Ägir (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P021Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Super CruiserRarityDecisive
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1385 Reload62
Firepower53 Torpedo38
Evasion12 Anti-air47
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP5728 Reload119
Firepower199 Torpedo143
Evasion46 Anti-air178
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP+338 | AA+12 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Main Gun base +1 | Unlock playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Main gun efficiency +5%/Equips special secondary gun | Limit Break to 4 Stars | Unlock playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Gains a special secondary gun attack
Level 15HP +675 | AA +23 | AA Gun efficiency +10% | Torpedo preload +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Torpedo efficiency +10% | Limit Break to 5 Stars | Unlock playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeLearn Siren Killer Ⅱ | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Level 25HP+1014 | AA+34 | EVA+5 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlock playback for: Special touch, Low HP
Level 30Main gun efficiency +15% | Limit Break to 6 StarsLearn Siren Killer Ⅲ | Main Gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Super Cruiser: O-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Engulfer of the Golden VortexWhen this ship's Torpedoes hit an enemy: decreases the target's Speed by 30.0% (60.0%) for 5s. As long as this ship is not Out of Ammo, increases this ship's EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Abyssal BanquetWhen this ship is equipped with a Main Gun that fires Normal or AP ammo: decreases this ship's DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) and increases Crit Rate by 4.5% (12.0%) ; when equipping one that fires HE ammo: increases this ship's DMG dealt by 4.5% (12.0%) , but makes her unable to Burn enemies. If the equipped Main Gun is high-caliber: also increases this ship's Main Gun Efficiency by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
Jöttun's JawsIf there are no enemies near this ship when she fires her Main Guns: inflicts Armor Break to all enemies hit; once every 8 times her Main Guns are fired: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). If this ship's Main Gun is high-caliber: decreases the number of shots required to 4.???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
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Ship Description大型重巡洋舰-—埃吉尔大型重巡洋艦・エーギルLarge cruiser – Ägir.
Biography我的名字,来源于传说中的深海之神。不过,比起那位呼风唤雨,支配波涛的海神,我的手段可温柔得多了哦~我が名はエーギル、かの伝説の深海を司る神の名に因んだものよ。波だの嵐だの自然の力を呼び寄せるあの神様と比べて、私のやり方は結構優しい方よ?ふふふI am Ägir, named after the very same mythological ruler of the sea. Though, compared to a god who smote adversaries with storms and crashing waves, my way of dealing with my enemies is much more subdued. Ahahaha.
Acquisition大型巡洋舰,埃吉尔。指挥官,想要我为你驱使海浪吗?好啊,那就让我先看看你的能耐吧。大型巡洋艦エーギルだ。お前の望むがままの私として、お前に使われてやるわ。ふふふ…まずはお手並み拝見といこうかしらWell met. I am large cruiser Ägir. Your will is my command. Hehehe... Now let's find out what you can accomplish with my arsenal of talents.
Login让我们看看是谁来了?哦,原来是你啊——那就…工作加油吧。さあて、一体誰が来たのかしら?…お前か。じゃ、じゃあ仕事頑張ってちょうだいWho might it be that just stepped through those doors? ...Oh, it's you. Best of luck with your work, then.
Details这孩子有时候会异常活泼,照顾的时候小心点哦,指挥官。この子は時々急に暴れ出すから、スキンシップをするなら気をつけなさい。指揮官My serpents have a tendency for violence, so be aware of the risk should you dare to touch me, Commander.
Main喝酒的理由?只要有宴席,大家能开怀畅饮不就行了吗?モチベーション?宴でも開いてたっぷり飲ませてやったら上がるんじゃない?Insufficiently motivated, are we? A dinner with copious amounts of beer can fix that.
Main 2你喜欢看大海狂暴的那一面吗?那可是夹杂着暴风雨的,汹涌的海洋哦。そうか、海が暴れるのを見るのが好きか?ふふふ、轟いてこその嵐、荒れてこその海よYou like gazing at seas in tempest too, do you? Hahaha. A sea is at its truest when a storm rages through it.
Main 3…嗯?难道是我让你分心了吗?……なに?私に気を取られた、とでも言いたいの?...What? You have that look on your face like I'm distracting you.
Touch你想要…再靠近一点?もうちょっと近いほうがいい…?Would you like it... if I came a bit closer?
Touch (Special)你还真敢啊。…喂,还来?!やってくれるじゃない。…って、また!?You're brave, I'll give you that... What?! Twice in a row?!
Touch (Headpat)……哈!?……ハッ!?...What?!
Mission还有没完成的任务哦。你也不想被别人说成无能的指挥官吧?まだ完了していない任務があるわね。…ほら、無能呼ばわりされたくないでしょ?I see we still have unfinished missions. Do them now, and I shall refrain from dismissing you as incapable.
Mission Complete不错,这才算是合格的指挥官。任務完了よ。指揮官合格ってところかMission complete. I suppose you are at least qualified for your position.
Mail来自远方的信件…姑且还是看看吧。遠方からの手紙か。…ほら、読んでご覧なさいA letter has arrived from afar. Read it, would you?
Return to Port虽然很想让你就这么休息,不过看桌上的文件数量…好像不太行哦?休みたいのか?置かれている書類の山を見るに…それは無理な相談ねYou wish to rest, do you? I'm afraid the heap of soon-due paperwork on your desk won't allow it.
Commission Complete委托完成了哦。难道你打算让同伴们在港口干等着吗?委託完了よ。仲間たちを埠頭に待たせるのはお前のやり方か?A commission has been completed. How long must your subordinates wait for you to acknowledge them, hmm?
Enhancement为庆祝而饮一杯吧。……噗哈~お祝いに一杯飲もうじゃない。…ぷはっProsit. The occasion warrants a toast. Mmh!
Flagship咬碎你们!哈哈哈哈!噛み砕け!あはははは!I shall tear you asunder! Ahahahaha!
Victory弱小的水花,在巨浪面前不值一提。哼哼,啊哈哈哈!我がアギトに飲まれる程度の水しぶきだったわね。ふふふ、ふははははは!Those fools were but splashes of water beneath my bow. Hahaha... Ahahahahaha!
Defeat我不会容许任何人在我面前抢走胜利的果实…等着瞧吧!誰だろうと私の勝利を奪わせない…!見てなさい!Nobody, and I mean NOBODY denies me my victory! I shall return with a vengeance!
Skill哈哈哈哈!被荒海之神的巨口吞噬吧!ふはははは!巻き込め!エーギルのアギトよ!Ahahahahaha! Be engulfed by my maelstrom!
Low HP哦?小把戏被看穿了吗?あら、見破られたわね…Caught on to me, have you...
Affinity (Upset)我可不会同情自甘堕落的灵魂哦?自堕落した魂には同情しないわよYou are undisciplined trash not worthy of my compassion.
Affinity (Stranger)我感兴趣的事情?呵呵呵~强大的对手、美味的酒、狂风暴雨的海洋,还有……你就这么想引起我的注意吗?私が興味を持っているもの?ふふふ、強い敵、うまい酒、吹き荒れる嵐の海、そして……お前はそんなに私の注意を引きたいのか?My interests in life? Hahaha! Fighting worthy foes, savoring good beer, gazing at the stormy seas, and... What? Are you grasping at straws just to get my attention?
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,过来吧。要做什么?当然是 要你陪我喝几杯。安心吧,就算你醉了在我面前说胡话,我也不会介意的。指揮官、飲むのに付き合いなさい。ここに限っては無礼講――ああ、酔っ払ってふざけた話をしても気にしないでやるわI'm going for a drink, and you shall accompany me, Commander. Get as drunk as you wish. I'll overlook whatever silly things you say while under the influence.
Affinity (Like)我知道你想引起我的兴趣,但难不成你要一直盯着我吗?呵呵,你也算有所成长了呢……等等,你,你该不会是认真的吧!?私の興味を引こうとするのはいいが、まさかずっと釘つけにさせる気?ふふ、大きく出たものね…ま、まさか、本気!?I don't mind your efforts to win my interest, but must you stare holes through me? Hehe. I suppose you're more daring when drunk... W-wait, you aren't drunk?!
Affinity (Love)既然是想要挑战我,那我就不得不以深渊之神的名义将你彻底吞噬了——来呀,怎么不动了?不是说要把我……呀!?この私に挑むというのなら、深淵の神の名のごとくお前を飲み干してやろうじゃない――さあ、どうした、もう動けんのか?この私に…きゃっ!?You're in over your head if you thought you could drink one named after the god of the sea under the table. What's the matter? Can't move a muscle? Then I've proven my– Eek!
Pledge誓约的证明?你喜欢这种形式上的东西吗?那样的话…不光是形式上的,我会给你更多实际上的束缚…呵呵呵,不如现在就让你见识一下吧~誓いの証明?お前はこういう形ばかりのものを気に入っているのか?それなら…そうね、形ばかりではない、もっとお前を縛り付けられるのを用意してやるから…ふふふ、今に見てなさいなA symbol of our marriage? You must adore having proof of the ties that bind you to me. Prepare to double down, then. I'll find something that binds you to me. Physically... Hahaha! You shall see what I mean.
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Neptune还是稍微稳重得体些比较好哦。お行儀には気をつけてほしいものねIf you would, do mind your manners.
In battle with Admiral Hipper, Tallinn凯旋之后再来痛饮吧。飲んだくれるのは後よWe shall drink later, but now, we must fight.
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Ship Description哼,区区的女仆工作,交给我就是小事一件……嗯!?你…一直在看着吗?!ふん、メイドの仕事術などとほざきやがって、この程度の仕事、私にかかれば…っ!?お、お前…見ていたの!?Hmph. They think being a maid is so difficult, do they? I could do this with my eyes clo– What?! H-how long have YOU been here?!
Acquisition哼,区区女仆工作,交给我就是小事一桩……嗯!?你一直在看着吗?!ふん、メイドの仕事術などとほざきやがって、この程度の仕事、私にかかれば…っ!?お、お前…見ていたの!?Hmph. They think being a maid is so difficult, do they? I could do this with my eyes clo– What?! H-how long have YOU been here?!
Login是你啊。咳、早上好,主……果然还是算了!お前か。コ、コホン、おはようございます、ご主…やっぱなしよなし!You again. Ahem... Good morning, Mast– Never mind, I'm not doing it!
Details这些文件让我来整理?你把我埃吉尔当成什么了?…再说,就算真的交给我也不一定就能做好就是了…!その書類を私に任せる気?お前はこのエーギルをなんだと思ってるの?…それにそもそも任せたところでちゃんとできるかどうかは…!Do you expect ME to do your paperwork? Who do you take me for – a desk jockey? ...Besides, you're taking it for granted that I'm cut out for the task!
Main这小家伙……碍着我了,闪一边去!被我压着就一点也动不了了吗?何このちっこいの…邪魔よ!消えなさい!私にのしかかられていたらなにもできないでしょ?Damned manjuu... You're in my way! Move! What do you think you'll achieve by being stuck under me?
Main 2扫除是宴会准备的一环?反正之后都会弄得乱七八糟的,为什么现在要……この掃除、宴の準備の一環だとでも言うのかしら?どうせ散らかし放題になるのになぜ…Would one call cleaning a part of the banquet preparations? The hall will be a mess by end of it anyway, so why bother?
Main 3帕塞瓦尔好像乐在其中呢……光是“被当成女仆”这事我就很不甘心!你有在听吗?パーセヴァル、楽しんでやがって…私がメイドということ自体に不満があるわ!…聞いてるの?Damn you, August... I do NOT take kindly to being treated as a maid! ...Are you even listening?
Touch (Special)……!?早知道就不当什么女仆了!…っ!?メイド役を買って出るんじゃなかった…!What the–?! I'll have you know I never volunteered for this position!
Mission Complete任务结束了。去拿你的报酬吧。任務完了よ。報酬を受け取りにでも行ってきなさいMission complete. Now go claim the rewards.
Return to Port算好指挥官回来的时间,把茶水和点心备上……很好,这样就没问题了,应该?帰ってくるタイミングを見計らって、お茶とお菓子を…よしっ、これで大丈夫、よね?I estimated you'd be back around this time, so I prepared tea and a snack. My work here is done... right?
Commission Complete委托完成了。…你不会想要我去迎接吧……委託完了よ。…まさか私に行かせようとした、とかじゃないでしょうね…A commission is done. I hope you're not considering sending ME out to meet the team...
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Ship Description新装饰,新服装,还有各种各样的准备…这就是东煌“春节”的一角么。去忙你要做的事吧,我知道这个节日的准备少不了你。不过…可不要让我等太久哦?呵呵~新しい飾り付けに新しい衣装、それと準備の数々……これが東煌の「新春」というわけか。やるべきことをやっていきなさい。この祭日の準備にお前が欠かせない存在であることぐらいは知っているつもりよ。でも……あまり待たせるんじゃないわ。ふふふNew decorations, new outfits, and countless preparations to make... Lunar New Year is quite the busy time of year. Go on, see to your duties. I'm well aware how essential you are to this holiday's smooth operation. Just don't keep me waiting all day. Heehee.
Acquisition新装饰,新服装,还有各种各样的准备…这就是东煌“春节”的一角么。去忙你要做的事吧,我知道这个节日的准备少不了你。不过…可不要让我等太久哦?呵呵~新しい飾り付けに新しい衣装、それと準備の数々……これが東煌の「新春」というわけか。やるべきことをやっていきなさい。この祭日の準備にお前が欠かせない存在であることぐらいは知っているつもりよ。でも……あまり待たせるんじゃないわ。ふふふNew decorations, new outfits, and countless preparations to make... Lunar New Year is quite the busy time of year. Go on, see to your duties. I'm well aware how essential you are to this holiday's smooth operation. Just don't keep me waiting all day. Heehee.
Login回来了?呵呵,是想我了么?还是只是单纯的累了?戻ってきた?ふふふ、このエーギルが恋しくなったのかしら?それとも…単に疲れただけ?You're back. Heheh, missed me, did you? Or are you just tired?
Details听说龙在东煌中享有非常神圣的地位。不过,为何它在十二生肖之中仅仅排在第五位?「龍」を東煌では神聖視していると聞いたけど…十二ある干支の中でなぜ五位にとどまってるの?I heard the Dragon Empery regards their namesake dragon as sacred... Then why is its sign merely the 5th ordinal in their zodiac?
Main毛笔……应该怎么握来着?这样?还是……这样?嗯……我知道你会这个,别光看着了,快来教教我!筆……どうやって握るの?こう?それとも……こう?っ……お前が正しい握り方を知っていることくらい分かっているわ。見てないで助けなさい!How does one hold a brush? Like this? Or like... this? Ugh... I refuse to believe you don't know the proper technique. Stop gawking and come show me!
Main 2原来“舞龙”是这样的啊……当初听到这个名字时,我还以为要弄一个像铁血舰装那样“龙”呢。龍舞(りゅうまい)とはこういうものなのね……最初に聞いたとき、てっきり鉄血の艤装みたいな「ドラゴン」を用意するのかと思ってたわSo that's what their dragon dance is like... When I first heard of it, I thought they would use a dragon-like rigging, similar to what we have in the Iron Blood.
Main 3布伦希尔德,这些是你收藏的东煌古玩么。这个碗确实做工精致……你的品位还挺不错的。ブリュンヒルデ、これはお前が集めた東煌の骨董品かしら。たしかによくできているボウルね……ふん、お前もいいセンスをしているわBrünhilde, is this bowl an Empery antique of yours? I must admit, the workmanship is remarkable. Hmph, I suppose you do have a refined taste.
Touch要出去走走吗?好啊。那就帮我把鞋子穿上吧?一緒に出歩いてみたい?構わないけど…靴を履かせてもらえないかしらGo on a stroll together, you say? I could do that... But first, put my heels on my feet, would you?
Touch (Special)等,等一下?!都怪你,墨汁沾到上面了……我,我自己擦就行了!!なっ…!?お前のせいで墨が……!じ、自分で拭けるわ!Wha–?! You made me spill ink everywhere! I, I'll clean it up myself!
Touch (Headpat)喂,角上的挂饰不是拿来玩的!角の飾りに勝手に触るんじゃないわっDon't you touch my horn ornaments without my permission!
Mission正值佳节时,指挥官却因任务而无法抽身……这种事情我可不允许,我也来帮你一把好了。指揮官は任務で祭日を楽しむ暇もなし……そんなことは許さないわ。ふん、少しは手伝ってやろうAll these missions leave you with no time to enjoy the holiday... That is unacceptable. Hmph, I'll assist you with them.
Mission Complete任务完成了,接下来就该专心享受节日了。任務が完了したわ。祭日を楽しむことに集中するがいいわMission complete. You may now concentrate on celebrating.
Return to Port叱咤海洋的猛兽,也有需要休息的时刻。正好屋内有静心养神的香薰,到我身边来好好坐会吧?海を制する猛獣も休まるときが必要よ。ちょうどここに精神安定のアロマもあるし、隣に座って休んだら?Even lords of the sea need to rest. Why don't you sit down and enjoy the soothing aroma in the air?
Commission Complete委托完成了哦。去吧,别冷落了在节日还在辛苦付出的同伴们。委託が完了したわ。行きなさい。祭日に頑張っている仲間を疎かにしないことよThat commission is done. Now go. Those girls deserve some appreciation for working on a holiday.