Ookami Mio (JP 🇯🇵: 大神ミオ, CN 🇹🇼: 大神澪)
Ship IDNo. C057Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyHololiveBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionEvent: Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENNovember 27, 2019
KRNovember 27, 2019
CNNovember 27, 2019
JPNovember 27, 2019
Voice actressOokami Mio
Ookami MioDescription
Good Miovening! I'm Ookami Mio. Over here, I seem to be... some sort of aircraft carrier. Let's get along well.
Summer VacationDescription
I changed into my swimsuit, but I wonder if it looks right on me? An outfit like this might make you feel breezier just by looking at it~
HP1027 Reload43
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion11 Anti-air54
Aviation71 Cost0
ASW0 Luck53
HP4779 Reload82
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion47 Anti-air203
Aviation188 Cost0
ASW0 Luck56
Limit Break
Tier 1All Fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Dive Bomber110%/110%/110%/115%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
3Torpedo Bomber110%/110%/110%/115%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Wild DualismWhen this ship launches an odd-numbered Airstrike: launches an additional Torpedo Bomber airstrike Lv.1 (Lv.10) . When launching an even-numbered Airstrike: launches an additional Dive Bomber airstrike Lv.1 (Lv.10) . Airstrike DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
Tarot Card DivinationAt the start of the battle: makes a divination that applies a randomly chosen Lv.1 (Lv.10) buff to this ship.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description早安Mio!咱是“大神澪”哦。在这个世界好像是正航…来着?欸嘿嘿,请多指教!こんばんみぉーん!「大神ミオ」だよ~。こっちの世界では正規空母・・?っていうのになるみたい!えへへ、よろしくね!Good Miovening! I'm Ookami Mio. Over here, I seem to be... some sort of aircraft carrier. Let's get along well.
Biography在这边也能和大家一起享受就好了呢~♪指挥官知道hololive吗??下次要来看看哦!こっちの世界でも皆と一緒に楽しめるといいなぁ~♪指揮官くんはホロライブって知ってるー??今度見に来てね~!I sure hope I'll get to enjoy this world with the rest of the gang! Say, Commander, have you heard about the Hololive Gamers?
Acquisition早安Mio!咱是“大神澪”哦。在这个世界好像是正航…来着?欸嘿嘿,请多指教!こんばんみぉーん!「大神ミオ」だよ~。こっちの世界では正規空母・・?っていうのになるみたい!えへへ、よろしくね!Good Miovening! I'm Ookami Mio. Over here, I seem to be... some sort of aircraft carrier. Let's get along well.
Login哦!~终于上线了啊指挥官~咱早就准备好了,快出击吧~!今天能一直在一起…不对,能玩个痛快就好了呢~♪おー!指揮官くん!ログイン待ってたよ~!うちはいつでも行けるから、早く出撃しよー!今日もいっぱい一緒にいて・・じゃなくて、あそんでくれたらうれしいな~♪Oh! Commander! I've been waiting for you to login! I'm ready to head out, so let's get sortieing! We can spend the whole day together... Anyway, let's try to have fun♪
Details搭配上这种舰装,应该挺威风吧…嘿嘿,大神澪、Destroy Mode!…嗯?Destroy的用法,竟然还对上了?!この艤装を身に着ければいいんだね…よし、大神ミオ、デストロイモード!……あれ?デストロイの使い方、これで合ってる?!This rigging is pretty cool, isn't it... Right, Ookami Mio: DESTROY MODE! ... What? It's actually meant to destroy things?!
Main不知道在这边能不能也交到许多朋友呢~?こっちの世界でも、お友達たくさんできるかな~?I wonder if I'll be able to make friends in this world~?
Main 2在这边开演唱会吗~好像挺不错的欸。咱想唱好多怀旧歌曲呢!ここでライブかぁ~楽しそうだねぇ。うち、懐メロたくさん歌いたいな!知ってる曲があったら指揮官くんも一緒に歌ってね?Doing a concert here would be sooo much fun. I'd love to belt out some classics! Do sing along if you know any of the songs, Commander.
Main 3驱逐舰们真可爱啊。咱要是做饭的话可以请她们来吃吗?想和她们一起睡觉、一起洗澡,能喂布里吃东西就更好了~駆逐艦の子たち、すっごくかわいいねぇ。うちでご飯作ったら食べにきてくれるかなー?一緒にお泊りして、お風呂はいって、プリンも食べさせてあげたい~These destroyers are just adoooorable! Do you think they'd come over for dinner if I made food? We could sleep together, take a bath together, and I could feed them my pudding~
Touch嗯,怎么怎么了~想要撒娇了么~?好乖好乖~おぉ、どうしたどうした~?甘えたいのかな~?よーしよしーOoh? What's wrong? Hmm? You just want my attention~?
Touch (Special)喂!禁止摸尾巴啦!如果是和尾巴一样的头发的话…唔…可以吧こらー!しっぽは触っちゃダメ!しっぽみたいな髪の毛なら・・うぅ・・ゆるす。Hey! No touching my tail! Now my hair that looks like tails... I guess that's okay.
Touch (Headpat)咱可是一匹狼,摸头什么的…是指挥官才有的特别待遇哦?!うちは狼だから、なでなでは・・指揮官くん、特別だからね?!You can't just go petting a wolf...! Commanders get special treatment?!
Mission任务,任务!嘿嘿,指挥官赶紧处理完,咱给你做好吃的!にんーむ、にんーむ!指揮官くん、任務がおわったら美味しいご飯つくるからねー!Meeeshons, miiiiishuns! Commander, if you get all your missions done, I'll make you something good to eat~!
Mission Complete任务完成了?好棒!咱给你摸摸头夸夸你吧~任務達成したの?すごい!いい子いい子したげるね。You finished your mission? Amazing! What a good job you did! Yes you did!
Mail还有未读邮件!指挥官指挥官,快开开看看嘛!メールが未読だって!ねぇねぇ指揮官くん、はやく開こう!You have unread mail! Hey, Commander, hurry and open it!
Return to Port指挥官辛苦了Mio!累了吗?咱来给你摸摸头吧~!然后,和咱一起玩游戏吧~♪指揮官くん、おつみぉーん!疲れちゃったかな?うちが、いい子いい子してあげるね~!そのあと一緒にゲームしよ~♪Amiozing work there, Commander! You must be tired. Let me pat you on the head and tell you what a good job you did. And then we'll play a game~♪
Commission Complete委托的孩子们真能干啊,咱也要去帮忙~!委託組の子たち、結構やるねぇ。うちも手伝おーっとThose commission team girls are doing fine work. I wanna help 'em out.
Enhancement哦哦哦…!总觉得变得超强?!有种现在什么都能做到的感觉啊~欸嘿嘿おおお…!なんか、うちめっちゃ強くなった?!今ならなんでもできちゃいそうな気分だよ~えへへ。Ooooh...! I feel much stronger?! I feel like I could take on the world~ Ehehe…
Flagship好啦~要上啦!咱可要好好表现一番~よーし!やるぞ~いってみぉーん、やってみぉーん!Alrighty! Heeere we Mioo, into battle!
Victory好!胜利啦!咱还是挺能干的吧~よっし!勝利だねっ!うち、がんばったでしょ~Yes! Victory! And I earned it~
Defeat哇啊……等等,等一下啊…!うわぁぁあ、ちょ、ちょっとまって、まってってば・・!Oof... Wait, wait, wait...! Wait just a moment…
Skill好~!去吧,鸽塔洛斯!よっしゃー!いくよー、ハトタウロス!Hatotaurus, unleash your inner beast!
Low HP啊呀——这下怎么办呢?あちゃー、どうしよう、これーOof, how will I get through this one?
Affinity (Upset)真是的,指挥官,不能偷懒哦~好孩子的摸头鼓励就先收回了!让咱看看指挥官帅气的一面吧~もう、指揮官くん、さぼっちゃダメだよ~。いい子いい子はお預け!指揮官くんのかっこいいとこが見たいな~Honestly, Commander, you can't just half-ass this~. Head pats are a special treat! Now I want you to show me the cool Commander in charge~
Affinity (Stranger)虽然还没有彻底熟悉这个世界…不过有指挥官给咱做说明,咱就安心了~こっちの世界はまだちょっと慣れないけど…指揮官くんがいてくれるから安心してるよ~I'm not used to how things work around here yet, but I'll give you the support you need, so don't you worry.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官指挥官!嘿嘿,没事,只是想叫叫而已~指揮官くん、指揮官くーん!えへへ、ちょっと呼んでみただけ―Commander! Commaaander! Ehehe, I just felt like calling you~
Affinity (Like)指挥官,这个世界的同伴们,都说我的耳朵很可爱呢~!嗯~?耳朵以外也很可爱?!啊、呜…谢、谢谢,欸嘿嘿…指揮官くん、こっちの世界の子たちに、うちのお耳かわいいって言われた~!へ?お耳以外もかわいい?!え、えっと、ありがと、ね・・えへへCommander, look, your shipgirls are talking about how cute my ears are~! Huh...? It's not just my ears?! Erm, well, thanks... Ehehe.
Affinity (Love)感谢指挥官一直以来的应援呢。这么一说,来到这个世界这么久,也渐渐习惯这里了呢,指挥官,喜、喜欢咱么…?指揮官くんいつも応援ありがとね~そうそう、こっちの世界に来てから、うちもだいぶ慣れてきたけど、えーっと・・・指揮官くんは、うちのこと・・す、好き、なの?Thanks for all your support, Commander. Right, well, it's been a while and I've kinda gotten used to this world, erm... Commander, do you... like me?
Pledge之前的回答?额、现在有话要对我说?唔,还没做好心理准备…怎么办…啊,是!我愿意哦,指挥官…!え、ええっと、この前の返事を今教えてくれるって事?心の準備が・・どうしよ、えっと、はい!いいよ、指揮官くん・・!Um, errm, you want to answer that question I asked before? But I'm not ready... What if, erm, yes! I will, Commander...!
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Main Title
In battle with Shirakami Fubuki 鼓足干劲,和咱一道并肩作战吧~うちと一緒に、ビシバシやっちゃおう!Join me in battle! Gimme your war cry!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description咱也换上了泳装,看起来合身吗?看着这身打扮,说不定连指挥官都会觉得变凉快了哦~水着きてみたんだけど、どうかな?指揮官くんが喜んでくれたらうれしいなって思って、似合ってるかな?I changed into my swimsuit, but I wonder if it looks right on me? An outfit like this might make you feel breezier just by looking at it~
Acquisition咱也换上了泳装,如何?指挥官喜欢的话咱就很开心了,怎么样,看起来合身吗?水着着てみたんだけど、どうかなぁ?指揮官くんが喜んでくれたらうれしいなぁって思って…似合ってるかなぁ?I changed into my swimsuit, but I wonder if it looks right on me? An outfit like this might make you feel breezier just by looking at it~
Login指挥官早安Mio!那就让我们一起朝海里进发吧~指揮官くん、おはみぉーん!じゃあ早速、海に向かってレッツゴー!Good Miorning, Commander! C'mon, let's go-go-go to the ocean!
Details稍微变得性感了些?喂!在看哪里呢~算了…指挥官觉得开心就好…不过不要老是看些奇怪的地方啦セクシーになった?!こ、こらー!どこ見てるのーっまぁ、喜んでくれてるならいいけど・・変なとこ見ないでっYou think I've gotten a little sexier? Hey! My eyes are up here...! But if you're happy then I guess it's fine... Just don't always be looking so naughty.
Main这个泳圈很可爱吧~!这可是带有狼耳的定制版哦~什么?看不出来吗?この浮き輪、かわいいでしょ~!特注で狼の耳つきなんだよ~え?わかりにくいかな?Pretty cute swim ring, huh~! It's got wolf ears on the side~ what? You can't tell?
Main 2说到海边,那就是冰苏打和炒面呢~♪咱想跟指挥官一起吃~指挥官快点过来吧!海と言えば、冷たいソーダと焼きそばだよね~♪指揮官くんと一緒に食べたいな~!ねー!はやくはやくぅ!The beach is all about cold sodas and barbecues~♪ I can't wait to eat some with you, Commander. Come on, Commander!
Main 3咱会用狗刨式游泳呢~汪汪!但是咱也喜欢套着泳圈漂着的感觉,指挥官也来一起试试吧~うち、犬かきなら泳げるよ~!わんわん!でも浮き輪でぷかぷかするのも好きだから、一緒にぷかぷかしよ~I really like just floating on the water in this thing. Hey Commander, come try it with me~
Flagship作战开始!看招,吃我一发水枪喷射!作戦開始!どかんと一発、お見舞いしちゃうよ!Commencing battle! Cool yourselves with this: Water Gun Splaaaasshhh!
Skill澪最可爱水花喷射!!ミオはかわいいスプラーシュ!!Mama Mio Splash!
Affinity (Love)晴朗的天空蔚蓝的大海,咱喜欢夏天啊~!明年的夏天也想和指挥官一起度过啊,不行么~?晴れやかな空に青い海、うち、夏すきだな~!えっと、来年の夏も、指揮官くんと一緒にすごしたいなーって・・ダメ?All right, I have the mic now... How about this song? That summer I had with you~♪ Feels like a distant dream~♪ I hope it stays summer forever.