥官大人,清醒一点了吗?優秀な指揮官は仕事中にうたた寝しませんよ。指揮官さま、つんつん、お目覚めになりましたか?Sleeping on the job is not something that an excellent commander would do. My Commander... *poke* *poke*... Care to wake up?
Main 2指挥官大人,您可以试着用一些委婉的词语来强调您的态度。会有奇效的哦?指揮官さま、遠回しの言葉を使ってても、ちゃんと自分の意思を示せることがありますよMy Commander, you should try using gentle words to get an emphatic point across. You'll find the results quite remarkable.
Main 3指挥官大人,能允许我用舰载机帮忙整理仓库吗?…之前的事故?那,那只是一点小小的意外啦~啊哈哈…艦載機たちを使って倉庫整理の手伝いをさせていただけないでしょうか?……この前の事故?あ、あれは事故でしたね~あははは…My Commander, will you allow me to organize the warehouse with the help of my planes? ...The previous accident? Well, that was just a one-off thing~ Ahaha...
Touch指挥官大人,有要事需要谈吗?指揮官さま、なにかご用でしょうか?My Commander, did you need me for something?
Touch (Special)指挥官大人,这样的接触……还请容许我拒绝哦?指揮官さま、こういうのは流石に…お断りさせてくださいませ…?My Commander, I do apologize, but... may I refuse this kind of behavior...?
Mission是指挥部直接派发的任务啊…也许难度比较高呢…上層部からの直々の任務……きっと難しいのかも…We've got a mission direct from the Naval HQ... It might be pretty tough...
Mission Complete我相信,指挥官大人一定能顺利完成这些任务的!太好了~指揮官さまなら無事こなせると信じていました!よかったですMy Commander, I just knew you'd complete your missions without a hitch! Thank goodness~
Mail指挥官大人,有新的信件。在回信前别忘了斟酌下内容哦。指揮官さま、新しいメールです。返すときは慎重に、お願いしますねThere's new mail, my Commander. Please choose your words carefully when replying.
Return to Port指挥官大人,有麻烦的请求的话,需要帮你推辞掉吗?指揮官さま、面倒な依頼がありましたら断っておきましょうか?My Commander, should I assist you in turning down any troublesome requests?
Commission Complete委托顺利完成了哦!嗯嗯,大家都辛苦了。指挥官大人,也来向她们表达感谢吧~委託が無事完了しました!皆さん、お疲れさまです!指揮官さまもほら、感謝の言葉をどうぞ!A commission has been successfully completed! Good work, everyone! My Commander, make sure to offer them words of praise as well!
Enhancement经验增加了呢…照着这样的感觉去战斗就行了吧♪経験を増やして…きっとこんな感じで戦えばいいですね♪I feel more experienced now... As long as I do as I practiced in battle, I'm sure everything will be fine!
Flagship嗯嗯,大概是这种感觉吧…舰载机,飞吧!うんうん、きっとこんな感じで……艦載機、飛べ!Mm, hmm! Yes, this is how it's supposed to be... Fly, my aircraft, fly!
Victory赢了!呼呼,不知这场胜利能否让您满意呢,我的指挥官大人?あら、勝ちました!ふふん、ご満足いただけましたでしょうか?アクィラの指揮官さまOh my, I won! Hehe, was this victory to your satisfaction, my Commander?
Defeat唔,是哪里弄错了吗……ん…アクィラが間違えたのでしょうか…Ugh... Did I make a mistake somewhere...?
Skill问候已经结束了哦?挨拶はもう終わりましてよ?I do believe it is time to say goodbye~
Low HP我可不是一击即溃的柔弱姑娘哦!打たれ弱い子じゃないですよ…!I'm not some frail young miss who'll go down in a single blow...!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官大人,你没事吧?…嗯,这样子做的话,一定就能让指挥官先生恢复了吧!指揮官さま、大丈夫ですか?…こうすればきっと指揮官さまを元に戻せますよね…!うん!My Commander, are you still alive? ...Well, if I keep doing this, I'm sure you will come back to your senses...! *thwack*!
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官大人,今天的事都做完了吗?要确认的公文确认了吗?这是来自天鹰的一点善意小提醒哦。嗯,不用谢我的哦~指揮官さま、本日のタスクは全部完了しましたか?資料は全部確認しましたか?アクィラからの小さな注意です、はい♪お礼は要りませんよ~My Commander, have you already completed today's missions? And did you finish checking off the documents? This is just a friendly reminder from Aquila~ Mhm, no need to thank me~
Affinity (Friendly)齐柏林小姐吗?我和她在舰历上有很多相似之处,所以“吾也与你一般,想同她搞好关系”…呵呵~グラーフ・ツェッペリンさんですか?カンレキ的に似ているところがあるので、「我も卿のように、彼女とは仲良くなりたいものだ」……ふふっMiss Graf Zeppelin? In terms of our history, I'm quite similar to her, right? In that case, "I shall hope that we may forge the bonds of camaraderie"... Eheh~
Affinity (Like)啊,指挥官大人,请小心!呼,好险~指挥官大人为什么特地挑我训练的时候过来呢?该不会…是特地来看天鹰出丑时的样子的!?指揮官さま、危ない!…ふぅ、無事で良かったです…そういえば指揮官さまはなぜアクィラが艦載機の訓練をしているときに?もしやアクィラがドジしたところを狙って!?My Commander, look out! ...Phew, thank goodness. By the way, why did you come visit me in the middle of my aircraft training? Did you... perhaps want to see me at my most vulnerable?!
Affinity (Love)我在烦恼一件事…“如何贴切地向别人表达自己的爱意”。指挥官大人,如果是您的话,会怎么做呢?请教教我吧♪最近は一つ悩み事があります。「アクィラが指揮官さまへアピールするにはどうすればいいでしょう」……指揮官さまに悩み事はありますか?色々、教えて下さいませ♪There's been something on my mind recently... "Just how should I make myself more appealing to you, My Commander?" ...What do you think? Please, teach me all sorts of things~♪
Pledge为了今天的这一刻,我准备了很多誓词呢…不过,在那之前,我想先听听指挥官大人的。毕竟,您才是提出誓约的一方呢。呵呵,指挥官大人打算怎么做呢~今日のために色々考えましたけど、その前に指揮官さまの愛の言葉をお聞きしたく存じます♪…だって、指揮官さまのほうから告白してくださいましたもの。ふふふ、指揮官さま、いかがなさいますか~?I've prepared many, many words for today's occasion, but first, I'd like to hear your words of love, my Commander~♪ After all, you're the one who proposed to me. Hehe, what do you think I should do?
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In battle with Graf Zeppelin齐柏林小姐,请多指教啦。ツェッペリンさん、よろしくお願いしますねI do hope we can get along, Miss Graf Zeppelin.
In battle with Illustrious, Victorious, Formidable真是幸会呢,皇家的淑女们~ご機嫌麗しゅうございます。ロイヤルレディの方々Well met, fair ladies of the Royal Navy~
In battle with Littorio嗯,今天也很酷哦~まあ、今日もかっこいいですわWow, as dashing as ever today~
In battle with Hiyou, Jun'you祝旅途愉快……啊,弄错了吗?快適な旅を…あら、違いました?Have a nice trip~ Uh... Did I get something mixed up?
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Ship Description贵安~今天是享受海风与海水的凉爽假日哦。来,先吃口水果解解暑吧~ごきげんよう、アクィラの指揮官さま。今日は潮風と海を楽しむ非番日なんですよ~ふふ、果物でもいかがですか?Good day, my Commander. We have the day off to enjoy the sea breeze and the ocean waves~ Hehe, would you like to help yourself to some fruit?
Acquisition贵安~今天是享受海风与海水的凉爽假日哦。来,先吃口水果解解暑吧~ごきげんよう、アクィラの指揮官さま。今日は潮風と海を楽しむ非番日なんですよ~ふふ、果物でもいかがですか?Good day, my Commander. We have the day off to enjoy the sea breeze and the ocean waves~ Hehe, would you like to help yourself to some fruit?
Login指挥官大人,要游泳圈和救生衣吗?…不需要?那我自己拿着了~指揮官さま、浮き輪とか救命胴衣はいかがしますか?――大丈夫ですか?じゃあアクィラがお預かりしますね~My Commander, would you like a floaty ring or a life jacket? ...You don't need either? I'll be taking them then~
Details怎么了,指挥官大人?目不转睛地盯着穿着泳装的淑女……可是会被误解的哦?あら、指揮官さま?シニョリーナの水着姿をそんなにじっと見て……(小声)変な誤解されちゃいますよ?Oh my, Commander~ If you stare so much at a young signorina's swimsuit, you're going to give others a bad impression~
Main“泳装品鉴会”?一听名字就知道是利托里奥大人的主意。放心吧,天鹰并没有参加哦~「水着コンテスト」?あら、名前から察するにリットリオさんの発案ですね~大丈夫ですよ、アクィラはエントリーしていませんからA swimsuit contest? My my, that sounds like one of Littorio's concoctions~ Don't worry, I'm not interested in entering.
Main 2是齐柏林小姐啊…唔,有没有什么合适的共同话题接近她呢…ツェッペリンさん…んー共通の話題とかないでしょうか…Graf Zeppelin, huh... I don't think we have much in common after all...
Main 3好想试试舰载机……唔,算了,为了避免闯祸,还是忍住吧!艦載機を飛ばして……ううん、ここは我慢しないと…!I'd like to fly my planes around, but... No, I've got to practice some self-restraint...!
Touch指挥官大人,要吃些水果吗?指揮官さま、果物でもいががですか?My Commander, would you like some fruit?
Touch (Special)指挥官大人,回去之后我会为您详~细普及和淑女交往的注意事项哦。指揮官さま、シニョリーナへの接し方、あとでしっかりレクチャーしてあげますね~My Commander, after we get back, I'll need to lecture you on how to treat a signorina.
Return to Port舰队的事务已经帮你都调整了。…毕竟是指挥官大人难得的假期,这些事情交给天鹰就好~予定は調整いたしましたわ。ふふ、せっかくの指揮官さまの非番日ですもの、細かいことはアクィラにまかせてくださいませI've already tidied up your schedule. Hehe, though it's your day off, I can still handle these small details~
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Ship Description哎呀,指挥官大人?竟然能在这里遇见,天鹰今天真是幸运呢~指挥官大人,有空的话要一起喝杯红茶吗?あら、指揮官さま?こんな偶然があるなんて、アクィラは今日は幸運に恵まれていますわ~ふふ、指揮官さま、もしお暇でしたら一緒に紅茶でもいかがですか?Oh, my Commander? I didn't expect to meet you here! Fortune smiles upon me today. Hehe~ If you have a minute to spare, would you care to join me for a cup of tea?
Acquisition哎呀,指挥官大人?竟然能在这里遇见,天鹰今天真是幸运呢~指挥官大人,有空的话要一起喝杯红茶吗?あら、指揮官さま?こんな偶然があるなんて、アクィラは今日は幸運に恵まれていますわ~ふふ、指揮官さま、もしお暇でしたら一緒に紅茶でもいかがですか?Oh, my Commander? I didn't expect to meet you here! Fortune smiles upon me today. Hehe~ If you have a minute to spare, would you care to join me for a cup of tea?
Login嗯嗯,就是这样的感觉…哎呀指挥官大人,今天您心情如何?——唔,糖放得有点多了吗?うんうんきっとこんな感じで…あら指揮官さま、今日のご機嫌はいかが――え?砂糖を入れすぎですか…?Mm, yes, that's just perfect... Oh my, Commander, how are you doing today? –Hmm, I added too much sugar...?
Details呵呵,这个红茶味道怎么样?为了能随时招待指挥官大人,天鹰可是非常、非常地努力了哦♪ふふ、この紅茶はいかがでしたか?指揮官さまにいつでもおもてなしできるようアクィラ、いっぱいいっっぱい、頑張りましたわよ♪Did you enjoy my black tea? I've worked very, very hard so that I may meet your every demand~♪
Main好~变好喝吧~♪为了让天鹰的指挥官大人能品尝到美味的红茶,我施了一点点魔法哦♪はぁい、美味しくなーれ♪アクィラの指揮官さまが美味しく紅茶を召し上がっていただけるよう、おまじないをかけようと思いまして♪Yummy treat~ Become sweet and replete~♪ Commander, I've prepared a little magic spell to make your tea that much tastier~♪
Main 2指挥官大人,之后您有什么打算吗?指揮官さま、このあとはいかがなさいますか?Shall we invite Carabiniere as well next time? I'm sure she'll be quite surprised~♪
Main 3下次也把龙骑兵邀请上吧?那个孩子一定会吓一跳的♪次はカラビニエーレちゃんもお誘いになってはいかがですか?あの子、きっとびっくりすると思います♪
Touch (Special)嗯——指挥官大人,我觉得这是不可以做的事情哦?んー指揮官さま、これはちょっといけないことだと思いますわ?Nngh–– Commander, I think this might be a little too naughty?
Return to Port指挥官大人,来点撒丁的杏仁饼干怎样?在指挥完战斗之后,来点补充糖分的甜点可是很不错的哦♪指揮官さま、アマレッティでもいかがでしょう?戦闘指揮の後は、糖分を補充できる甘味のほうがいいと思いまして♪Commander, would you like some Amaretti? I thought some sugar would be nice to help you replenish after leading a battle~♪
Flagship优雅地飞翔吧!翔びましょう!グラーツィエに!Take flight, with great elegance!
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Login今天也请多多关照,天鹰的指挥官大人~今日もよろしくおねがいしますね。アクィラの指揮官さまPlease look after me today as well, my Commander~
Details舰载机的起飞训练……应该是这样的感觉吧?哈…嘿!…我做到了!指挥官大人,光辉小姐,我成功了哦!艦載機の発艦練習…本当にこんな感じでいいですか?はあ…ええい!…やりました!指揮官さま、イラストリアスさん!うまくいきましたわ!Let's give this another try... Are you sure it's supposed to work like this? ...Hyah! ...Ohmygosh! It worked! My Commander, Miss Illustrious!
MainZzzzz…不可以Zz…指挥官大人?呵呵,怎么没有把天鹰直接叫醒呢?Zzzzz…あらいけない…指揮官さま?ふふふ、アクィラを起こしそびれちゃいました?Zzzzz... Ahhn, you mustn't~ Hwuh? My Commander? Hehe~ I wonder why you didn't directly wake me up?
Main 2这是指挥官大人最喜欢的料理哦~…啊,不对吗?我听指挥官的青梅竹马隼鹰小姐是这么说的…指揮官さまが大好きなお料理ですよ~…あら、違いました?幼馴染の隼鷹さんから聞きましたけど…This is your favorite food, isn't it~ ...Oh, it's not? But that's what Miss Junyou told me. She's your childhood friend, isn't she...?
Touch (Special)如果是指挥官你的话……まあ、指揮官さまったら…Oh my... Just what am I going to do with you, my Commander...
Mission这个任务就让天鹰来完成吧。……指挥官大人,难道是不放心把任务交给天鹰吗?この任務はアクィラがこなすとして…あら指揮官さま、もしかしてアクィラに任せるのは心配でしょうか…?Let me handle this task... Oh, are you worried that I won't be able to handle it, my Commander...?
Mission Complete指挥官,非常感谢!呵呵,天鹰也是能任务完成得不错的吧?指揮官さま、ありがとうございます!ふふ、アクィラもよくできましたでしょ?Thank you very much, my Commander! I did a good job, didn't I?
Return to Port指挥官大人,如果遇到了麻烦的请求…又不好拒绝的话,可以交给天鹰我吗?指揮官さま、面倒な依頼がありましたら…断るのはダメとして、アクィラにまかせていただけますか?My Commander, if you receive any troublesome requests, will you delegate them to me?
Flagship听我的指示——开始攻击!アクィラより皆さんへ――攻撃、開始!Friends, heed my call – Begin our advance!