KizunaAI (JP 🇯🇵: キズナアイ, CN 🇹🇼: 绊爱)
Ship IDNo. C041Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyKizunaAIBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent:Virtual Connection Synchronicity
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressKizuna Ai
Kizuna AI Description
HAI DOMO! Kizuna AI here! Are you the commander I've heard rumors about? It's a pleasure to meet and work with you!
Festive Kizuna AIDescription
The clothes from the Sakura Empire are so stylish! Commander, since it's a rare occasion, let's go take a look around! Ah, of course, don't forget to run the reel~♪
HP285 Reload74
Firepower14 Torpedo91
Evasion71 Anti-air31
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW55 Luck66
HP1326 Reload142
Firepower38 Torpedo234
Evasion243 Anti-air117
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW135 Luck69
Limit Break
Tier 1Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun70%/70%/70%/75%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/105%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Kizuna BeamEvery 20s: this ship performs super A.I. hacking to decrease the FP, TRP, and AVI of all enemies by a large amount (up to 4.0% (8.0%) ) for 8s... Also has a small chance to accidentally increase the stats of all enemies instead.
Crisis Prevention!When this ship takes DMG: 4.5% (12.0%) chance to fire a special torpedo barrage and avoid all enemy attacks for 3s. Once the effect ends: increases this ship's EVA by 20.0% (40.0%) for 3s.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description嗨多磨~!我是绊爱!你就是传说中的指挥官吗?接下来请多指教啦!はいどうもー!キズナアイです!あなたが噂の指揮官ですか?これからよろしくお願いしますね!HAI DOMO! Kizuna AI here! Are you the commander I've heard rumors about? It's a pleasure to meet and work with you!
Biography嗨多磨~!我是绊爱!没想到竟然会在实况的时候穿越到了碧蓝航线的世界啊……,算了,在这里也会本着「靠喜欢的东西活下去」的YouTuber精神,一如既往地加油的!はいどうもー!キズナアイです!まさか実況してたアズレンの世界に来ちゃうなんて…。ま、ここでも「好きなことで、生きていく」のユーチューバー精神で、いつも通りがんばっていきます!Hello! I'm Kizuna AI! I've somehow ended up in the world of Azur Lane, a game I've been streaming... But, like always, I'll do my best while following the VTuber mindset of "making a living doing what you like" here too!
Acquisition嗨多磨~!我是绊爱!你就是传说中的指挥官吗?接下来请多指教啦!はいどうもー!キズナアイです!あなたが噂の指揮官ですか?これからよろしくお願いしますね!HAI DOMO! Kizuna AI here! Are you the commander I've heard rumors about? It's a pleasure to meet and work with you!
Login啊,指挥官欢迎回来!我刚上传了新的动画哟。请一边周回海域一边看吧!あ、指揮官おかえりなさい!さっき新しい動画をアップしたんですよ。海域周回しながら見てくださいね!Oh, welcome back, Commander! I just uploaded a new video. Check it out while you're at sea!
Details啊,指挥官!你是来订阅频道的吗?欸、只是看看而已吗?来都来的,就订阅一下嘛!好嘛!あっ、指揮官!チャンネル登録しに来てくれたんですか?えっ、見に来ただけ?せっかくですから登録していきましょう!ね!Oh, are you here to subscribe to my channel, Commander? Huh? Just here to check on me? Well, while you're here, it's a good idea to subscribe anyway! Right?
Main拉菲酱好可爱~!傲娇!淘气!一起玩嘛~让我抱抱!ラフィーちゃんかわいい~!ツンデレ!天邪鬼だなぁ!一緒に遊ぼ~、ぎゅ~ってさせて!You're so cute, Laffey! Come here, my little contrarian, I wanna play! Let me give you a big hug!
Main 2布里酱,等等~只要一下下!只要让我突破一下就好!ブリちゃーん、待って~。ちょっとだけ!ちょっと限界突破するだけだから!!Don't run away, Bulin! Hold on just a sec! I need just a tiny little Limit Break from you!
Main 3我是为了让世界上的所有人都能联系在一起而活动着的,指挥官你是为了什么而努力工作的呢?私は世界中のみんなと繋がりたくて活動してるんですけど、指揮官はどうしてこのお仕事をしようと思ったんですか?I have this job because I want to connect with people all over the world, but what got you into your job, Commander?
Touch指挥官,我话说在前面,千万不要把我的晃悠悠摘下来!不然的话这个港区会怎么样我也不知道了哦!指揮官、悪いことはいいません。私のぴょこぴょこを取ろうとするのはやめてください。この母港がどうなっても知りませんよ!Commander, I won't say anything mean, so please stop trying to remove my headband. Not even I know what will happen to this place if you do!
Touch (Special)很遗憾,指挥官摸到的可不是我,而是屏幕哦?残念ですけど、指揮官が触ってるのは私じゃなくて画面ですからね?I'm sorry to say, but it's not me you're touching, just the screen.
Mission指挥官,新的任务来了哦。我也会帮忙的,一起加油吧!指揮官、新しい任務ですよ。私も手伝いますから、一緒にがんばりましょう!A new mission has appeared. I'll help you out, so let's get to it!
Mission Complete奖励奖励~♪物资可是很重要的哦!赶紧领了吧!ボーナスボーナス~♪資金は大事ですからね!さっそく受け取りに行きましょう!Our rewards are here! It's important to have capital, so let's accept it right away!
Mail邮件来啦!说不定是我的工作委托呢!メールが届いてますよ!もしかしたら、私にお仕事の依頼かも!We've received mail! Maybe it's a work inquiry for me!
Return to Port指挥官辛苦啦!休息一会以后,就陪我拍照吧!指揮官おつかれさま!休憩したら、撮影、付き合ってくださいね!Nice work, Commander! When you have time, please help me record a video!
Commission Complete啊,执行委托的伙伴们回来了呢!我去给她们慰劳的啾啾吧♪あっ、委託に行った子たちが戻ってきたみたいですよ!おつかれちゅっちゅしてきます♪Oh, it looks like the commission team is back! I'm gonna go give them some welcome back kisses!
Enhancement安装完毕!战斗插件追加!POWER UP!インストール完了っ!戦闘プラグイン追加、パワーアップ!!Installation complete! Combat plugins added! I've powered up!
Flagship现在正是展现高智能的超级AI实力的时候……!今こそ、インテリジェントなスーパーAIの力を見せるとき・・・!I'll show you the power of an intelligent super A.I.!
Victory这对本高智能的超级AI来说,就是小菜一碟啦~このインテリジェントなスーパーAIにかかれば、ちょちょいのちょいですねー!Just let this intelligent super A.I. handle it, and everything will be a walk in the park!
Defeat啊!刚才的不算!接下来才是正式的啦!!あ!今の無し!次が本番だから!!!That one didn't count! It's the next one that'll matter!
Skill爱碳光——线!あいた~んビーーーム!Kizunaaaaa beeeaaam!
Low HP不要不要不要!明石酱~~帮帮我~やだやだやだやだ!明石ちゃーん、た゛す゛け゛て゛~No, no, no, no! Akashi-chan, HEAL MEEEEEEE!
Affinity (Upset)花Q!わっきゅー!Fakkyu!
Affinity (Stranger)难得来到这里,就来录制动画吧!啊,指挥官来得正好!能帮我点忙吗?せっかくここまで来たんだし、動画作っちゃおー!あっ、指揮官ちょうどいいところに!ちょっと手伝ってくれませんか?Since I'm here, I might as well shoot a video! Oh, good timing, Commander! Could you help me out with something?
Affinity (Friendly)在这里加个音效,再加上字幕…嘿咻,哦哦,指挥官上手很快嘛。就按这个势头,以做出更好的动画为目标努力吧!ここで効果音を入れて、字幕も追加して…っと、おぉ、指揮官は呑み込みが早いですね。この調子でもっといい動画が作れるようにがんばりましょう!Now we add sound effects, plus some subtitles... Wow, you're a fast learner, Commander. Keep at it and before long you'll be able to make even better videos!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,怎么了?在思考新的企划吗?嗯嗯……哦~!这个不是挺棒的嘛!指挥官难道是天才!?指揮官、どうしたんですか?新しい企画を考えてみたって?ふむふむ……お~!いいじゃないですかこれ!指揮官もしかして天才なのでは!?What's the matter, Commander? You came up with a new project? Let's have a look... Whoah! This is great! I think you might be a genius!
Affinity (Love)感觉和指挥官在一起,就能创造出更多更多更棒的东西呢!感觉今后也会多呆一段时间…要不要干脆和我一起Youtuber出道算了!?指揮官とならもっともっといいものを生み出せる気がします!なんだかんだ長い付き合いになりそうですし…もういっそのこと、私とユーチューバーデビューしませんか!?I think I can create even better content working together with you! I'll probably be here for a while... so, how about making your YouTube debut with me?!
Pledge这样就算誓约完成了,吧!已经无法想象没有指挥官的日常生活了呢。要一直一~~~直支持我哦!これで契約完了、ですね!もう指揮官がいない日常なんて考えられないです。ずっとずーーーっと支えていてくださいね!With this, we've signed a contract! I can't even think of how life would be without you anymore. Please, support me now and forever and eveeeer!
In battle with KizunaAI·Elegant, KizunaAI·Anniversary, KizunaAI·SuperGamer因为是AI,所以分身什么的自然也不在话下啦!AIなので分身だってできちゃうんですよー!I'm an A.I., so of course I can make clones of myself!
In battle with San Diego圣地亚哥酱!终于能共同演出了呢!サンディエゴちゃん!やっと共演できたね!Sandy! Finally we can have our duet!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description重樱的服装充满了情致,真是很棒呢!指挥官,难得的祭典,让我们四处晃晃吧!啊,当然也不能忘了拍视频哦♪重桜の衣装は風情があっていいですね!指揮官、せっかくのお祭りですし、いろいろ回ってみましょう!あっ、もちろん動画も撮りますよ♪The clothes from the Sakura Empire are so stylish! Commander, since it's a rare occasion, let's go take a look around! Ah, of course, don't forget to run the reel~♪
Acquisition重樱的服装充满了情致,真是很棒呢!指挥官,难得的祭典,让我们四处晃晃吧!啊,当然也不能忘了拍视频哦♪重桜の衣装は風情があっていいですね!指揮官、せっかくのお祭りですし、いろいろ回ってみましょう!あっ、もちろん動画も撮りますよ♪The clothes from the Sakura Empire are so stylish! Commander, since it's a rare occasion, let's go take a look around! Ah, of course, don't forget to run the reel~♪
Login真是的,指挥官!已经不是“抱歉,久等了”的程度了啦!你再来晚点我都要先回去了呢!哎,快点向祭典的方向出发吧!もう~、指揮官~!「ごめん、待った?」じゃないですよ、めちゃくちゃ待ちましたよ!あと少し遅かったら帰るところでしたからね!もうっ、はやくお祭り行きましょ!Jeez, Commander~! This isn't just "sorry I'm late" levels of tardiness anymore! If you showed up any later, I would've just left without you! Fine, let's head to the festival right away!
Details浴衣什么真的很棒呢!虽然我是虚拟的所以实际上感觉不到热,不过还是有种凉快的感觉呢浴衣っていいですね!私ってバーチャルだから暑さとか感じないはずなのに、なんだか涼しい気分になってきちゃいますYukatas are freakin' awesome! Even though I can't even feel the heat because I'm a hologram, I somehow feel breezier just by wearing this!
Main哇~苹果糖好好吃!不过我好像吃不了……嗯?在这里的话也许能吃??啊已经被夕立酱吃掉了!?わぁ~りんご飴おいしそ~!でも私食べれないんですよね……ん?ここなら食べれるかも??って夕立ちゃんもう食べてる!?Ahhh~ those candied apples look so good! But, I don't think I'm able to eat... Huh? Wait, if I'm here, then maybe... Ah- Yuudachi-chan already ate them all!?
Main 2难得穿上了重樱风格的衣服,是不是顺便戴上个兽耳什么的比较好呢!本森酱,耳朵借我一下嘛~!せっかく重桜の衣装なんだし、ケモミミもつけちゃおっかなー!ベンソンちゃん、ちょっとそのお耳貸してー!If I'm already wearing a Sakura-style outfit, I also should match it with a set of animal ears! Benson-chan, lend me yoooours~!
Main 3不过话说回来,穿着浴衣还真是不方便行动啊,穿着木屐也很难走路……对了!欧根酱,教教我穿着木屐也能好好战斗的诀窍~♪それにしても浴衣って動きづらいですね、下駄も歩きづらいし…そうだっ!プリンちゃん、浴衣を着たまま上手に戦うコツ教えて~♪I have to admit though, it's really hard to move around in a yukata... That's right! Prinz-chan, teach me the secret to fighting in this outfit~!
Touch要是以为摸摸头女孩子就会开心就大错特错了。可别对其他女孩子做这种事情哦?頭ポンポンで女の子が喜ぶと思ったら大間違いですし他の子にはやめておいたほうがいいですよ?If you think you can make a girl happy just by patting her head, you'd be wrong! Don't go around doing this stuff with everyone, got it?
Mission靠任务累计物资虽然也不错,不过在祭典上摆摊一口气大赚一笔好像也不错嘛!?跟明石酱聊聊吧!任務で資金を稼ぐのもいいですけど、お祭りで屋台を出して、一儲けするっていうのもよくないですか!?明石ちゃんに相談してみましょう!Slowly stockpiling resources through missions is fine and all, but wouldn't it be better to open a stall at the festival and strike it rich? Let's talk it over with Akashi-chan!
Mission Complete任务完成了哦,用这些报酬去祭典上大闹一番吧~!任務が完了しましたよ。この報酬でお祭り騒ぎしましょー!Mission complete! Let's take these funds over to the festival and have a blast~!
Return to Port辛苦啦~!休息下就和出云她们一起去跳“孟兰盆舞”吧?おつかれさま~!少し休憩したら、出雲さんたちと一緒に「ぼんおどり」に行きませんか?Good work out there~! Want to head down to the Bon Festival with Izumo and the others once you catch your breath?
Commission Complete虽然还想在祭典上多玩会……不过差不多到委托组回来的时间了呢,去迎接她们吧!もう少しお祭りを堪能したいところだけど……そろそろ委託組が帰ってくる時間ですね、お迎えに行きますか!I'd like to spend some more time at the festival, but it's about time for the commission fleet to return. Come on, let's head back!
Flagship炮击祭开始!玉~屋~!砲撃祭りの始まりだー!たーまやー!The fireworks are just getting started! TA~ MAYA~!!
Low HP浴衣都要乱了啦—!?浴衣が着崩れちゃうでしょー!?My yukata got all messed up!?