Ying Swei (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 493Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Chinese New Year 2021
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressYuka Morishima
Ying SweiDescription
Ying Swei
HP426 Reload51
Firepower13 Torpedo43
Evasion24 Anti-air24
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW17 Luck20
HP1782 Reload98
Firepower36 Torpedo119
Evasion80 Anti-air92
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW44 Luck21
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Chao HoTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Purge EvilAt the start of the battle: increases this ship's FP and AA by 15.0% (25.0%) . Every 20s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level.)???
Unfading DyesAt the start of the battle: increases this ship's EVA by 6.0% (20.0%) and decreases its DMG taken by 6.0% (20.0%) until the end of the battle. When sortied with 1 or more other Dragon Empery ships: heals this ship for 8.0% HP at the start of the battle, increases its Speed by 5, and increases your fleet's AA by 6.0% (20.0%) for 50s.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault II: Chao Ho Class every 12 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description肇和级防护巡洋舰—应瑞肇和型防護巡洋艦・応瑞Chao Ho-class protected cruiser – Ying Swei.
Biography我是肇和级防护巡洋舰二号舰——应瑞,同时也是肇和的妹妹。顺便一提,如果您恰好看到我和姐姐拌嘴,请不要惊讶,那正是我们关系融洽的表现,嗯~肇和型防護巡洋艦二番艦、肇和の妹にして、応瑞と申します。応瑞が姉とじゃれ合うのをもしご覧になりましても、どうかお構いなく――姉妹仲睦まじいゆえのことでございますので。ふふふ♪I am the second ship of the Chao Ho-class protected cruisers, Ying Swei. I'm also Chao Ho's sister. By the way, if you see the two of us bickering, don't be alarmed. It's nothing more than our way of expressing affection for one another. Hehe~♪
Acquisition指挥官,您好,我是肇和级巡洋舰的姐姐,应瑞。…肇和说她才是姐姐?唔,果然指挥官没有肇和那么好骗呢…お初にお目にかかります。肇和(チョウホウ)級巡洋艦、姉の応瑞(インルイ)と申します。…肇和、自分こそ姉だ、と…?指揮官、肇和ほど騙されにくいとお見受けしました。ふふふ♪It is a pleasure to meet you, Commander. I am the elder of the Chao Ho sisters, Ying Swei. Hmm, Chao Ho said that she's the big sister? Hmm, I guess you're not as gullible as she is. Hehe~♪
Login勤劳的指挥官,今天也按时来工作了呢。指挥官…真的没想过偷偷懒吗?本日も時間通りのご到着、感謝しております。ところで…本当にサボろうと考えたことはないのでしょうか?The ever-industrious commander, right on time today. Hey... have you seriously never thought about playing hooky?
Details严格说来,从时间上来算的话,我好像的确是姐姐呢…不过,既然肇和这么看重“姐姐”,这个身份就让给她吧。而且,身为“妹妹”,也是会有许多意想不到的便利的呢,呵呵~進水日で言えば、たしかに私(わたくし)は肇和の姉、と言えるかもしれませんね…いいえ、「姉」であることを大事にする肇和のためですもの――私、「妹」の立場を甘んじて受け入れます。色々、便利なところもありますので。ふふふ♪Going by launch date, one could say that I am actually Chao Ho's older sister... But alas, since she wants that role so badly, she can have it. Besides, being the "little sister" comes with perks of its own. Hehe~♪
Main肇和把撑场面的事都交给了我呢。我倒是不介意,只是这样长久下去,她离想要稳固“姐姐”地位的愿望不就反而越来越远了吗…肇和、姉だと認められたければ、前に出る仕事は私に任せず自分でやるべきです。ふふふ♪Chao Ho, if you want to be seen as the big sister, you're going to have to do things yourself instead of relying on the commander. Heehee~♪
Main 2指挥官,这是来自应瑞的温馨提醒——您已经发呆好一会了哦?応瑞からお知らせ申し上げます。上の空になってからだいぶ経っていますよReminder from Ying Swei~ You've had your head in the clouds for a while~
Main 3指挥官对书画感兴趣吗?如果你有时间的话,我可以教你。虽然听起来有点像自夸,不过这方面我还是比较擅长的呢。筆墨硯紙(ひつぼくけんし)のこと、ご興味がありましたら私、お教えできるかと。ふふふ、恐縮ですが、それなりに自信がございますのでAre you interested in the Four Treasures of the Study? I'd be glad to instruct you. Hehe, not to boast, but I'm quite confident in my abilities.
Touch感觉疲倦的话,要趁早休息哦。若是因为过劳而拖垮了身体,可就得不偿失了。お疲れでしたら早めにお休みしたほうがいいですよ。過労で倒れられては大変ですIf you're tired, you should go ahead and rest. Collapsing due to overwork is inefficient.
Touch (Special)现在是大声喊“非礼”的最佳时机呢,如果指挥官给我一点好处的话,我可以考虑放你一马哦?「指揮官のスケベー」と、叫ぶのに一番いいタイミングです。考え直させたければ、ちょっとした約束をしていただけませんと。ふふふWouldn't it be a great time for me to tell everyone how much of a pervert you are? If you want me to reconsider, you'll have to make me a little promise first. Hehe~
Touch (Headpat)要是弄乱头发,可就要罚指挥官帮我梳一个星期的头发哦?髪をお解きになさるのでしたら、明日から一週間だけ、毎日整えて頂いてもよろしくて?If you mess up my hair, I'll have you style it for me for a week starting tomorrow, you hear?
Mission指挥官,有新的任务哦。,这个时候如果是肇和的话,应该会像老妈子一样催着你干活吧?指揮官、新しい任務です。仮に肇和が知らせるとしたら、きっと手を動かすまでずっとグチグチ言い続けるのでしょうね。ふふふCommander, we've got new missions. If Chao Ho was here, I'm sure she'd be nagging you to kingdom come. Hehe~
Mission Complete任务结束。接下来先填饱肚子,泡个舒舒服服的热水澡,然后睡觉!如果真的能这么悠哉就好了。任務完了しました。これからお食事をとってお風呂に入ってぐっすり寝れ……れば嬉しいですね。ふふふMission complete. Now, if I could just enjoy a meal, soak in the bath, and then get into bed... that would be the life. Hehe~
Mail新的邮件么…冷冰冰的印刷文字,比起手写的还是缺少一股人情味呢。新しいメールです。活字より手書きのほうが感情が込められていましょうYou've got new mail... You know, stone-cold printed text doesn't have that same human touch as something handwritten.
Return to Port指挥官,欢迎回来。这趟行程中是不是积累了许多想对应瑞说的话呢?请休息一下,再好好和我说说吧~応瑞に語りたい、積もりに積もったお話がおありでしょう。少しお休みになってからお聞かせくださいませI'm sure there are a lot of things you're dying to tell me. But that can wait until after you've rested up.
Commission Complete委托组回来了。别忘了犒劳每一位奔波的伙伴哦。委託組が帰還したようです。仲間たちへの労いをどうかお忘れなくThe expedition fleet is back. Don't forget to reward all our hardworking friends.
Enhancement想要保护重视之物,就得让自己变得足够强大才行呢。大事なものを守りたければ強くなることです。はいIndeed. You must be strong if you wish to protect what is dear to you.
Flagship除恶务尽!悪を除く、盡くすに如くは莫しPurge all evil. Become as a stalwart blade.
Victory胜利的宣言,就等到回去再说吧。勝ち関は……無事帰還するまでお預けですI'll wait until I get back before declaring victory.
Defeat我的力量,还不足以阻挡敌人吗…敵を止めるには、まだ力が足りていないのでしょうか…Do I not have enough power... to stop the enemy's advance?
Skill丹青不渝!丹青、色褪せず…!We shall never fade away...!
Low HP我们不会,也不可能在这里退缩…!退かないし、退けません…!We will not, cannot, back down here...!
Affinity (Upset)……应瑞对指挥官没有什么想说的。……指揮官に申し上げることは何もございません...I have nothing to say to you.
Affinity (Stranger)肇和现在应该在练舞吧。指挥官,不如…我们一起悄悄去看看?肇和は今、例の練習をやっているはずですね。指揮官、一緒にこっそり見学してみませんか?ふふふChao Ho should be doing her usual training just about now. Commander, why don't we go take a little field trip? Hehe~
Affinity (Friendly)肇和是不是跟您告状,说我逼她干活了?可不能轻信了她的话哦,我只是让一直以各种理由逃避家务的姐姐稍微面对一下现实而已,呵呵。応瑞に掃除を押し付けられた、と肇和に言われましても、どうかお気になさらぬよう。家事から頑なに逃げ続ける姉に、妹として少しオトナの現実というものを教えただけです。ふふふChao Ho has been complaining to you that I've been pushing my chores onto her, hasn't she? Don't listen to her. I've just been instructing my little sister, who has stubbornly been running away from her responsibilities, about the realities of being an adult. Hehe~
Affinity (Like)最近在指挥官身边的时候,总会有些心神不宁…虽然大概知道症结所在,但……啊,抱歉,您就当我是自言自语吧。「指揮官のそばにいるとドキドキして落ち着かなくて、理由はわかるけど、でもでも……」――コホン。今のは独り言として流していただければ幸いです"Whenever I'm with the commander, I get all excited and can't figure out why... but, but..." Oh, ahem... I'd appreciate it if you could act like I was just talking to myself.
Affinity (Love)虽然有许多话语想要倾诉,看到指挥官后,反而不知该付诸何种话语…还是以笔墨寄托应瑞此时的情感吧。请指挥官不要见笑…お伝えしたいことが多いけど、指揮官の前ではどうしても言葉がつまりそうで……応瑞の気持ち、文を借りて伝えさせていただきますThere are a lot of things I'd like to say to you, but whenever I'm in front of you, it's like the words just won't come out... I'm afraid I'll have to write my feelings out for you, so please don't laugh.
Pledge岁月倥偬,唯有白纸黑字能够成为时光的见证。这是我一笔一墨写下的情笺,现在,我将它,还有我自己,全部托付给您了。時は流れても、墨が褪せることなく――永久に続くよう想い、気持ちを筆にしたためました。どうかこの文、そして応瑞をお受け取りくださいませInk does not fade with the passage of time... I wrote my feelings down with the hope that they also may never fade. I now offer these words to you, along with myself.
In battle with Chao Ho姐姐,可不能被敌人看扁了哦?姉さん、敵に侮らせてはなりませんよSister, don't let the enemy get away with underestimating us.
In battle with An Shan, Fu shun, Chang Chun, Tai Yuan, Yat Sen, Ning Hai, Ping Hai, Chao Ho并肩作战吧!共に参ります!Let's do this, together!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,新年好,应瑞在此为您送上新年的祝福。嗯…下一步是不是就是“红包拿来”了呢?开玩笑的。指揮官、あけましておめでとうございます。新年の祝福を伝えたのちに…お年玉ちょーだい?ふふふ、今のは冗談ですよHappy New Year, Commander. I've come to deliver you blessings for this coming year... Next, you're going to ask for a red envelope, right? Hehe, just teasing~
Acquisition指挥官,新年好,应瑞在此为您送上新年的祝福。嗯…下一步是不是就是“红包拿来”了呢?开玩笑的。指揮官、あけましておめでとうございます。新年の祝福を伝えたのちに…お年玉ちょーだい?ふふふ、今のは冗談ですよHappy New Year, Commander. I've come to deliver you blessings for this coming year... Next, you're going to ask for a red envelope, right? Hehe, just teasing~
Login春暖催人眠,人们往往会在春天睡过头呢…不过,指挥官好像已经习惯早起了?春暖の候ですもの、眠過ぎたとしても仕方なく――指揮官は早起きに慣れていますねThe warmth of spring often lulls many into oversleeping... But, Commander, it seems like you're accustomed to waking up early?
Details今年的春联交给我和肇和了。我负责写,她负责想,是不是很合适的分工呢?看肇和为了想春联而烦恼的样子,还是挺有意思的,呵呵~等她再烦恼会再帮她一起想吧。対聯は肇和が考え、応瑞が書く。適材適所だと思いませんか?それに――肇和が悩んでいる姿もまた可愛らしくて…あとで一緒に考えてあげますChao Ho thinks up the couplets, and I write them down. Don't you think we make a good team? Besides, seeing Chao Ho's brows furrow in thought is super cute... Anyway, let's think up some lines together later.
Main逸仙,年夜饭我也来帮忙吧,鱼准备好了吗?没有的话我再去备一条。逸仙さん、除夜の料理のお手伝いをしますよ。魚のほうはどうなっていますか?まだなら用意しますねMiss Yat Sen, I'll help you prepare the food for tonight's reunion dinner. What about the fish? I'll start it up if you'd like.
Main 2没想到还能和姐姐,以及其他的同伴们像这样团圆在一起…确实得好好感谢指挥官才是呢。姉さんと仲間たちとの団らん、思ってもみませんでしたね。ええ、指揮官のおかげですI never thought I'd be able to enjoy the company of my sister and all our friends like this... Yes, it's all thanks to you, Commander.
Main 3抚顺,如果你再把鞭炮扔进池塘里,就罚你捧着荷叶扮荷花哦?撫順、これ以上爆竹を池に捨てたら……おしおきしちゃいますよ♪Fu Shun, if you throw any more firecrackers into the pond... I'll change your seat to be right next to that lotus~♪
Touch指挥官,都春节了,还是稍微喘口气比较好哦?春節休みでもいかがでしょうSince it's the Spring Festival, how about taking a break?
Touch (Special)节日到了,指挥官的心也渐渐飘起来了呢。祭りの熱気と一緒に浮かれているようです。ふふふThe excitement of the festival seems to have gone to your head. Hehe~
Return to Port春风送暖,冰雪消融,万物复苏。春天代表着的,正是美好的新生呢。暖かい春風と共に、雪が融け、万物が生き生きと。春とは命の季節ですIn the warm spring breeze, snow melts and life blooms anew. Spring is the season of life.
Victory干·得·不·错♪…呵呵,这种感觉如何呢♪や・り・ま・し・た♪…ふふふ、こんな感じでどうでしょう♪A~ job~ well~ done~♪ ...Hehe, did you like that?
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,新年好,我和肇和正在准备今年的春联。至于现在这个状况嘛——算是“中场休息”?呵呵,您不必做些什么,只要在旁边看着就好~指揮官、新春おめでとうございます。応瑞は肇和と今年の春聯を準備していて、そしてこの状況は――さしずめ「インターバル」といったところでしょうか。ふふふ、指揮官は何もしなくてもいいですよ。そこで事の成り行きだけご覧になっていただければと♪Commander, Happy New Year! Chao Ho and I are preparing for this year's Spring Festival, and as you can see... we're in the middle of a little "intermission." Hehe, don't worry, there's nothing you need to help out with. Just take a seat over there and enjoy the show~
Acquisition指挥官,新年好,我和肇和正在准备今年的春联。至于现在这个状况嘛——算是“中场休息”?呵呵,您不必做些什么,只要在旁边看着就好~指揮官、新春おめでとうございます。応瑞は肇和と今年の春聯を準備していて、そしてこの状況は――さしずめ「インターバル」といったところでしょうか。ふふふ、指揮官は何もしなくてもいいですよ。そこで事の成り行きだけご覧になっていただければと♪Commander, Happy New Year! Chao Ho and I are preparing for this year's Spring Festival, and as you can see... we're in the middle of a little "intermission." Hehe, don't worry, there's nothing you need to help out with. Just take a seat over there and enjoy the show~
Login俗话说,来得早不如来得巧。既然您来了,不如就在旁边坐会吧?不必在意这边的状况~諺曰く「早きことは頃合いよきことに及ばず」――せっかくここに来たんですし、そこにおかけになってはいかが?こちらのことはどうぞお構いなく♪An old saying goes, "it's better to be lucky than it is to be punctual." Since you've come at quite the fortuitous moment, why not come sit next to me and enjoy the show? As for what's going on over here, don't sweat the small details~♪
Details今年春联的构思交给海天了,我负责写,装饰就交给了肇和。对姐姐来说,纯体力活应该不难吧?呵呵~春聯の考案は海天に任せて、書くのは私が、飾りつけは肇和がそれぞれ担当します。…まあ、ただの肉体労働ですから、肇和にとっても容易いことでしょうね。ふふふ♪This year, Hai Tien is in charge of coming up with the Spring Festival couplets, I'll be doing the calligraphy, and Chao Ho is handling the decorations. An all brawn, no brain job like that is perfect for my sister, isn't it? Heehee~♪
Main肇和?怎么了,还没有抓到它吗?……恶作剧?你在说什么呀,我怎么听不懂。肇和?どうかしました?まだ見つかっていないのですか?……いたずら?さて?なんのことかしら。ふふふ♪What's the matter, Chao Ho? Still haven't been able to get your stuff back? ...I tricked you? What could you possibly be talking about?
Main 2写春联用的墨水见底了。指挥官,能拜托您帮忙磨一点吗?我现在有点不方便,之后我会给您泡一杯茶的。春聯を書く墨を切らしていますね。すみません指揮官、少し墨をするのを手伝っていただけないでしょうか?今ちょっと手が離せなくて…ええ、あとでお茶をお淹れいたしますよWe're almost completely out of ink for our Spring Festival couplets. Commander, mind helping me grind up the inkstick? I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll make a cup of tea for you later.
Main 3明石送的小道具真是方便。除了跑腿用的特制机器啾啾外,好像还有能放烟花的,表演舞狮的……抚顺她们应该会喜欢吧。明石がくれたアイテムは便利ですね。使い走りのための特製饅頭ロボ以外にも、花火を打ち上げる子、獅子舞ができる子……撫順たちもきっと気に入ってくれると思いますThe goods Akashi sent over sure are convenient. There's the mechanical errand-running Manjuus, the automatic fireworks launchers, and the lion dancers as well... I'm sure Fu Shun and her gals would have an absolute blast with these.
Touch你也想试试捉弄姐姐的感觉吗?当然可以,不过要轻点~肇和にいたずらしてみたいのですか?ええ、ほどほどにお願いしますねYou also want to try playing a prank on Chao Ho? Sure, but don't go too overboard~
Touch (Special)指挥官,肇和就在旁边哦?没想到你还有这种特殊癖好啊……指揮官、肇和もここにいますよ?そのような趣味があるとは思ってもみませんでしたねCommander, are you sure you want to do this with Chao Ho watching? I never knew you had kinks like that...
Mail指挥官,有您的信件。恕我行动不便,给您就近放在桌子上了。指揮官宛のメールがありますよ。手が離せないのですみませんが…机に置いておきますGot some mail for you, Commander, but it's not easy for me to move right now. I'll just leave it on the table for you.
Return to Port嗯~腿有些酸了呢…啊,指挥官,你回来啦,那个…能帮帮我吗…?んー足が少し疲れちゃいましたね…あ、指揮官、凱旋したばかりなのにすみません、少しお力をお借りしてもいいでしょうか…?Nngh~ My legs sure are sore... Oh, Commander, you're back. Say... would you mind helping me out a little?
Affinity (Love)今天的事我已经好好和姐姐道歉了。对了,指挥官在年夜饭之后有空吗?有一些羞于启齿的话语,只有在与您单独相处时才能倾诉……这件事就留到下一次再向她道歉吧,呵呵~イタズラしたこと、肇和にはちゃんと謝ってきました。ところで指揮官、この団らんの後ですが……恥ずかしくて指揮官と二人っきりのときでしか口にできないようなお話がありまして……ええ、抜け駆けのお詫びはまた今度改めて。ふふふ♪I already apologized to Chao Ho about what happened today. Oh right, Commander, do you have some time to spare after the evening banquet? I have some things to tell you, but only if we're alone! Because, it's a little embarrassing... Ah, but I'll have to apologize to her again for making a move behind her back, heehee~♪
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Login今天也要辛苦了呢。感谢指挥官一直以来的勤劳哦。…呼呼,可不能偷懒哦?本日も何卒よろしくお願いします。そして、いつも感謝しております。…ふふふ、サボらないでくださいねWe've got a lot of work to do today. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. ...Hehe, don't even think about slacking off~
Main指挥官,有重要事情的时候,请把应瑞和肇和一起喊上哦指揮官、大事な時はどうか応瑞だけでなく、肇和も一緒に呼んであげてくださいませCommander, in your times of need, please also call upon Chao Ho, not just me.
Main 2为您呈上一杯优雅的红茶。呵呵~工夫小種(カンフースーチョン)、優雅に参ります。ふふふI've brought you a most sophisticated cup of lapsang souchong tea, hehe~
Touch (Headpat)被摸头了呢,呼呼♡…嗯,没什么哦。応瑞の髪を撫でる手つき、ふふふ♡…いいえ、なんでもありませんよI like the way you stroke my hair, ehehe~♡ ...Ah, no, I didn't say anything.
Affinity (Love)在与指挥官确认过彼此心意的现在,反而感觉找回了原本的余裕呢。呵呵,情话也好,烦恼也好,让我们尽情分享彼此的喜怒哀乐吧,指挥官。文を通じて心通わす…ではないけれど、指揮官とは確かに心が通じているように感じます。悩みでも、告白でも、なんでも応瑞に仰ってくださいませThough I no longer communicate with you through writing, I feel like we understand each other much better now. Please continue to share your feelings with me, be they amorous or anxious.