Algérie (JP 🇯🇵: アルジェリー, CN 🇹🇼: 阿尔及利亚)
Ship IDNo. 455Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time01:55:00
AcquisitionEvent: Skybound Oratorio
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJune 11, 2020
KRMay 21, 2020
CNMay 21, 2020
JPMay 21, 2020
Voice actressShizuka Ito
Algérie Description
Algérie-class heavy cruiser – Algérie.
White Sand ParadiseDescription
Oh my, hehe... Are you enjoying the warmth of the sunlight here? I'm glad that you're finding some time to relax here, but wouldn't you rather come play with everyone else?
HP867 Reload72
Firepower52 Torpedo41
Evasion11 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP3675 Reload138
Firepower143 Torpedo114
Evasion66 Anti-air172
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser120%/125%/125%/125%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
2Triple 550mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T7 Heavy Cruiser: Algérie-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock28 +1
Max LimitBreak56
Lv.12042 +1
Bellowing Gusts of FireIncreases this ship's DMG against Burning enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . 20s after the battle begins, and with a 40.0% (70%) chance whenever this ship fires its Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) barrage that has a chance to Burn enemies (DMG is based on the skill's level.) Has a 10s cooldown if activated by the Main Guns firing.Default Unlocked
Divine AegisAt the start of the battle, and once every 30s after that: deploys a shield that lasts 20s and can block up to 5 enemy torpedoes. While this shield is up: increases this ship's FP by 5.0% (15.0%) and its DMG against DDs and BBs by 4.5% (12.0%) . 5s after entering Manual Mode: increases this ship's EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) and Speed by 8. Switching to Auto Mode removes this buff.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Algérie once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
Bellowing Gusts of Fire+Increases this ship's DMG dealt to Burning enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . Every 20s as well as with a 40.0% (70%) chance when this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barriage that inflicts a special Burn ailment to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description维希教廷阿尔及利亚级重巡洋舰—阿尔及利亚アルジェリー級重巡洋艦・アルジェリーAlgérie-class heavy cruiser – Algérie.
Biography我曾是鸢尾教国所属地间海第一巡洋舰队的旗舰,然后作为维希教廷的骑士留了下来。至于后来的事,史书里应该都有记载吧。对于条约下最优秀的重型巡洋舰来说,确实是段颇为有趣的经历,指挥官也这么觉得吧?ヴィシア所属、第一巡洋艦隊の旗艦・護教騎士アルジェリーよ。カンレキでは…最優の条約型重巡洋艦と言われたように、いくつか面白いエピソードがあるけど…ふふふ、指揮官はどう感じるかしら?I'm the flagship of the Vichya's First Cruiser Fleet, Algérie of the Templar Knights. In my history as a ship... I was called the best-designed treaty cruiser. Accordingly, I've been through plenty of interesting escapades... Hehehe. How do you feel about me, Commander?
AcquisitionBonjour,很荣幸见到您。我是维希教廷所属,重型巡洋舰阿尔及利亚,从今日开始配属在您的港区。如果不介意的话,指挥官,让我们交个朋友吧?Bonjour。本日より母港に着任しました、ヴィシア聖座所属、重巡洋艦のアルジェリーよ。会えて嬉しいわ、ふふふ。よければ指揮官、お互い仲良くやりましょう?Bonjour. From today, this heavy cruiser of the Vichya Dominion shall now be serving at this port. It's a pleasure to meet you, hehe. If it's not too much to ask, I hope that we can get along well.
Login指挥官,既然我们是朋友,再让我多等一会也是没关系的哦?仲良くやっている間柄だもの。もう少し待ってても平気だったわよWe're on great terms after all. I would've been fine waiting a bit longer.
Details指挥官,如果想了解历史与真实之间的区别,有些事情还是需要自己去寻找答案的哦?歴史のウソと信実を知るには、他人に言われるだけでなく、自分で学ぶべきよWhen it comes to history, relying on second-hand accounts is not enough to sift fact from fiction. You must conduct your own research.
Main就算没有功绩,没有奖章。我依然是强大的,这份力量就是最好的证明。賞状や勲章がなくても、力そのものが強者を証明してくれるわEven if I don’t have any honors or decorations, my strength can speak for itself.
Main 2指挥官,要来一杯红酒么。啊,我是指,在工作完成之后,要来一杯红酒么~あら指揮官、あとでワインでもいかがかしら?ふふ、仕事が終わった後、ね? Oh, Commander. How about enjoying some wine with me later? Hehe, only after you finish up the rest of your work though, alright?
Main 3黄金?指挥官对这个话题感兴趣么。那要从鸢尾教国的时候开始说起了.......黄金…?あら、指揮官はあの話にご興味が?ふふふ、あのときのアイリスは…… Gold...? Oh, were you interested in that story? Hehehe. At that time, the Iris were...
Main 4平时我喜欢偶尔去逛一逛猫咖呢……说起来,这个母港也有很多可爱的孩子啊。真不错。……嗯!猫カフェ巡りは趣味だけど、この母港は…そうね。この母港にも、愛でたくなる子がいっぱいいれば嬉しいわ。……うん! My hobby is touring cat cafés, but this port doesn't... Oh, that's right. Even at this port, there are plenty of adorable creatures... Yes, how lovely!
Main 5皇家以前也曾是一起战斗的伙伴,然后……昨日之敌亦会是今日之友,人生真是有意思呢。呵呵ロイヤルは共に戦った仲間、そして…昨日の敵は今日の友とも言うし、面白い人生ね…ふふふ The Royal Navy are now allies who fight together with us. Furthermore... even yesterday's enemies are today's allies. What an interesting life this has been... Hehehe.
Touch嗯,指挥官想要偷懒一会儿么?没关系,我不会把这个把柄告诉其他人的。あら、少しサボりたいのかしら?ふふ、他の子には言わないから、くつろいでちょうだいねOh my, did you want to slack off for a bit? Hehe, I won't tell anyone else, so take some time off, okay?
Touch (Special)指挥官,得寸进尺在战场上是正确的选择。在女性身上可就不一定了哦?相手がどんなに優しくても、調子に乗るのはいけないことよ。ふふふCommander~? No matter how nice the other person may be, you shouldn't get too carried away. Hehe.
Touch (Headpat)这是…要测体温吗?熱を測ってくれてるのかしら…?Are you trying to see if I have a fever...?
Mission指挥官,又有新的任务下发下来了。嗯?如果忙不开的话,我可以帮您申请延长任务期限哦新しい任務が通達されたわよ。あら?相変わらず忙しいようね…私が代わりにというのは、流石にできないのかしら?We've just received a new directive from the higher-ups. Oh? It seems that you're just as busy as always... As much as I'd like to do some of this work in your stead, I suppose I wouldn't be able to?
Mission Complete任务完成了么?指挥官辛苦了。之后的报告整理就交给我,您可以趁机去休息一下任務が完了したのかしら?お疲れ様、レポートは私に任せて休んでいいわよHave you finished the mission? Good work. Please leave the report to me and go get some rest.
Mail世间悲喜,人情冷暖都隐藏在了信件之中。阅读信件某种程度上来说也是充满心跳的行动呢。指挥官,有新的信件来了哦?手紙を読むことはそこに隠された人の心を知ること――ふふふ、ドキドキするわね。はい指揮官、新しい手紙が来たわよReading a letter allows you to peek into the hidden heart of the person who sent it... Hehehe, how exciting! Here, Commander, some new mail's come in for you.
Return to Port指挥作战辛苦了,指挥官。来杯刚泡好的咖啡如何?作戦お疲れ様、指揮官。淹れたてのコーヒーでもいかがかしら?Good work planning out the operation, Commander. How would you like some freshly brewed coffee?
Commission Complete指挥官,执行委托任务的舰队已经回来了。呵呵,让我猜猜,重要物资被藏在哪一艘船上了呢~委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ。重要物資はどの子が持っているのか当てさせてもらおうかしらThe girls from the commission team have come back. I wonder if I can guess which girl's carrying the most important goods?
Enhancement就这样一口气突破条约的限制好像也不错呢~このまま一気に枷を壊すのも一興…かな?ふふふふShattering the confines of the treaty... is rather pleasurable. Hehehe~
Flagship希望会是一场不辜负期待的战斗呢…呵呵~望まれた通りの戦いができればいいわねIt'd be nice if the battle goes the way we want it to.
Victory如果能早点认清形势就不用变成这样了,现在又是何苦呢?もう少し早く状況を認識しておけばこうはならなかった…今更何をするというの?If only you realized the situation you were in a little sooner, you might've been able to avoid this outcome... but what can you do at this point?
Defeat失败了么......没关系,指挥官不用消沉。下次做好更充分的准备之后再来招待它们吧。負けたかしら…指揮官、大丈夫よ。しっかり準備してからもう一回挑みましょ?It seems that I lost... But don't worry, Commander. Let's prepare carefully and try again.
Skill事到如今,想要逃跑也来不及了哦今更逃げられないわよIt's too late to run~
Low HP......条约的限制,还真是不太方便啊条約とやらの枷はまだきついというの…I'm telling you, the constraints of the treaty are still too suffocatingly restrictive...
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,我正在寻找指挥官退役所需的材料证明,您不会已经准备好了吧?あら、指揮官の退官手続きの書類について調べているけど、もう準備できたの?Oh, Commander. I've been looking into the documents that need to be prepared for your formal retirement. Are you ready to start the process?
Affinity (Stranger)您好像有些畏惧我?请放松下来指挥官。我们是朋友,我是不会伤害您的。私のことが少し怖いのかしら?ふふ、落ち着いて、仲間を傷つけたりはしないわよ?Are you a bit scared of me? Hehe, don't worry, Commander. I wouldn't harm an ally.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,要来一杯红酒么?不大会喝酒?没关系的,不要急着咽下去,细细地、细细地品尝——就能感觉到那种热情和清凉交织的…成熟而美味的感觉了吧指揮官、少し飲みに付き合ってもらえないかしら?もしかしてお酒が苦手?大丈夫よ、少しだけでもこう…ゆっくりと喉で味わってみるだけでも――そうね…情熱と冷涼、オトナの濃厚な味わいよCommander, won't you drink a little with me? Are you perhaps bad at holding your alcohol? That's alright. Just take a little sip, like this... and try slowly tasting it with your throat... That's it... Don't you taste it?... The cool, rich flavor of maturity.
Affinity (Like)其实我也很喜欢可爱的小东西的呢。小饰品,还有那些圆圆的摸起来软软的小猫们……成熟的大人拥有一些可爱的爱好的,像是做一些小点心什么的——这样不也很好吗~?あら、こう見えてもカワイイものを愛でるのが好きよ。小物とか、こう丸っこい子猫たちとか、お菓子作りとか…ふふ、オトナがこういう可愛い趣味を持っているの、良いと思わない?You know, I actually really, really like cute things. Those trinkets, those squishy furballs, making sweets... Hehe, don't you think it's nice for an adult to enjoy cute things?
Affinity (Love)指挥官想要成为我的依靠么?呵呵,如果是指挥官的话,确实值得人全心依赖,并且全力奉献出自己的一切呢…就让我期待下指挥官会有什么具体的表现吧~?指揮官は私に…アルジェリーに頼ってほしいの?そうね…指揮官になら私も頼ってあげて、そしてずっとそばにいて支えてもいいわよ?ふふ、その代わり…指揮官は私に何をしてくれるか、見させてもらおうかしらCommander... would you like to rely on me? ...If it's you, I'd be happy to let you rely on me, and I'd always be supporting you from your side. Hehe, in exchange... I hope you'll show me just how much you can achieve, with me by your side.
Pledge谢谢您。从此刻开始,我的力量、我的身心、还有我的一切,就全部为您所有了。呵呵呵,从今天开始,让我们一点一点、一点一点地品尝生活中的甜蜜吧——我的伙伴,我的挚爱ありがとうございます。今よりアルジェリーは身も心も全て捧げることを誓うわ。これからの甘い日々を――ふたりでゆっくり、じっくりと一緒に味わっていきましょう?私の仲間にして、愛する貴方――Thank you. Henceforth, I vow to dedicate my whole heart and body to you. Together, let us enjoy - slowly and surely - just how sweet our future will be. My partner, my beloved...
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Main Title
In battle with Vauquelin, Le Mars不要害怕,就算是末日审判来临,教廷骑士也要英勇的面对它!恐れることはないわ。どんな危機にも立ち向かうのが聖座の艦船よThere's nothing to fear. The Vichya Dominion rises up to face any crisis.
In battle with Zara机会终于来了。扎拉,要来比试一下么?ようやくチャンスが来たわね。ザラ、少し競争してみない?We've finally got a chance to compete, Zara. Wanna see who's better?
In battle with Laffey, Grozny, Gangut请问,那瓶可以让我也品尝一下吗?ふふ、いい匂い…ちょっとだけ付き合ってもらえるかしら?Hehe, what a nice smell. Will you let me tag along for a bit?
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Ship Description日光浴晒得还舒服么,指挥官?呵呵~您已经在沙滩上休息了有些时候了,是时候继续和大家享受夏日的美好时光了吧?あら、ふふふ…ここの日光浴はいかがかしら?ずっと横になっているままでもいいけど、みんなと一緒に遊んでもいいんじゃない?Oh my, hehe... Are you enjoying the warmth of the sunlight here? I'm glad that you're finding some time to relax here, but wouldn't you rather come play with everyone else?
Acquisition日光浴晒得还舒服么,指挥官?呵呵~您已经在沙滩上休息了有些时候了,是时候继续和大家享受夏日的美好时光了吧?あら、ふふふ…ここの日光浴はいかがかしら?ずっと横になっているままでもいいけど、みんなと一緒に遊んでもいいんじゃない?Oh my, hehe... Are you enjoying the warmth of the sunlight here? I'm glad that you're finding some time to relax here, but wouldn't you rather come play with everyone else?
Login还没完全清醒过来么?日光浴虽然舒适,晒的时间太长的话,小心在沙滩外的地方变得格外显眼哦?日焼け止めがあっても、流石に焼き過ぎは良くないわEven if you've already applied some sunscreen, you still need to take care to not get sunburns.
Details能被那么多女孩子包围着,真是一件幸福的事啊。指挥官,您会选择将目光停留在谁身上呢~?ふふふ、可愛い子たちに囲まれてとても幸せそうだったわ。どの子に一番、目が留まったのかしら?Hehehe. Commander, it seemed like you enjoyed being surrounded by so many cute girls. Who caught your attention the most?
Main指挥官,给,遮阳帽~做好充分的夏日对策,才能更好地享受夏日生活哦。ほら、日よけの帽子よ。海を楽しむのは、日差し対策をちゃんとしてからでお願いねHere, a sun cap. If you want to play out on the beach, please make the proper preparations against the sun's rays first.
Main 2皇家对抗维希教廷的排球比赛?听起来很有趣呀~指挥官,我们一起去“观战”吧。ヴィシアのロイヤルのビーチバレー試合…面白そうね。一緒に観戦してみるのはどう?A beach volleyball match between the Vichya and Royal Navy... Sounds fun. How about watching it together?
Main 4“将烦恼写在沙上,让它随风浪而去”…指挥官,你也想在沙滩上写些什么吗?砂浜に文字を書き込んで、海に流されるのを待つ――ふふふ、楽しそう~何を書こうかしら?Writing words on the beach and waiting for the waves to wash them away... Hehe, seems like it'd be fun~ What shall we write?
Main 5呼…果然还是有点热呢…指挥官也不要勉强,若是身体不舒服请告诉我哦はぁ…やっぱりちょっと暑いわね…指揮官も無理せず、体調が悪かったら言ってちょうだい?Sigh... It's seriously quite hot... Commander, don't push yourself, you hear? Please let me know if you start to feel worse.
Touch指挥官想喝椰子汁?我去帮您拿过来,稍等一下哦~ココナッツジュース…?分かったわ。今持ってくるわねYou want some coconut juice...? Alright, wait there for now. I'll bring some over.
Touch (Special)…!?这身打扮给指挥官也带来困扰了吗……っ!?この格好だと指揮官もちょっと浮ついちゃうのかしら…Huh?! I wonder, do these clothes make the Commander more impertinent...?
Return to Port红酒…在这里有些不合氛围呢。作为替代…指挥官,要来一杯冰镇西瓜汁么?ワイン…はちょっと場違いだわね。ふふふ、トロピカルジュースはいかがかしら?Wine... would be a little bit out of place here. Hehe. Commander, will some tropical juice suffice?
Affinity (Love)把指挥官就这样埋在沙子下面,这样就能在指挥官不能动的时候随心所欲的……指挥官莫非对我也是这么想的?呵呵呵指揮官をこう砂に埋めて動けなくすれば好き放題にできるわね~ふふふ、冗談だわ。それとも指揮官が私にそうしたいの?ふふふふCommander, if I buried you in the sand neck-down, you wouldn't be able to move, and I'd be able to do whatever I want to you~ Hehehe, I'm joking. Or, would you like to do that to me? Hehehehe.
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Ship Description来的不是爱丽丝,而是指挥官啊。你也是来反抗我的么?这样的话,就不得不审判你了呢…——怎么样,我的演技如何?呵呵~あら、来たのはアリスではなく、指揮官だとは…もしかして指揮官も私に逆らう気かしら?だったら裁判にかけるしかないわね――今の演技、いかがかしら?ふふふOh my, it seems that the one who ended up coming wasn't little Alice, but you instead... Do you plan to defy me as well, Commander? If so, I'll have to put you on trial for your sins... How was my acting just now? Hehe~
Acquisition来的不是爱丽丝,而是指挥官啊。你也是来反抗我的么?这样的话,就不得不审判你了呢…——怎么样,我的演技如何?呵呵~あら、来たのはアリスではなく、指揮官だとは…もしかして指揮官も私に逆らう気かしら?だったら裁判にかけるしかないわね――今の演技、いかがかしら?ふふふOh my, it seems that the one who ended up coming wasn't little Alice, but you instead... Do you plan to defy me as well, Commander? If so, I'll have to put you on trial for your sins... How was my acting just now? Hehe~
Login等你很久了,指挥官。接下来的剧情该怎么进行,你想好了么?指揮官、やっと来たわね。これからどういう展開にするか、もう決めたかしら?You're finally here, Commander. Have you decided how you'll continue the plot?
Details柴郡猫…?嘴巴虽然有些可怕,不过还是很可爱的哦。不过,我现在是不是应该讨厌它才对?チェシャ猫…?毒づくところがあるけどかわいい子よ。あら、今の私の役的に、小憎らしく思うべきだったかしら…?The Cheshire Cat? A bit foul-mouthed, but still a good kitten nevertheless. Oh, considering my current role, maybe I should be more annoyed?
Main想要扮演好恶役可不容易。究竟是让大家喜欢你算成功、还是让大家讨厌你算成功呢?悪役をうまく演じるのは大変ね。好かれるようにすればいいのか、それとも嫌われるようにすればいいかしら…?It's quite troubling playing the role of a villain. Should I act in a way that people will like me, or in a way that people will hate me...?
Main 2明明应该是引导别人的小兔子,却自己迷失在了布景里……指挥官,不去帮她一把吗?道案内するはずのうさぎが、セットに迷い込んでしまうとはね…指揮官、助けに行ってもらえないかしら?The rabbit who's supposed to lead the way in the story ended up getting lost in the set... Commander, shouldn't you go help that little'un?
Main 3正义与善良战胜了不公与邪恶……对于童话而言,这应该是最好的结局了。充满纯真的故事,就应当美好地结束。善が悪に打ち勝つ…メルヘンチックな物語にとって、それに勝る結末はないわ。純粋で無垢なおとぎ話らしく、ねGood triumphs over evil... In fairy-tale stories like this, there's no better ending than that. Like a storytale for pure, innocent children.
Touch呵呵,想体验一下当“暴君”的感觉的话,这王座让给你坐坐也不是不行哦?「悪しき王様」を体験してみたいというのなら、この玉座を譲ってあげてもいいわよ?ふふふIf you'd like to try your hand at being the "Evil Ruler," I'm perfectly willing to hand over the throne to you, hehehe.
Touch (Special)我要叫我的“护卫队”了哦?呵呵,玩笑而已~兵隊を呼ぼうかしら?…冗談よ。ふふふShall I call the soldiers? ...Just kidding, hehe.
Return to Port累了么?呵呵,想喝什么的话,我让这些小小“侍从”拿给你。疲れたの?飲み物のリクエストなら、「小さな側近たち」に持ってきてもらうわFeeling tired? If you'd like a drink, I'll have one of the "little attendants" bring it over.
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Login欢迎回来,今天要先做什么呢?亲.爱.的~?おかえりなさいませ。あなた。今日は何から始めるの?Welcome back, dear. What will you start working on first?
Details嗯…?我正在看下次要和敦刻尔克一起去逛的店呢。当然,你要一起来也是可以的哦?呵呵呵~あら、指揮官。…今度非番のときにダンケルクと回る店をチェックしているわ。もちろん、一緒に来てくださってもいいわよ?ふふふOh, Commander. ...Next time I'm off duty, I'm planning on checking out a sushi train with Dunkerque. Of course, you're welcome to join me. Hehehe.
Main 2今天晚饭想吃什么呢?晚饭之外的…?哎呀,真是大胆呢…那个就敬请期待晚饭后吧~♪指揮官、今日の夕餉になにかご注文は?夕餉以外のも…?あら、大胆ね…そこはあとでの楽しみということで♪Commander, is there anything you'd like for dinner today? Something other than dinner...? Oh my, how bold~ ...That's something you can look forward to later♪
Main 3无论工作还是生活,绷得太紧都会反而做不好事情呢,该休息的时候就要好好休息哦?仕事も生活も、厳しくしたってなんにもならないわ。休むときはしっかり休むこと、ね?Whether it's during work or in your daily life, it's no good to be too strict on yourself. Make sure you rest properly when you have the time, alright?
Main 4(捏)嗯~这孩子怎么会这么可爱呢~对了,下次和黎塞留大人一起分享下也不错呢,呵呵呵ん~この子ってなんでこんなに可愛いのかしらぁ…そうだ、リシュリュー様にも今度見せようかしら、ふふふHmm~ How is this one thiiiis cute... That's right. I'll have to show this to Miss Richelieu next time. Hehehe~.
Touch (Special)是什么让你变得这么躁动的呢?呵呵~♡何をそう焦っちゃっているの?ふふふ♡There's no reason to be so impatient, right? Hehehe♡
Touch (Headpat)哎呀,是想要撒娇了吗? あら、今日は子供っぽく甘えてほしいの?My my, do you want to be pampered like a child today?
Mission新的任务下发了哦。嗯?还是很忙的样子呢…我来替你完成…果然还是不太行吧……新しい任務が通達されたわよ。あら?相変わらず忙しいようね…私が代わりにというのは、流石にできないのかしら?We've just received a new directive from the higher-ups. Oh? It seems that you're just as busy as always... As much as I'd like to do some of this work in your stead, I suppose I wouldn't be able to?
Mail有你的信哦。呵呵,我要不要也像这样写点信呢~あなた、新しい手紙よ。私も少しこういうの、書いてみようかしら。ふふふDear, you've got some new mail. I wonder if I should try my hand at writing some love letters myself. Hehehe.
Return to Port累了吧…可不能勉强自己哦。把一切交给我,你就好好躺一会吧?疲れたようね…あなた、無理をしてはダメよ。私に任せて横になってちょうだい?You look really tired... Darling, you shouldn't push yourself too hard. Please, leave this to me and go lie down for a bit.
Defeat失败了么…非常抱歉,辜负了你的期待…負けたのね…ごめんなさい。あなたの期待に背いちゃって…Oh no, I lost... I'm sorry for letting you down...
Affinity (Love)今天的约会怎么说?哎呀,去哪儿不是早就决定好了吗?我说的不是这个,而是…晚餐和住宿…为了能更好的享受约会,得先做好各种准备才行呢~あなた、今度のデートの計画はどうかしら?あら、行先はもうとっくに決まっているでしょ?そういう話じゃなくて…ディナーとか泊まる宿、あなたがじっくり楽しめるようもっと色々準備しておきたいのLove, how are the plans for our next date looking? Oh, I know that the destination's basically decided upon. More than that, I was thinking things like... where we'll eat dinner, or where we'll stay. We have to plan out everything carefully so we can enjoy the date that much more!