Murasaki Shion (JP 🇯🇵: 紫咲シオン, CN 🇹🇼: 紫咲诗音)
Ship IDNo. C056Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyHololiveBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionEvent: Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENNovember 27, 2019
KRNovember 27, 2019
CNNovember 27, 2019
JPNovember 27, 2019
Voice actressMurasaki Shion
Murasaki ShionDescription
I am the mastermind magician, Murasaki Shion! Come and be bewitched by my mature, seductive outfit!
Virtual MagicianDescription
Here comes Murasaki Shion, Hololive's famous virtual magician! This world will bear witness to my brilliance!
HP835 Reload64
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion19 Anti-air48
Aviation58 Cost0
ASW17 Luck85
HP3883 Reload122
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion67 Anti-air181
Aviation158 Cost0
ASW44 Luck90
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Fighter efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Torpedo Bomber115%/115%/115%/125%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
The Wave of a Pleasant DreamWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 70.0% (100%) chance to create a wave of light for 8s which decreases the DMG enemies deal by 1.0% (5.0%) .Default Unlocked
MP Burst - ExplosionEvery 8s: gain 1 MP. When this ship has accumulated 3 MP: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage, and resets MP to 0.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description是天才魔法师、紫咲诗音哦!来感受下这件充满成熟大人魅力的服装吧!天才魔法使い、紫咲シオン様だぞ!大人の魅力あふれるこの衣装で暴れまわるんだから!I am the mastermind magician, Murasaki Shion! Come and be bewitched by my mature, seductive outfit!
Biography有天才魔法使诗音大人在,无论什么对手都能用黑魔法一击轻易解决!轻而易举!再多依赖点诗音吧~!天才魔法使いのシオン様にかかれば、黒魔法で相手もイチコロよ!ササッと終わらせてあげるわ!もっとシオン様に頼っていいんだぞー!There's not a single enemy out there that can withstand the black magic of Shion, the genius magician! I'll show you how it's done! You ought to rely on me more~!
Acquisition是天才魔法师、紫咲诗音哦!来感受下这件充满成熟大人魅力的服装吧!天才魔法使い、紫咲シオン様だぞ!大人の魅力あふれる新衣装で暴れまわるんだから!I am the mastermind magician, Murasaki Shion! Come and be bewitched by my mature, seductive outfit!
Login早上好,指挥官!换上这套服装之后,诗音无论是在港区还是在海上,都会俘获大家的心的吧!おはよ、指揮官さん!この衣装で、母港でも海でも、シオンはみんなの心を虜にするぞ~!Good morning, Commander! With my new look, I'll captivate everyone's hearts, both at home and on the high seas~!
Details无论身材和个头都只像个小孩子?啰、啰嗦!诗音可是成熟的大人,超厉害的!指挥官总有一天也会体会到的!スタイルも身長も子供っぽい?う、うるさいわねぇ!シオンは大人ですよ、凄いですよっ!指揮官さんもいつか分かるはずです!My figure and my height are both childlike? B-bug off! I'm a mature adult, and I'm amazing too! Commander, I'll make you understand how amazing I am soon enough!
Main呐呐!不觉得这个船锚和舰桥的装饰很可爱吗!?ねぇねぇ!この錨と艦橋のお飾り、可愛いと思わない!?Neee neee! Don't you think these anchor and bridge hair accessories are super cute?!
Main 2哼哼~在意这身衣服吗?很适合我吧,我很喜欢这件的哦~ふふ〜んこの服気になる?セクシーだし、お気に入りなんだ〜Heheh~ Did my outfit catch your eye? Pretty sexy, isn't it? Of course it's my favorite~
Main 3哼哼,要俘获大家的心,果然需要改变固有印象!みんなの心を虜にするには、やっぱりイメチェン…イメージを変えないとな!Heheh~ In order to captivate everyone's hearts, I have to change up my image!
Touch把手搭在帽子的旁边,再配以清爽的微笑!诗音是不是也有做偶像的潜质呢?手に帽子を添えて爽やかにスマイル!もしかして、シオンもアイドルになれるかも…?Gotta put my hands next to my hat and smile~! Hehe, do you think I might be cut out to be an idol...?
Touch (Special)唔啊…这这这这…好突然!吓了一跳…うわぁぁ!ななななんですか急に!びっくりした…Wooahh... Wh-wh-what is this all of a sudden...?! You surprised me…
Touch (Headpat)嘿嘿,收到大家的夸奖几乎全是“了不起,真聪明”呢,不过,偶尔也想收到些别的夸奖呐~へへ、みんながシオンを褒めるとき「えらい」「賢い」って言ってくるんだけど、たまには別の言葉で褒めて欲しいよなぁ~Hehe, everyone praises me by saying stuff like "You're amazing," or "You're so smart!" But you know, I'd like to hear some more creative praise~
Mission任务不清掉总觉得会不舒服…?嘿嘿,指挥官,打起精神来,和诗音一起完成所有任务吧任務が残っているのが気になってしょうがない?へへ、元気出してよ指揮官さん!シオンと一緒に任務を片付けましょう!You feel uneasy whenever you have incomplete missions...? Hehe, cheer up, Commander, I'll help you get everything done.
Mission Complete哼哼,诗音大人是个好帮手吧?任务已经完成了,快领取奖励吧ふふ~ん、シオン様が居て助かったでしょう?任務は達成済みだし、早く報酬をもらおう!Heheh~ I really bailed you out, didn't I? Since we finished our missions early, let's get our rewards early as well!
Mail有诗音的邮件…?啊,是指挥官的,给你,快点打开吧~あれ、シオンにメール…?あ、指揮官さん宛ですね。ほら、持ってきてやったぞ、さっさと開けましょう~Huh, is there mail for me...? Oh, Commander, it's for you. Here, take it and open it up~
Return to Port欢迎回港,指挥官!就算换上这套白色的衣服,诗音天才魔法使的属性也没有一点改变哦!要看看我的魔法?那就开始直播吧!お帰りなさい、指揮官さん!衣装は変わっても、シオンは天才魔法使いなんだからね!シオンの魔法を見てみたい?じゃ、配信を始めるぞ!Welcome back, Commander! Even if I'm wearing white, I'm still the same genius magician! Want to see my magic? Well then, prepare yourself!
Commission Complete委托的大家都回来了。诗音也要帮忙清点物资!委託組のみんなが帰ってきた!シオンも物資の点検を手伝います!The commission fleet has returned! I'll go help check and sort the supplies!
Enhancement唔哦~诗音的黑魔法,看起来更强了!おお~シオンの黒魔法、強くなったみたいよ!Woah~ My black magic has deepened!
Flagship可别小看诗音哦。速攻作战开始!シオンのこと、なめんじゃないぞ!電撃作戦開始!You'd better not underestimate me! It's time to take this battle by storm!
Victory这不是理所当然嘛!こんなの当然、当然!An expected outcome, that's right!
DefeatNeeeeee!好遗憾…不过诗音毕竟是天才嘛,即使偶尔失败也是可以被原谅的…吧…?ね”ぇ”ぇ”ぇ”ー!残念です…でもシオンは天才だし、たまに失敗しても許されるはず…だよね?…Neeeeee! That's too bad... But because I'm a genius, I'm allowed to mess up every now and then... right...?
Skill诗音认真起来,地球都会爆炸哦!その気になれば、地球だって爆破しちゃうよ!If I get serious, the whole world's going to explode!
Low HP疼疼疼…不过,诗音是天才嘛,这点小问题不会退缩的!イタタタ…シオン、天才ですから、この程度ではくじけません!Owwww.. I'm a genius... so I won't let this overwhelm me!
Affinity (Upset)哇啊啊啊,做实况的软件没关掉么?明明都已经和大家说再见了…该怎么关掉啊?うわぁぁ!配信まだ続いてる!?「またね」って言ったばかりだし…これどうやって切るの?わかんない!Aaahh! The broadcast is still going?! I already said "see you later," so why is this thing still on? I don't get it!
Affinity (Stranger)来玩黑白棋嘛,哼哼!诗音可是很擅长的,要小心对付哦!オセロやりましょうよ!シオンはねぇ、実はこれが得意なの、手を抜くんじゃないぞ~ふふーん!I challenge you to a game of Othello! You know, this is my specialty, so you'd better watch out~ Heheh~!
Affinity (Friendly)要给诗音制订“成长计划”…这计划实质上就是给诗音礼物?喂,不要尽买小孩子的玩具给我啦!「シオン成長計画」…?つまりシオンにプレゼントを贈るってこと?って、こら!子供のおもちゃばかりじゃない!"Shion's Growth Plan...?" In other words, you're going to buy gifts for me? H-hey! I don't want kids' toys!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,虽然做实况挺消耗MP,但和你待在一起,MP一下子又会恢复成全满状态呢!嗯,就是这么神奇!実況はすごくMP(or魔力)を使うけど、指揮官さんと一緒にいると、あっという間にMPがすぐに満タンになるね!うん、ミラクル、です!Broadcasts drain a lot of MP, but as long as you're here, Commander, I can feel it regenerating super quickly! It's a miracle, I tell you!
Affinity (Love)看来一直陪伴在天才诗音身边,指挥官也变得越来越像天才的样子了!今后也要两人一起努力,做出更厉害的实况!いつもこの天才シオン様のそばにいるから、指揮官さんも天才に近づけたんじゃないかな!これからも二人で頑張って、もっともっと凄い実況をしよう!Commander, since you're always basking in my genius aura, maybe you'll become a genius too! Let's continue to work hard together, and put on even more amazing broadcasts!
Pledge指挥官总算明白诗音的魅力所在,今后也请一直应援我吧!好多开心的事,还想和指挥官一起分享呐!指揮官さん、やっとシオンの魅力に気づいたね!これからもシオンのことを応援してください!指揮官さんと分かち合いたい楽しいこと、まだまだたくさんありますから!Commander, you've finally fallen for my charms! From now on, please continue to support me in my endeavors! Commander, there are so many fun and exciting things that I want to share with you!
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Main Title
In battle with Minato Aqua , Nakiri Ayame 接下来,会上传怎样有趣的作战记录呢~さぁて、どんな面白い作戦記録がアップされるかな~Now then, what kind of exciting battle records are we going to upload this time~
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Descriptionhololive的虚拟大魔法使、紫咲诗音登场!在这个世界也要让大家见识下我的天才风范!ホロライブのバーチャル大魔法使い、紫咲シオン登場!こっちの世界でも天才っぷり見せてあげるんだから!Here comes Murasaki Shion, Hololive's famous virtual magician! This world will bear witness to my brilliance!
Acquisitionhololive的虚拟大魔法使、紫咲诗音登场!在这个世界也要让大家见识下我的天才风范!ホロライブのバーチャル大魔法使い、紫咲シオン登場!こっちの世界でも天才っぷりを見せてあげるんだから!Here comes Murasaki Shion, Hololive's famous virtual magician! This world will bear witness to my brilliance!
Login早上好,指挥官!今天也要好好领略天才诗音的魅力~不过,可不准让诗音念奇怪的台词!おはよ!指揮官さん!今日もシオンの魅力をたっぷり見せてあげる!でも、シオンに変なセリフ読ませるなよ…!!Good morning, Commander! Feast your eyes upon my charms today as well! However~ Don't make me read any weird lines!!
Details露出太多?嘿嘿~原来是指挥官被我的魅力迷倒了呀!看破真相的眼光也是天才级别,我不愧是天才魔法使!露出が多い?ははーん…さては指揮官さん、わたしの魅力に見惚れちゃったのか~そうかそうか!天才は見た目も実力の内、さすが天才魔法使い!I'm showing too much skin? Ahah~ So you were totally seduced by my charms, Commander~ I see, I see! Perceiving hidden truths is a quality of a genius, as one would expect of a genius magician such as myself!
Main无法结束的直播,无法逃离的直播间......作为秘书舰不会遭遇到这样的事吧?!終わらない配信、出られない配信部屋…秘書艦なら、そういうのはないですよね!?An endless broadcast... A studio that I can't leave... That won't happen to me if I become secretary, right?!
Main 2Zzz……没有睡着哦....哈!?现在什么时间了?没问题吧?むにゃむにゃ・・・寝てないよー。はっ!時間は!?大丈夫?Zzz... I'm not sleepy~ Gah! What time is it?! Nothing's happening, right?
Main 3眼神,太明显了啦!不过我懂你的心情!这就是所谓成熟大人的魅力啊!目線がバレバレー!でも気持ちは分かるよ!これが大人の魅力ってやつ!Your stares are too conspicuous! But I understand what you're thinking! You're marvelling at how alluring I am!
Touch诗音的帽子也是有生命力的!只要诗音的眉毛动一动,帽子也会有反应。嘿嘿,厉害吧?シオンの帽子は生きてます!まゆげをちょっと動かせば、帽子も動くよ!へへ、すごいでしょう?My hat is sentient! It'll move if I wiggle my eyebrows! Heheh, aren't I amazing?
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官!来看看诗音如何攻略游戏吧!诗音可是有十足的游戏天赋呐~(挺胸)お帰り、指揮官さん!さあシオンのゲームプレイを見て!シオンのゲームセンスは半端ないぞ!Welcome back, Commander! Come take a look at my expert gameplay! My game sense is unrivalled after all!