Ajax (JP 🇯🇵: エイジャックス, CN 🇹🇼: 阿贾克斯)
Ship IDNo. 106Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityRare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time01:15:00
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage2-4, Light ship Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressTomoyo Chuujou
Leander-class light cruiser – Ajax, Hull Number 22!
Party QueenDescription
Ahaha, that slovenly expression on your face proves I made the right wardrobe choice♪ Now then, Commander, can I offer you some wine?
Ajax (Retrofit)Description
I'll allow you to lick my feet since I'm in such a good mood today. What? I can't believe you'd turn down such a great opportunity!
Valentine's Reward?Description
I have some special chocolate right here, just~ for~ you. Hehe, if you want it so badly... then come and get it~
HP509 Reload64
Firepower30 Torpedo61
Evasion28 Anti-air55
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW31 Luck74
HP2184 Reload124
Firepower83 Torpedo165
Evasion110 Anti-air207
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW79 Luck78
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser130%/135%/145%/145%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Twin 152mm Main Gun
312.7mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T5 Light Cruiser: Leander-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock6 +1
Max LimitBreak12
Lv.1209 +1
Full FirepowerEvery 20s: 30.0% (60.0%) chance to increase this ship's FP by 20.0% (40.0%) for 10s.Default Unlocked
Giant HunterAt the start of battle: increases this ship's EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) , torpedo DMG by 5.0% (15.0%) , and damage dealt to Medium-Armored enemies by 15.0% (25.0%) ; After hitting an enemy CA with 4 Main Gun attacks, slows that ship by 15.0% (30.0%) for 5s (this effect cannot be stacked again until the slowing effect has worn off). Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Leander Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description利安得级轻巡洋舰—阿贾克斯,舷号22リアンダー級軽巡洋艦・エイジャックス(HMS Ajax)Leander-class light cruiser – Ajax, Hull Number 22!
Biography利安得级巡洋舰阿贾克斯就是我了,指挥官去过拉普拉塔河吗?那里有我不错的回忆呢,呵呵呵……リアンダー級軽巡洋艦のエイジャックスです。指揮官、ラプラタ川に行ったことありますか?あそこには私の素晴らしい記憶がありますの。ふふふ……I am Ajax of the Leander class ships. Commander, have you been to Plata river before? I have some wonderful memories there. Hehehe...
Acquisition指挥官,这里是利安得级轻型巡洋舰的三号舰,阿贾克斯。我也算是声名远播了呢……指挥官大人~要不要看看我的衣橱里有什么惊人的东西呢~嘻嘻~指揮官、私はリアンダー級軽巡3番艦、エイジャックス。これでもけっこう有名なんです…。指揮官、私のクローゼットを見たらきっと驚くわよ。見てみます?ふふ… Commander, I am the 3rd ship of Leander class light cruisers, Ajax. I'm quite famous despite how I look... Commander, you'd be surprised at what I have in my closet. Would you like to take a look? Giggles
Login嘻嘻,今天也在各~个~方面都要请你多多关照了呢~指——挥——官ふふ、今日もよろしくお願いしますね、しーきーかん!Hehe. I'll be having your care again for today, Com~man~der!
Details指挥官,想知道更多关于人家的秘密吗?指揮官、私の秘密をもっと知りたいですか…?Commander, do you want to know more about my secrets...?
Main要先吃饭?还是洗澡?还是……嘻嘻……先にご飯?それともお風呂?それとも…うふふ…Do you want to have a meal first, or a bath? Or do you want... *giggles*...
Main 2我跟你说个秘密,把耳朵凑过来——呼!~痒吗?秘密を教えてあげます…耳を貸して…フーッ!くすぐったい?I'll tell you a secret... Lend me your ear... Pfft! Did that tickle?
Main 3看着指挥官你这呆傻的样子,我都快按耐不住内心的渴望,想去踩你的脸了呢~指揮官がぼんやりしてるのを見ると、顔を踏みつけたくてたまらなくなってきました…When I see you daydreaming, I have this insatiable urge to step on your face...
Touch可以哦,帮我揉舒服的话就准许你用“那个”哦~いいですわ、私を気持ちよくしてくれるなら、「あれ」させてあげてもいいんですよ~Alright. If you make me feel good, I might 'allow' you something~
Touch (Special)竟敢碰女孩子的这里,就这么想要被我处罚吗?そんなところを触るヘンタイは、思い切り踏んづけてあげますわWhen I think about perverts who touch 'that' spot, I want to step on them!
Touch (Headpat)……你、你干嘛!?……なっ、何をしているのですか!?
Mission完成任务的话给你特别奖励哦ミッションを完了したら、特別にボーナスをあげますわ…I'll give you a special reward once you finish this mission!
Mission Complete奖励当然是任务奖励了,拿去。还是说,你在期待什么?ボーナスってミッションボーナスに決まっているじゃありませんか?ほら、それともぉ、特別の何かを期待しましたの?Reward? Of course it refers to the mission reward, doesn't it? Now take it. Or are you expecting something special?
Mail信。内容?你会告诉我的不是吗,指、挥、官?メール。内容?教えてくれますよね?し・き・か・んA mail. The contents? You'll tell me, right? Com~man~der
Return to Port呵呵呵,运动过后的小猪仔看起来真是美味ふふふ、運動したあとの子豚ちゃんたち、みていて美味しそうですわ*giggles* Little piggies that have exercised look so tasty, don't they.
Commission Complete指挥官,给你5秒钟,要是数完还不去迎接委托组的姐妹们的话,呵呵~……指揮官、5秒数えますから、数え終わるまでに委託チームの姉妹たちを迎えにいかないと…うふふ……Commander, I'll count to 5. If you don't greet the girls out for commissions by the time I'm done... *giggles*
Enhancement呵呵,之后我会好~好感谢你的~ふふ~このあとは感謝してア・ゲ・ル~*giggles* I will thank you af-ter this~
Flagship哎呀呀~马上跪下求饶的话,兴许我会手下留情一点哦あらら~さっさと跪いてくれれば手加減してあげますわOh my~ If you prostrate yourselves before me, I might show you mercy
Victory对你来说真是不错的奋斗呢,就夸奖你一下吧指揮官、お疲れ様です。よくがんばりましたね…Commander, good work out there. You did well...
Defeat嘁……下次,我让你们吃沙ちっ…次は痛い目に合わせてあげるわTsk... I'll pay you back for this next time!
Skill呵呵呵,可爱的小猪仔们……ふふふ、かわいい子豚ちゃんたち……*giggles* Oh cute little piggies...
Affinity (Upset)玩坏了吗……算了,找些新的玩具吧壊れちゃったか……いいわ、新しいおもちゃでも探そうかしらSo you broke... Oh well. Time to find a new toy, I guess
Affinity (Stranger)不错的眼神呢……好,那就你吧,来做我新的小猪仔,你没有拒绝的权利哦?いい目つきね……いいわ、じゃああなた、私の新しい子豚になりなさい。拒否権なんてないですわよ?You have good eyes... Alright. Then you will become my new little piggy. You don't have the right to refuse.
Affinity (Friendly)呵呵呵,我越来越喜欢你了呢,你能让我愉悦到什么地步呢,亲爱的小·猪·仔~ふふふ、だんだん好きになったわ。どこまで楽しませてくれるかしら。可愛い子豚ちゃん~♡*giggles* I'm liking you more and more. I wonder if you can amuse me further, my cute little piggy~?
Affinity (Like)放心吧,能勾起我起施虐心的,从出生到现在只有你一个。对哦,你就像是阿贾克斯命中注定的人一样呢,开心吗~心配しないで、私がここまでいじめたくなるのはあなただけよ。そうよ、エイジャックスの運命の人みたい~嬉しいでしょ~Do not worry. You are the only one who made me want to abuse you this much. That's right, you are like the fated person for me, Ajax~ Aren't you happy about that~
Affinity (Love)但这可不是说我是个坏女孩哦?只是在你之前没有人能让我认真而已。我都说到这份上了,你会奉陪到底的吧,小、猪、仔?私は悪い子じゃないですわよ?ただね、あなたに出会うまでは本気になったことないだけ。もうここまで話してやったから、最後まで付き合ってくれますよね?こ・ぶ・た・ちゃん?I'm not a bad girl, you know? It's just I've never been serious before I met you. I've said this much, so now you're going to stick around, alright? You~ little~ piggy~?
Pledge这是……看来要为你准备一些新的“菜单”了呢,尽管期待吧,我心爱的小猪仔~これは……新しい「メニュー」を用意しなければいけませんね。期待しててね、愛しいこ・ぶ・た・ちゃん♡This is... Looks like I have to prepare a new 'menu' of things. Please look forward to it, my lovely - little - piggy~
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Main Title
In battle with Leander, Achilles不要纯靠蛮力,用计策解决敌人吧力技ではなく策で敵を嵌めますわWe'll beat them not with brute force, but with tactics.
In battle with Chapayev, Akagi绑着小猪仔可不是我的兴趣呢こぶたちゃんを縛り付ける趣味はないですのI've got no interest in tying up my little piggy.
In battle with Admiral Graf Spee开心地活下去吧楽しく生きてちょうだいCan you have some fun while you're at it?
In battle with Formidable兴趣不错嘛,可畏小姐いい趣味をしていますね、フォーミダブルさんYou've got excellent taste, Miss Formidable.
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Ship Description呵呵呵,看你那目瞪口呆的样子,没有枉费我换上这身礼服呢。过来,指挥官,我来为你倒一杯酒吧~ふふふ、その驚いた顔を見ると、こうして着替えた甲斐がありましたわ♪ ほーら、指揮官、ワイン、飲ませてあげましょうか?Ahaha, that slovenly expression on your face proves I made the right wardrobe choice♪ Now then, Commander, can I offer you some wine?
Acquisition呵呵呵,看你那目瞪口呆的样子,没有枉费我换上这身礼服呢。过来,指挥官,我来为你倒一杯酒吧~ふふふ、その驚いた顔を見ると、こうして着替えた甲斐がありましたわ♪ ほーら、指揮官、ワイン、飲ませてあげましょうか?Ahaha, that slovenly expression on your face proves I made the right wardrobe choice♪ Now then, Commander, can I offer you some wine?
Login太慢了,指挥官,宴会都要开始了哦指揮官、遅すぎますわ。もうパーティーが始まる所だったじゃありませんかCommander, you're late. Don't you know the party already started?
Details宴会中不能离我太远,指挥官,你没有忘记吧?パーディーでは私から離れるんじゃないですわよ。まさか指揮官、忘れていませんよね?You are not to stray from my side at the party. Don't tell me you forgot the rules?
Main指挥官,别忘了还要和我跳舞哦?你要是跳错了,我可是会处罚你的~指揮官、私とダンスする約束、忘れていませんよね?間違えたらお仕置き、してあげます♪Commander, have you forgotten you promised me a dance? Now watch your feet, unless you want to be punished♪
Main 2时光就像这杯中酒,要么享受它,要么……就倒了它,你选择哪种呢,指挥官?人生はこのワインのように、楽しむか、もしくは……こうやって捨てちゃうか。指揮官はどっちのほうがいいかしら?Life is like this glass of wine. One may indulge in it... or one can spill it away. Which do you choose, Commander?
Main 3嗯?那不是埃克塞特前辈吗?呵呵,我去稍微戏弄一下她あら、あそこにいるのはエクセター先輩ではありませんか。ふふ、少しからかってきますわOh? Is that Exeter over there? Ahaha, I have a few words for her.
Touch想要看我喝酒的样子?呵呵呵,真是独特的兴趣呢……看仔细喽?私がワインを飲んでる姿が見たい?ふふふ、変な趣味ですわね……よーく見ておきなさい♪ You want to see me drink? Ahaha! What an odd fetish... Here, have a goood look♪
Touch (Special)我记得我只允许你搂住我的腰哦?触っていいのは腰だけだと言いつけたはずですけど?Did I not say you were only allowed to touch my waist?
Mission Complete奖励啊……呵呵,那么,来跳舞吧ご褒美……ふふ、じゃあ…ダンスはどうかしら?Reward...? Aha, well... How about a dance?
Victory你们就像劣质的葡萄酒,只配被倒掉哦~下賤などぶろくは捨てられるのが相応しいですわOf course I'm going to spill out such inferior wine.
Low HP竟敢弄脏我的衣服,胆子不小呢……このドレスを汚すとはいい度胸ね……You soiled my dress. How bold...
Affinity (Love)小猪仔,就这么离不开我吗?呵呵呵,过来,这里有美酒,月光,和我……你是我唯一的小猪仔,我也是你唯一的阿贾克斯私のことがそんなに恋しいですか?こぶたちゃん?ふふふ、こっちにおいで……この麗しい月とワインがある限り、私があなただけのエイジャックス、あなたは私だけの子豚ちゃんですわ♪You've gotten so attached to me, have you, little piggy? Ahaha. Come now... Under such a lovely moon, and with such fine wine, I am your one and only Ajax, and you are my one and only piggy♪
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Ship Description看在我心情不错的份上,今天就特别允许你舔我的脚好了。怎么?还不快诚心诚意地感谢我的恩宠!今日は機嫌がいいから、特別に私の足を舐めること許してあげます。ほーら、私のご褒美に誠心誠意感謝しなさい♪I'll allow you to lick my feet since I'm in such a good mood today. What? I can't believe you'd turn down such a great opportunity!
Acquisition看在我心情不错的份上,今天就特别允许你舔我的脚好了。怎么?还不快诚心诚意地感谢我的恩宠!今日は機嫌がいいから、特別に私の足を舐めること許してあげます。ほーら、私のご褒美に誠心誠意感謝しなさい♪I'm in a good mood today, so I'm giving you special permission to lick my feet. Come on, show sincere thanks to my reward!
Details指挥官,今天你想尝试什么花样呢?指揮官、今日はどんなプレイがしたいですか?Commander, how shall we 'play' today?
Main怎么,就这么想被我踩吗?なぁに?そんなに私に踏んづけられたいですか?What? You want me to step on you that badly?
Main 2一看到指挥官,我的嗜虐心就蠢蠢欲动,这也是爱情的表现吗?指揮官を見ると、いじめたくてうずうずしますの。これも愛情表現の一種かもしれませんわWhen I see you, Commander, I yearn to abuse you. Perhaps this is a form of love
Touch就这么迫不及待了吗?好啦,那就赶快躺下来。嗯?不是想要我用脚踩你的意思?そんなに我慢できないのですか?はいはい、ここで横になって…うん?踏まれたい、という意味ではなくって?Are you unable to endure that much? Yes yes, lie down over there... Hmm? You want to be stepped on... is that what you're trying to say?
Touch (Special)指挥官,你又皮痒了?好吧,今天晚上我就让你知道,“欲仙欲死”是什么感觉!指揮官、また罰を受けたいのですか?いいですわ、今日は「生殺し」にしてさしあげます♡Commander, are you looking for punishment again? Tonight I'll make you feel like you are in heaven and hell at the same time!
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EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login呵呵呵,今天也请多关照了哦,我可爱的小猪仔♡ふふ、今日もよろしくお願いしますね、愛しいこぶたちゃんHehe, take good care of me today as well, my cute little piggy~
Details今天来试试“对小猪仔温柔爱护”的玩法如何?呼呼呼今日は「こぶたちゃんを優しく愛でる」プレイでいいのかしら?ふふふShall I tease this little piggy today by loving it gently? Hehehe~
Main为了小猪仔,到工作结束之前都“不换”好了。呵呵呵,你明白是什么意思吧…?こぶたちゃんのために、仕事が終わるまで履き直さずにいてさしあげます。ふふふ、どういう意味か分かっていますよね…?Just for you, my little piggy, I won't "put it back on" until you're done with work. Hehe, you know what I'm talking about, right...?
Main 2这呆脸真是让人百看不厌呢。呼呼呼,可爱的小猪仔♡その顔をいつまで見ても見飽きませんわ。ふふふ、愛しいこぶたちゃん♡I never get tired of seeing that dumb face of yours. Hehe, you cute little piggy~♡
Main 3利安得,莫非也有那方面的素质…不对,那孩子和海王星不一样,根本连所谓的“教育”是什么意思都不明白吧…リアンダー、もしかして素質が……いけない、あの子はネプチューンと違ってただ「プレイ」がなんなのかわからないだけですわね…Perhaps that Leander is also... No, she's not like Neptune, she doesn't even understand the nature of "teasing"...
Mail信。内容…呼呼,我相信小猪仔哦?メール。内容は…こぶたちゃんのこと、信じていますからね?Your mail. Let's take a look... Hehe, of course I trust you, my little piggy~
Return to Port辛苦了。维修和补给都已经安排好了哦。小猪仔就先休息一下吧お疲れ様です。修理と補給の手配を整えてありますわ。こぶたちゃんはひとまず休んでなさいGood work, my little piggy. The repairs and resupplying have already been arranged, so go ahead and rest for now.
Commission Complete要去迎接委托组的姐妹们吗?我和你一起去吧,呼呼呼委託チームの子たちを出迎えに行きますの?一緒に行ってあげますわ。ふふふAren't you going to welcome back the girls in the commission fleet? I'll go with you, hehe~
Flagship呼呼呼,让我好好的踩你吧ふふふ、踏んづけて差し上げますわHehehe, my heel has your name on it~
Victory得给小猪仔一点褒奖才行呢。呼呼呼,你想要什么样的奖励呢?こぶたちゃんにはご褒美を渡さなきゃなりませんわね。ふふふ、どんなのがいいですか?I simply must reward my little piggy here. Hehe, what shall I do for you?
Defeat可不能…让小猪仔看到这么丢人的样子呢…!こぶたちゃんには…格好悪いとこ見せられませんわ……っ!I mustn't let my little piggy... see me in such an unsightly state...!