Chikuma (JP 🇯🇵: 筑摩, CN 🇹🇼: 狘)
Ship IDNo. 195Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP755 Reload66
Firepower49 Torpedo46
Evasion13 Anti-air35
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck42
HP3220 Reload127
Firepower135 Torpedo128
Evasion75 Anti-air133
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck44
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
All-Seeing EyeAt the start of the battle and every 20s: decreases this ship's Speed by 5.0% for 3s and fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level and this ship's FP stat). Enemies hit by seaplanes launched from this barrage have their Speed decreased by 15.0% (30.0%) for 5s, and both the following effects activate: 1) if there is a Sakura Empire CV afloat in your Main Fleet when this barrage fires: 50.0% chance to inflict a 1.5% (6.0%) aircraft DMG taken debuff for 8s to enemies hit by the barrage; 2) 70.0% (100%) chance to inflict 1 of the following randomly chosen debuffs for 10s: a) decreases EVA by 10.0%; b) decreases Accuracy by 10.0%; c) decreases the enemy's DMG dealt by 10.0%.???
All-Obscuring EyeWhen this ship's Speed decreases as a result of her skills activating: increases her Evasion Rate by 1.0% (10.0%) for the duration of the decrease. Decreases this ship's DMG taken by 5.0% (20.0%) . When this ship takes DMG: 70.0% chance to decrease her Speed by 10.0% and increase her RLD, FP, and EVA by 5.0% (20.0%) for 7s (10s cooldown between activations).???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Tone Class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description利根级重巡洋舰二番舰—筑摩利根型重巡洋艦二番艦・筑摩Tone-class heavy cruiser number two – Chikuma.
Biography我是利根级巡洋舰筑摩号。相比其它的巡洋舰,我和姐姐能搭载更多的水上飞机呢。呵呵,拥有更多翱翔天际的“眼睛”,自然也更容易知晓更多的情报了,不是吗~?利根型重巡洋艦の筑摩と申します。ほかの巡洋艦と比べて水上機の搭載数に優れ、空飛ぶ「目」を多く持っていますわ。ふふふ、知ることに長けている、そうとは思いません?I'm the Tone-class heavy cruiser, Chikuma. I can carry more seaplanes than my heavy cruiser counterparts—you could say I've got plenty of eyes in the sky. I'm good at the art of knowing things, don't you think so? Hehehe.
Acquisition我是筑摩,初次见面…虽然应该这么说,不过其实我对指挥官已经有许~多了解了哦?想知道我是怎么了解的?呼呼~暂时保密,以后你会慢慢知道的~お初にお目にかかります、筑摩と申します。「お初」と言いましたけど、ええ、指揮官のことは多少存じ上げていて…あら、気になります?そのうちおわかりいただけるかと。ふふふI am Chikuma. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Well, that might be the case, but I already know a bit about you... My, are you curious? You'll find out before long, hehe.
Login嗯哼,和预想中的时间一致呢。欢迎回来,指挥官。時間は…よし、時間通りですね。おかえりなさい。指揮官Let's see... Well, it looks like you're right on time. Welcome back, Commander.
Details掌握情报者掌握主动权,不仅战斗如此,生活中也是一样哦。多く知ることは主導権を握るのも同じです。戦闘はもちろん、普段でも…ね?Knowledge is power. Not only in battle, but for everything else as well... right?
Main最近关于指挥官的传言…呵呵~好奇的话不妨先自己去打听打听?指揮官の噂、ですか?…あら、気になるのでしたら自分で調べることをオススメしますよYou want to know what people are saying about you? ...You know, if you're that curious, I suggest that you dig around a bit yourself.
Main 2最近又收集到了一些有趣的情报呢,感觉青叶应该会很感兴趣…面白そうな話を仕入れたりしてますが…さて、青葉が好きそうですね~、このお話This is some juicy info here... Hm, I bet Aoba would love to hear about this~
Main 3水上飞机需要维护,指挥官和我的眼睛也要好好保养才行。这样才能更好地发挥作用哦。水上機の「目」はメンテナンスが必要ですし、私や指揮官の目も大事に保養したほうがいいでしょう。そのほうが良く機能しますからねJust like the "eyes" on my seaplanes need maintenance, our eyes should be maintained properly as well. That way, we can make sure they work well when they need to.
Touch在求助他人之前,先自己整理一下现有的情报比较好哦~助けを求めるのは、一度自分で情報を整理してからでもいいと思いますよIf you want some help, you should organize the information first.
Touch (Special)好的,又抓住了指挥官的一个弱点~指揮官の弱みをまた一つ掴ませてもらったって感じでしょうか♪Looks like I've grasped another weakness of yours, Commander♪
Touch (Headpat)想让我的兔耳朵弹起来吗?呼呼~耳を跳ねさせちゃいたいってこと?ふふAre you trying to get my ears to spring up? Hehe~
Mission指挥官,拖延任务可不是什么好习惯哦~?指揮官、お仕事をほったらかすのはあまりいい習慣ではありませんよ?Commander, I don't think it's a good habit to neglect your duties.
Mission Complete任务奖励…数量还不少呢~具体的还是等指挥官亲自确认吧。任務報酬…種目は多いですけど、細かい確認は指揮官におまかせしようかしら♪Mission rewards... Lots of things here, so I'll leave the accounting to you♪
Mail新的信件到了。可别错过了最新的情报哦。新しいメールがあります。新情報を見逃さないようお願いしますねThere's some new mail for you. Please make sure not to look over any new information.
Return to Port出击辛苦了~来整理下战斗报告吧,这次的经验,会成为下次胜利的基础~出撃お疲れ様です。戦闘レポートの作成でもいかが?此度の経験は次の勝利の礎に、とねGood work out there. Why don't you get started on the combat report? This experience will become the foundation for your next victory, after all.
Commission Complete嗯~~根据水上飞机的情报,委托组的伙伴们这个时间差不多该到港口了哦?ん…水上機の情報だと、そろそろ委託組の皆が母港に戻ってくるところかしら?Hm... According to my seaplanes, it seems like the commissions team is almost here.
Enhancement感觉侦察力也提升了呢~索敵能力も向上したような気がしますねMy reconnaissance abilities have grown even sharper~
Flagship战场的状况,全都已经被我的“眼睛”尽数掌握了哦。戦場の様子は既に「お見通し」です。ふふI've already seen through your tricks, hehe.
Victory战场的状况和情报一致,胜利也是理所当然的呢~情報に間違いなければ、勝利も必然…なんてね♪As long as the intel is correct, victory is guaranteed... Ehe♪
Defeat事前的情报收集还不够彻底么…情報収集、徹底していなかったからですね…It's because I wasn't able to get enough info on them...
Skill情报在手,胜券在握~知ることは、勝つことですよ♪Knowledge is the key to victory♪
Low HP这点损伤…还不至于掉队!これぐらい…置いていかれるほどでは…!This is nothing... This won't make me fall behind...!
Affinity (Upset)抱歉,对像你这样的人,我有点…ごめんなさいね。指揮官のような人にはちょっと…I'm sorry. I'm not sure I can deal with someone like you...
Affinity (Stranger)呼呼,来看看这次“眼睛”们带回来了哪些新情报好了~さて、水上機の「目」に何が写っていたか確認しましょうねLet's see what my seaplanes' eyes have captured for me this time.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官对我手里的情报感兴趣吗~?比如说…港区的大家对指挥官的好感度之类的?呵呵~あら、どんなことを知っているか気になります?んー母港の皆の指揮官への好感度とか?なんて♪Oh, are you curious about the intel I've gathered? Mm, like how everyone at the port feels about you? Just kidding, of course♪
Affinity (Like)直接把情报都告诉指挥官感觉好像有点亏啊~嗯…怎么办才好呢~?啊,这样吧~只要指挥官满足我一个要求,我就分享一条你感兴趣的情报,怎么样?んー気になると言われましてもいきなり教えるわけには参りませんね…そうだ、指揮官が私の言うことを一つ聞いてくだされば、指揮官の気になってることを一つ教えてあげるっていうのはいかがです?ふふふ♪Mm... Even if there's something you really want to know, I can't just tell you... Right, how about this? You listen to one of my requests, and I'll tell you one thing you want to know in exchange. Hehehe♪
Affinity (Love)呼呼~告诉你秘密的条件,就是和我约会哦~该不会事到如今却想后悔吧?我不会让你这么说的哦~ふふふ、ヒミツを教えてあげた対価として私とデートしてもらいますね♪…今更後悔した、なんて言わせませんよ。ふふふHehe. As payment for the secret I told you, you'll be taking me out on a date♪ ...No refunds allowed, of course.
Pledge看我一点都没有吃惊的样子而觉得有点失落?怎么会呢,我可是很吃惊的哦?只不过现在比起吃惊而言,更多的是喜悦的感情呢~呵呵♪筑摩が全然驚いてくれない、とちょっとがっかりしました?そんな、私だって驚きましたよ?今は驚きより、喜びが上回ってる感じ、です♡ ふふふ♪Are you disappointed that I'm not surprised at all? Don't be, I really am, you know? It's just that I'm so happy, it far exceeds any surprise I might've felt~♡ Hehehe~♪
In battle with Hiyou, Jun'you, Houshou, Shouhou, Ryuujou, Ryuuhou, Chitose, Chiyoda, Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Taihou, Shinano, Akagi-chan, Akagi, Taihou µ, Katsuragi, Hakuryuu先行侦察就交给我吧。偵察は任せてくださいねLeave reconnaissance to me!
In battle with Nowaki这次,要一起平安回去哦~無事に戻りましょうねLet's take care of this and get back in one piece.~
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Login哦?比预想的时间更早来了呢?值得表扬~指挥官~あら、早起きしてくださるなんて…よしよししたほうがいいですね。指揮官Oh, it looks like you're up early today... Very praiseworthy of you, Commander.
Details♪~好奇我在干什么?是在收集情报哦。指挥官很多时候出乎意料地毫无防备呢。呵呵呵♪~あら、何をしているか気になります?情報収集ですよ。指揮官って意外と無防備なところが多いこと。ふふふ♡Hm~? Are you curious about what I was doing? I was collecting info, of course. You unexpectedly have a lot of openings. Hehe~♡
Main安心吧,指挥官。就算有什么奇怪的传言,我也会帮你好好澄清的~…反而更担心了?哎呀…まあ落ち着いてくださいね。指揮官に関する噂がもしありましたら私から皆に言っておきます。逆に心配になりました?あらら…Calm down, Commander. If there were rumors any floating around about you, I'd tell them off. You're even more worried now? My my...
Main 2对指挥官的好感度是……嗯,我是MAX哦。要不要调查一下其他孩子的呢?呼呼~指揮官への好感度は…んー私はMAXですけど、他の子も調べてみます?ふふふSo, about those affection points... Mm, well, I'm maxed out, but... would you like to find out about some of the other girls? Hehehe.
Touch真拿你没办法呢,说吧,要我帮忙什么~?しょうがないですね…それで、私にできることはなぁに?My, what am I going to do with you... So, what is it that you'd like~?
Touch (Special)这就是指挥官的喜好…呵呵,事到如今也不可能不知道了呢~指揮官の好み…ふふふ、今更わからないはずもないですね~Your tastes... Hehehe, there's no way I wouldn't know by now, right~
Mission好啦,不管什么原因拖延了,现在让我们来看看怎么一起把任务快速解决掉吧~まあ、原因はどうであれ、まずは任務をこなす方法でも一緒に探しましょ?Well, whatever you might be worried about, let's focus on knocking that mission out together.
Mission Complete任务奖励吗?我已经知道了就是…还是一起来确认一下吧。任務報酬ですか?知ってはいますけど…ふふ、一緒に確認しましょうねMission rewards? Well... Hehe, let's check on them together.
Return to Port出击辛苦了~战斗报告就交给我来整理吧,指挥官就先好好休息一下~出撃お疲れ様です。戦闘レポートの作成はお任せください。指揮官は…ふふ、ゆっくりとお休みくださいねGood work out there. Leave the combat report to me. You... should relax for a bit. Hehe.
Victory因为有了水上飞机们收集的情报,胜利才能顺理成章哦~水上機の情報収集さえできればこの通りです。ふふAs long as I'm able to gather information with my seaplanes, this should be the expected result. Hehe.
Affinity (Love)哎呀,是要邀请我去约会吗?那我要告诉你一点什么东西才好呢…呵呵呵,就告诉你我今天想去的地方,怎么样?あら、デートを申し込んでくださるのですか?んー私は代わりに何を教えたらいいでしょう…ふふふ、今日行きたいところ、というのはいかがです?Oh, are you asking me on a date? Mm~ What should I tell you in return... Hehehe, how about... the place I'd like to go today~?