Amazon (JP 🇯🇵: アマゾン, CN 🇹🇼: 女将)
Ship IDNo. 81Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityRare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time00:19:00
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage5-1, Light ship Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressYukiko Ayamiya
A-class prototype destoryer ー Amazon, Hull Number D39!
Little OrchestraDescription
No ball is complete without its orchestra! Here, as the leader of the Royal Destroyers Philharmonic, I'll be sure to liven up the night! Now to begin... woaaah! I stepped on my mantle?!
Amazon (Retrofit)Description
Selecting me for a retrofit proves that you are a Commander of culture! Heheh, you'd better prepare yourself! From now on, I'll make sure to "take care" of you even more thoroughly!
HP221 Reload70
Firepower12 Torpedo68
Evasion79 Anti-air29
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW43 Luck72
HP1028 Reload135
Firepower32 Torpedo182
Evasion263 Anti-air109
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW108 Luck76
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun100%/105%/115%/120%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/105%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Single 120mm Main Gun
2Triple 533mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T2 Destroyer: A-Class prototypeTech Points and Bonus
Unlock3 +1
Max LimitBreak7
Lv.1205 +1
Prototype DestroyerIncreases the EXP that your DDs earn by 6.0% (18.0%) (effect can be stacked up to 2 times with same skill).Default Unlocked
Practical InstructionAt the start of the battle: for 80s, decreases this ship's DMG taken by 3.5% (8.0%) , increases its DMG dealt by 5.0% (15.0%) , and decreases the DMG taken by all DDs (excluding this ship) in your fleet by 4.5% (12.0%) .Retrofit
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: A Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship DescriptionA型实验驱逐舰—女将,舷号D39A級実験駆逐艦・アマゾン(D39)A-class prototype destroyer ー Amazon, Hull Number D39!
Biography听好了,训练舰队可是一件十分重要的事,而本小姐正是肩负着这一光荣使命的老兵……看起来像小姑娘?!真敢说啊,给我出去跑十圈!いい?艦隊の嚮導は大切なことなの。そしてこの私こそがこの栄光ある使命を担当する古参だ!……ちびっこっぽい!?言うわね…走り込み十周だああ!Are you listening? Fleet education is important, and I am an old timer in charge of this glorious duty! ...I'm small like a squirt?! That's it! ... Give me ten laps!
AcquisitionA级实验驱逐——女将号。真是没办法,你这笨得连我都看不下去的家伙,今后就由本小姐来照顾了!A級実験駆逐艦、アマゾンだ。お前みたいなバカ者は相手にしたくないんだが…、仕方ない、面倒を見てやる!I am the A-class prototype destroyer, Amazon. As much as I don't want to deal with an idiot like you... I have no choice. I'm gonna look after you!
Login喂喂,指挥官!本小姐今天想到附近走走,但没随从陪去,就勉强让你来吧!おい指揮官!出かけたいんだが、今日はお付きの者がいないんだ。お前がついて来い!Oy, Commander! I wanted to go outside but I couldn't find anyone to tag along. You, come with me!
Details本、本小姐心情好…姑且就让你好好看着膜拜下……まあ、今日は機嫌もいいし…よく拝ませてやるか…Well, I'm in a good mood today... I'll let you praise me...
Main虽然平时没用到让人看不下去,但到了关键时刻还是可以好好的行动的嘛~~いつもは役立たずだけど、いざってときにはまあまあやるなYou're useless most of the time, but when the time comes, you seem to do alright
Main 2这群笨妹妹们,真是不省心ばかな妹たち…、いつになったら安心させてもらえるんだ!Stupid younger ones... They should quickly grow to stop making me worried for them!
Main 3有什么不明白的?本小姐就大发慈悲教教你好了何か分からないことがあるのか?教えてやるから、ありがたいと思えよIs there something you don't understand? I'll teach you, so be grateful
Touch我、我说你这人……怎么这样(小声)お、お前というやつは…どうしてそうなんだ!I- I say, you... why are you like this...
Touch (Special)啊!……你这个喜欢流鼻血的全身海绵体的hentai!きゃっ!…この、鼻血ばっか流す発情ヘンタイめ!Aaah! ... You... nose-bleeding pervert in heat!
Mission任务没做完就是偷懒!ミッションが終わってないのは、さぼっていたということだ!If you aren't done with your missions, you are just slacking!
Mission Complete任务完成了也记得拿奖励,真是,这都要我操心……任務を完了したらボーナスを受取るっての。まったく、ここまで心配させるとは…Take your rewards from the missions, I say. Seriously, to think I have to be worried about such a thing...
Mail帮你把信拿过来了,感谢我吧メールを持ってきてあげたんだから、感謝しなさい!I brought your mail for you, so be thankful!
Return to Port看在你努力的份上,也,也不是不能给你膝枕啦!あんなに頑張ったから…ひ、膝枕でも…してあげなくはないわよ!You worked hard, so... I j-just have to let you rest on my lap!
Commission Complete你也差不多该自己记住委托的时间了吧!そろそろ委託の時間を自分で覚えたらどうだ!It's about time you learned when commissions end!
Enhancement别用那种女儿长大了的目光看我!「あっ、わしが育てた~」みたいな目で見るなっての!Don't look at me with those 'Ah, I raised her well~' eyes!
Flagship哼!就让本小姐来亲自示范下实战好了!フン!仕方ない、この私が直々にお手本になってやる!Hmph! Can't help it. I'm going to personally show you what to learn!
Victory不错吧?……呃…才、才不是要你夸我呢!なかなかだろ?…べ、別に褒められたいわけじゃないぞ!I did well, didn't I? ...I-It's not like I want to be complimented or anything!
Defeat失误是难、难免的嘛!~~啰嗦—啰嗦—啰嗦!た、たまには失敗することもある!…うるさいうるさいうるさーい!S-sometimes I botch something up as well! ... Shut up, shut up, shut u~p!
Skill不要小看我啊!私をなめるな!Don't look down on me!
Affinity (Upset)你这宇宙超级无敌大变态!この宇宙一ムッツリスケベドヘンタイめ!You're the biggest perv in the entire universe!
Affinity (Stranger)我只是正好有空,怕你太寂寞了才和说说话而已,可不要误会了!ちょうどこっちの手が空いてるだけで、お前が寂しすぎてかわいそうだから話してあげただけよ!誤解するな!I just happen to have time on my hands and you look so sorry being so alone, so I've come to talk to you! Don't get it wrong!
Affinity (Friendly)别看我这样我可是大人了!——别随便摸我头,也别随便把我抱起来——我生气了,我真的要生气了哦!嘎、嘎喔!こう見えても大人だからね!ーーだから頭撫でるな!抱き上げるな!ーーもう怒った!本当に怒ったぞ!が、がお!I may look like this but I'm an adult! --I said stop patting my head! Don't carry me in your hands! --I'm gonna get mad now! Like really, really mad! R-Roar!
Affinity (Like)这,这是为了防止你对其他孩子出手才作出的伟大牺牲!——欸,既然是我就不客气了?!等、呜……お、お前がほかの娘に手を出すのを防ぐための偉大なる犠牲よ!ーーえええ、私だからいいって!?ちょまっ、うっ!……I-I made a noble sacrifice in order to prevent you from laying your hands on other girls! --Whaaat? It's fine if it's me?! Wait a min- Ugh!
Affinity (Love)真,真是没办法呢,这么喜欢我的话,就破例允许你摸摸头好了,别搞错了,只有你才能摸,只有你哦!しょ、しょうがないわね、そんなに私の事が好きだったら、ナデナデぐらいは例外として許してあげるわ!か、勘違いしないでね!ナデナデできるのはお前だけ!お前だけだぞ!I- It can't be helped then, if you're that fond of me. I'll make an exception and let you pat my head! Don't misunderstand! You're the only one who I'm allowing to do this! Only you!
Pledge这么做的意义你是知道的吧!……这、这样的话,那我就收下好了……别搞错了,这是为了舰队,才不是为了你!この行動の意味わかってるよね!……そ、そう?じゃあ受け取ってあげる……勘違いしないでね!これはお前じゃなくて艦隊のためよ!You are aware of what you're doing, right! ...I-Is that so? Then I accept... Don't misunderstand! This isn't for you, but for the fleet!
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Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description说到宴会怎么能少了管弦乐队呢!我来负责组建一支由皇家的驱逐们构成的乐团吧!首先是…呜哇哇哇,踩到斗篷了!パーティーにはオーケストラが欠かせない!ほーれ、ロイヤル駆逐艦たちで編成された、この私がリーダーを務める吹奏楽団が華を添えてやる!では最初に…あわわわ!マントを踏んじゃった!?No ball is complete without its orchestra! Here, as the leader of the Royal Destroyers Philharmonic, I'll be sure to liven up the night! Now to begin... woaaah! I stepped on my mantle?!
Acquisition说到宴会怎么能少了管弦乐队呢!我来负责组建一支由皇家的驱逐们构成的乐团吧!首先是…呜哇哇哇,踩到斗篷了!パーティーにはオーケストラが欠かせない!ほーれ、ロイヤル駆逐艦たちで編成された、この私がリーダーを務める吹奏楽団が華を添えてやる!では最初に…あわわわ!マントを踏んじゃった!?No ball is complete without its orchestra! Here, as the leader of the Royal Destroyers Philharmonic, I'll be sure to liven up the night! Now to begin... woaaah! I stepped on my mantle?!
Login指挥官,工作虽然要努力,宴会也要好好享受哦~指揮官、仕事はもちろん頑張らなければいけないが、パーティーも楽しめよ!Commander, though you've still got to get your work done, feel free to enjoy the ball tonight~!
Details指挥官,来参观我们的排练吗?指揮官、リハーサルを見学に来たのか?Commander, did you come to watch our rehearsal?
Main感觉我心情特别好?毕竟是宴会嘛,哼哼哼~今日は機嫌がいいって?パーティーだからね。ふっふっふーI'm in a good mood today? Of course, it's a party, after all! Hehe~!
Main 2一不注意妹妹们就溜去宴会上玩了……算了,这次就放过她们吧~妹たち、ちょっと目を離したスキにパーティーに行きやがって……まあ、今日は大目にみてやるとするかMy sisters snuck off to the party the moment I took my eyes off them. Oh well, I suppose I can overlook it tonight~
Main 3指挥官,有什么困难吗,今天本小姐大发慈悲,什么都能帮你一把哦~指揮官、なにか困ったことでも?今日は私機嫌がいいから、なーんでも、助けてやらなくもないぞ?Commander, is something on your mind? I'm in a good mood today, so I wouldn't mind helping you~
Touch哇!指挥官你突然把我抱起来干嘛!欸,踩到了披风?谢、谢谢……わ!?きゅ、急に担ぎ上げてどうすんのよ!?マントを踏むところだった…?あ、ああ、ありがとぅ……(小声)Woah! Hey, what are you doing?! Oh, I was about to step on my mantle? Ah, um, th-thanks...
Touch (Special)指挥官,稍微忍着点哦,本小姐心情好,揍起来不会很痛的~指揮官、ちょっと我慢してなさい~今日は機嫌がいいから、そーんなには痛くないようにしてやる~!Commander, control yourself~ I'm in a good mood today, so I won't hurt you too badly~!
Return to Port指挥官,回来的正好,宴会要开始了哦指揮官、よく戻った!そろそろパーティーが始まるぞ!Great timing, Commander! The ball is about to begin!
Flagship大家注意看我的示范哦~この私のお手本をしっかり見てなさい!This is how it's done, everyone~!
Victory大家再接再厉,宴会还在等着我们呢!みんな、もっと頑張るぞ!パーティーが私たちを待っている!Everyone, one last push! There's a party waiting for us tonight!
Affinity (Love)指挥官,仅限今天,本小姐可以答应你一件事,任何事都可以哦~指揮官、今日だけなんでも一つ、言うことを聞いてやる!……なんでもいいよ?Commander, just for today, I'll do any one thing you ask of me! Anything is fine, you know...?
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Ship Description知道选择本小姐进行改造,还算你指挥官有点眼光~哼哼,做好心理准备吧,之后我会更加用心严格地“照顾”你这笨蛋指挥官的!このアマゾンを改造するなんて、指揮官はいいセンスだ!ふふ、覚悟しておきなさい!これからはもっとビシバシとひよっこであるお前を可愛がってあげるからな!Selecting me for a retrofit proves that you are a Commander of culture! Heheh, you'd better prepare yourself! From now on, I'll make sure to "take care" of you even more thoroughly!
Acquisition知道选择本小姐进行改造,还算你指挥官有点眼光~哼哼,做好心理准备吧,之后我会更加用心严格地“照顾”你这笨蛋指挥官的!このアマゾンを改造するなんて、指揮官はいいセンスだ!ふふ、覚悟しておきなさい!これからはもっとビシバシとひよっこであるお前を可愛がってあげるからな!Selecting me for a retrofit proves that you are a Commander of culture! Heheh, you'd better prepare yourself! From now on, I'll make sure to "take care" of you even more thoroughly!
Login怎么还是这么散漫的样子!抬头挺胸打起精神!いつまでも怠けてるんじゃない!胸を張って頭を上げろ!しっかりするんだぞ!Stop sleeping on the job already! Straighten your back, eyes ahead! Sort yourself out!
Details哼~?就这么想要瞻仰本小姐改造后的威容吗?真拿你没办法,就让你多看两眼好了ふーん?改造された私の姿をそんなに見たいのか?しょうがないわね!特別に拝ませてやる!Hmm? Does my post-retrofit appearance interest you *that* much? How hopeless you are! Fine, gaze upon me!
Main都说了别用那种女儿长大了的目光看我啊!!だから「わしが育てた~」みたいな目で見るな!!Stop looking at me like I only got this far thanks to you!
Main 2果然还是离不开我的照顾啊,无论是指挥官也好,还是这些笨妹妹们也好~やっぱり私が面倒を見てやらないとダメね!指揮官も、ひよっこたちも!I just *have* to look after everyone, don't I! Both the rookies and you, Commander!
Main 3平心而论…指挥官大部分时候还是做得可以的…咳、咳咳!没什么!你听错了!しょ、正直、指揮官は結構上手くやっているわね…げほげほ!な、何でもない!今のは聞き間違いだ!I-in all fairness, the Commander does a pretty good job most of the time... Ahem! N-never mind that! You just misheard me!
Touch啊呜…突、突然袭击是犯规的啦!き、奇襲のスキンシップは禁止だぞ!U-unannounced intimacy is forbidden, you hear?!
Touch (Special)哼、哼哼,没想到这么快就能测试新装备的威力了呢..做好心理准备了吧,指挥官?新兵装の威力をこんなに早く試せるとはね…指揮官?覚悟は出来てるのか?Who would've thought I'd get to use my new weapon so soon... Oh, Commander? I hope you've said your prayers!
Flagship哼哼!看好了,这就是本小姐改造后的实力!ふふん!これが改造後の私の実力だわ!Heheh! Now with my retrofit, you'll see my true potential!